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How to Compare Moving Companies?

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Moving can be one of the best things to happen in our lives. After all, moving to a new house can be a sign of financial independence, financial stability, and a new beginning for a new chapter in our lives. Unfortunately, while the idea of moving is “fun,” the idea of actually moving might be overwhelming. After all, we’ll likely need to move a lot of furniture and a lot of our belongings.

Thankfully, moving companies can help! While it’s totally possible to crawl through a move by slowly putting everything in what little space our vehicles have, it’s still better to hire moving companies to do the move for us. After all, they have the skills and the equipment needed to make your move possible without having to deal with all the stress and the hassle. However, how do we choose which one to hire?

While we know hiring a moving company can be a great way to make your move much easier, just how exactly do we know which moving company is the best for us? Thankfully, we have some tips you can follow for easy reference. Here are some pro tips for new home owners as to how to compare moving companies:

  • Quotations are straightforward and honest

If it’s possible on your end, try to ask for moving prices from your prospective moving companies. That way, you’ll be able to compare their services and offerings head on. If you want to save money, the best first step is to identify which companies offer the best deals in terms of your money’s worth.

More importantly, if a company offers you a particular quotation, you should ask whether this quotation is the full quotation or if there are hidden fees that you need to watch out for. The moving company with the straightforward quotation is likely the more reliable one for your needs.

  • Movers should comprise experts and professionals

Moving companies should comprise moving experts and professionals to make sure their moving costs are justified. This means relying on movers that are experienced in the market, especially when it comes to let’s say long distance and interstate moves.

While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust new movers, you should at least find moving services with offerings and deals comparable to older and more experienced moving companies. Moreover, those who do offer great deals should be able to owe up to them with licensure, certification, and even proper receipts. That way, you’re sure to know that your company is reliable when it comes to your particular needs. 

  • See if they have a good-looking website

While it’s wrong to discriminate in terms of appearance, brands should be able to present themselves properly in order to appear trustworthy and relatable, especially to modern audiences. A great moving company should have a good-looking website – it has to be navigable, user experience has to be a priority, and communicating with their customer service provider has to be easy and without any hassle. 

  • Check what equipment and protocols they use.

Movers usually operate under similar principles, but not all of them follow the same standard operating procedure. It’s important to know what sort of instructions movers follow when servicing clients. For instance, does this particular company hire a truck rental? Is this truck rental service reliable? Moreover, for their packing unpacking service, just what standards do they use and how do they ensure your belongings are safe and sound?

  • See how their services and prices compare

Aside from comparing direct quotations, it’s important to compare and contrast price and service costs form a general perspective. Even before asking for a moving quote, it’s important for you to compare moving services they advertise as this is likely the rate they’ll ask you – regardless if you’re doing interstate moves or not. 

  • Check how reviewers rate their services

Another important factor when comparing movers is to check moving reviews about them. This process is extremely helpful when dealing with companies that use specialized equipment and skill sets such as moving trucks or if they specialize in moving household goods.

Relying on customer reviews will allow you to identify specific points of movers that calls won’t be able to share with you – such as behavior before, during, or after the move, as well as other things you need to be aware of. 

  • See what services they’ll be able to offer

Aside from being able to identify a moving estimate from your prospective moving companies, you need to be able to know what sort of moving services they’ll be able to offer you. For instance, aside from long distance moves, do they have other additional services they’ll be able to give you in order to set themselves apart from other movers? Knowing these will immediately give you an idea on what a particular mover’s edge might be over others.

  • Check if they have the proper documentation to conduct moves in your particular area

If you’re planning on hiring a specific mover, you need to identify first if they’re allowed to operate in your location in the first place. For instance, you need to ask whether they’re licensed and insured to make hte move in the first place. Aside from that, you need to know from your full service movers if they’re offering money-back deals or what their protocol might be for unforeseen events such as disasters.

You need to see if moving companies offer solutions to these specific situations to check if they’re truly reliable service providers.

Get The Best Moving Company!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that moving companies may have all the services and tips you’ll need to organize your move properly. After all, they have trained workers and skilled movers with the right training and equipment that may make your house move a success. Unfortunately, the number of movers in your area might be overwhelming. And thankfully, with our tips above, you’ll be able to check out just which mover is the best for your needs.

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