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How Much to Tip Your NYC Movers? (2024)

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Moving can be quite a unique experience like no other, right? After all the hard work and happy faces in the end, though, you want to show gratitude to those who made your life easier in this rollercoaster of an adventure.

Sometimes you might not know how exactly to show it but fear not because we’ve got your back and some answers to all those tipping questions you may have.
It’s always great to show appreciation for your movers’ efforts, but the question still stands: how much should you tip the movers in 2024?

Don’t worry; Roadway Moving’s here to give you the lowdown on mover tipping etiquette and ensure you’re on the right track!

The short answer is that the tip for the whole moving crew is usually 10%-20% of the total move cost.

In this guide, we will share some insights on what factors you should consider when deciding how much you want to tip your movers.

Roadway Moving's truck during a move in NYC
Roadway Moving’s truck during a move in NYC

Understanding the Factors

Alright, let’s break it down together. It would be best to consider a few factors to determine the perfect tip for your movers. Think of it as a formula to calculate appreciation! (We hope you like math) . Here’s what you should keep in mind:

The complexity of the move:

Think about the size of your home and the number of items you’re hauling. If you’re moving a whole mansion with an extensive antique collection; that deserves a tiny bit more love in the tip department, don’t you think?

Roadway's mover labelling and carefully packing items during a move in NYC

Distance and duration:

Did you move only a few blocks away, or are you embarking on a cross-country adventure? The longer the journey, the more you should consider tipping a bit extra. And if your movers put in extra workdays to get the job done, show them some extra gratitude. ( extra miles + extra days = extra gratitude )

Roadway Moving's long distance truck trailer delivering items to a new house
Roadway Moving’s team finishing a long distance move from NYC to Washington, DC

Quality of service:

This is a biggie! Take notes on how the movers treat your belongings, how efficiently they work, and how they handle any unexpected hurdles that come their way. If they go above and beyond and all that with a smile, they definitely deserve a generous tip.

Tipping Standards in the Moving Industry

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of what’s considered fair in the world of tipping movers in 2024. While there’s no strict rule, you can follow a general tipping range. Brace yourself, my friend! It typically falls between 10% to 20% of the total cost of your move. But remember, this range is just a starting point. Adjust it based on the factors mentioned above, and you’ll be golden!

Tips for Tipping:

Alright, here are some pro-tips for tipping your movers like a champ:

Chat with the moving company: Before the big day, have a friendly conversation with the moving company. Ask about their tipping policy and whether it’s customary. It’s always good to be in the know, right?

Cash on cash on cash:

When it comes to tipping, cash is the main love language. It allows you to hand over your gratitude directly and makes for a more personal touch. Plus, it’s like a little surprise bonus for your movers!

Girl holding american dollar bills

Individual love:

If the moving crew has truly knocked your socks off with their exceptional service, consider tipping each mover individually. This way, you ensure that each superhero on your moving team gets the recognition they deserve.

Refreshments are a key to their heart:

Remember, these movers are working their tails off, so why not be a super cool host? Offer some refreshing drinks, snacks, or even a hearty meal. Not only will it fuel their energy, but it’ll also show how much you appreciate their hard work.


Alright, now you’re armed with all the mover-tipping wisdom you need for an amazing move!

Remember, tipping is a way to express your gratitude for movers’ hard work and dedication. Consider the complexity of your move, distance, duration, and, most importantly, the quality of service when calculating that perfect tip.

Keep those cash-filled hands ready, communicate with the moving company, and remember to provide some well-deserved refreshments. A little appreciation goes a long way, so tip generously, offer a friendly smile, and let your gratitude shine through.

Here’s to an exciting new chapter in your life and a successful move with excellent movers by your side!

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