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How to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY

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There is no doubt that moving to a new place is an exciting process. However, it can be stressful and overwhelming as well. To ensure to make your relocation easier there are a few things that you should do in order to prepare yourself for a big day. In order to know what to expect from the new city, you should get informed and gather as much information as possible. Also, you should start with your moving preparations on time. That way you will be fully prepared for your moving day in advance and avoid stress on your relocation day. Certainly, one of the best ways to ensure safe transportation of your belongings is to hire professional movers and packers NYC. That way you will have more time to focus on the other things related to your relocation and ensure the safety of your belongings. Read this article on how to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY as well as what to expect from this neighborhood.


Learn some facts about Riverdale before you relocate here

Whether you are moving from another part of the country or from another neighborhood in NYC it is certain that you should know a few things about Riverdale before your moving day. If you are aware of what kind of lifestyle Riverdale can offer to you there will be no surprises once you get here. Just to give you a heads up – Riverdale has been voted as one of the best neighborhoods to live in in New York City.

About Riverdale NY

Riverdale is a neighborhood in the borough of Bronx and it occupies the northwest part of New York City. It is located between Van Cortland Park on the east, Hudson River on the west, Westchester County Line on the north, and Harlem River on the south. Even though it is located in the Bronx, geographically and culturally many people connect it to Manhattan. It is a quiet suburban area of the Bronx. It is great for raising a family and it is popular among retirees.

Still, because of its proximity to the urban part of Manhattan many people that are used to a fast-paced lifestyle choose this area to move here. And there is no doubt that its safety record is one of the main reasons for that. It has a 40% lower crime rate than the national average. This area is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City.

Roadway Moving truck as a symbol of how to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY
Do not hesitate if you should move to Riverdale as it is one of the safest areas in NYC

Riverdale is a pricey neighborhood

Before you decide to hire some of the most reliable movers Riverdale NY has, you should be aware of the cost of living in this area. Overall, the cost of living in Riverdale is 43% higher than the national average. The highest monthly expenses are related to housing which is 77% higher than the national average. As of June 2022, the median listing home price was $353,000, while the median listing price per square foot was $358. On the other hand, if you decide to rent an apartment be aware that the average monthly rent cost is $2,140. Also, utilities are another factor that influences the higher cost of living. The cost of goods and services in Riverdale NY is 33% higher than the national average.  It is true that Riverdale has a higher cost of living than other areas, but many consider that because of everything that it can offer it is worth moving here.

Riverdale has a strong job market

In order to get ready for your move to Riverdale NY, you should research the job market in this area. The good news is that the unemployment rate is 2% lower than the national average. Although, the neighborhood has a high cost of living it also has high standards when it comes to salaries. Its annual average household income of $122,911 is 56% higher than the national average. The median income per capita is also higher than the national average by 48%. Overall, the job growth in the Bronx has been positive. It has increased by 4.2%  in the past 10 years.

USA flag in the shape of heart
Riverdale has a lower unemployment rate compared to the rest of the country

Riverdale has great schools for your children

If you have decided to hire a Bronx moving company to relocate you to Riverdale with your family rest assured that you will not have to worry about their education. The number of people that gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Riverdale is 89% higher than the national average. Also, some of the best public schools, but private as well are located in Riverdale.

Some of the best public schools in the neighborhood of Riverdale include:

  • P.S. 081 Rober J. Christen School
  • Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy Middle School/High School
  • P.S. 024 Spuyten Duyvil

Some of the best private schools in the neighborhood of Riverdale include:

  • The Waldo School
  • Riverdale Country School
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Enjoy the nature that Riverdale has to offer

There is no doubt that when you are choosing a place to relocate you should look at the entertainment that it has to offer. This is an important aspect of every neighborhood. You would want to be located in a place that can offer you places to relax after a long day at work. For that reason, once you relocate to Riverdale go out and explore your area and make sure to get to know your Bronx neighbors. Riverdale is a culturally diverse area that offers plenty of restaurant choices with authentic cuisine. Also, the area is covered with parks that you will certainly enjoy. Some of the most popular parks for locals to enjoy with their families are Riverdale Park, Bell Tower Park, and Riverdale Playground. And even if you just prefer to go out and explore the streets you will certainly enjoy it. Especially the historical part of the area where the Riverdale Presbyterian Church is located.

How to prepare for the moving process

Apart from knowing the information about the place that you are moving to you should also organize your moving process. Regardless of the distance of your relocation, make sure to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY on time. In order to achieve successful relocation and have a hassle-free moving day, there are a few steps that you should follow. Making a moving plan should be your priority. This way you will avoid any last-minute troubles and secure smooth relocation to Riverdale NY.

Happy people holding moving boxes because they know how to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY
In order to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY make sure to get started on time

Make a moving plan and organize everything on time

In order to complete all the moving tasks on time, you should have a moving plan and be organized. There is no rule that says how far in advance you should start preparing for your relocation day. You should start planning it as soon as you decide to relocate. However, it is advisable to start at least eight weeks before your moving day. So, once you are ready to start take a pen and a piece of paper and write all the things that you should finish before your moving day.

Here you should note things like your moving date, moving budget, moving services that you will require, as well as the inventory of your belongings. With the inventory of your valuables, you will be aware of the items that you are going to take with you to Riverdale. But the ones that you will place in one of the storage Bronx units. Also, in case you decide to pack by yourself include in your moving plan checklist the packing supplies that you will require and how much packing materials you would need for your particular type of relocation.

Prepare an essential box and transfer utilities

Another very important thing that some people forget is the items that you will need for your first night and the first couple of days. Since it will take you a few days to unpack and settle into your new home you should learn how to prepare an essentials box before moving and what items it should include. This way you will not have to worry about items like toothbrushes, medications, chargers, etc. Lastly, include the task that is not closely related to your moving day but is to your moving process. And that is the transfer of your utilities as well as the other paperwork related to your change of address. It is important to do this on time as that way you will not have to be without the internet the first night in your new home in Riverdale. It is certain that you will want to check Google Maps and explore the places that are close to you.

Hire movers to help you get ready for moving to Riverdale NY

The best way to speed up your moving process is to hire reliable movers. They will take care of every step of your relocation process. Still, have in mind that you should find the right moving company in advance especially if you are moving during their peak season. There is no doubt that there are many pros and cons of moving in NYC in the summer. However, finding the movers during this period can be considered one of the cons. Since June, July, and August are peak months for the NYC movers ensure you book them in advance and avoid any stress.

Roadway Moving truck on the busy road
With professional movers, you will not have to worry about navigating the busy streets of NYC

Hiring professional movers to relocate you to Riverdale will not only save your time and your back from possible injuries but it will save you money in the long run. Book licensed and insured moving experts and get your valuables covered. This way you will not have to worry about paying for their repair or replacement in case of any unexpected events. Also, movers will provide you with a wide range of moving services. Whether you need packing assistance, labor-only services, or help to relocate any specialty items such as piano or artwork collection your movers will do it for you. As they have tools and equipment you will not have to worry about the transportation of your valuables and their safety.

Enjoy your moving day and start of a new chapter in your life

Once you learn everything you have to know about Riverdale NYC you will be able to relax. You will be more laid down because you will know what to expect from your new neighborhood. And the key to a successful moving day is to know how to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY. Whether you have decided to relocate by yourself or hire professional movers everything should have been done by now. On your moving day, you should just have your essentials and be ready to relocate yourself. Still, before you leave don’t forget to do one last walk through your house and ensure that everything has been packed and loaded into the moving truck.

And once you arrive in your new neighborhood start enjoying it right away. Get to know your neighbors and start making new friendships and memories. Go for a walk in one of the parks or enjoy coffee on one of the three main avenues:

    1. Riverdale Avenue
    2. Johnson Avenue
    3. Mosholu Avenue

A person sitting on the sofa
After relocation is done you can start enjoying your new home in Riverdale and its beautiful area

Do not overthink and get ready for moving to Riverdale NY

There is no doubt that relocating to Riverdale NY is a great choice. Because of its calm streets, beautiful nature, and because it is family-friendly community many families choose this place as their new home. But because of its job market and being so close to Manhattan many young professionals choose to seek their job opportunities here as well. It is certain that Riverdale has so much to offer. So do not hesitate to get ready for moving to Riverdale NY and enjoy this beautiful and unique neighborhood in New York City.

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