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Moving to a new home is known to be a challenging task that requires many different steps when transporting everything that you own. For those who are planning an international move, there are often ways to plan and prepare for living in another country. When you’re getting ready to relocate, there are a few important steps to take.

Purge Your Home

Make it a point to purge your home of items that you may no longer use and aren’t essential to bring with you when moving. Only pack necessary items to avoid spending more on what you take with you. Host a garage sale to obtain funds that you can put towards shipping your items. A storage unit can also be rented to hold the furniture or valuables that you don’t want to part with before the move. You can continue to use the items if you plan to return home in the near future. Learn how Roadway can make storage easy for you – get a free NYC moving & storage quote today.

Change Financial Service Providers

Research the local banking situation in your new country and open a foreign bank account before you move. You also want to research what will happen to your 401(k) to make sure you can continue to make contributions if you have a new employer. Most foreign retirement plans are taxed unless you live in the U.K. or Canada.

Ship Your Items

If you’re planning to move by sea, you can pack your household goods in containers that you can use at your local residence to load up your items. You can also consider shipping everything by rail or have it transported to a port. It’s important to research certain items that may be confiscated at customs to avoid bringing anything that is prohibited from entering the country. You can also ship your items by air, which can be a more affordable option.

Obtain a Work Permit or Visa

Apply for a work permit or visa before entering the country, which will require that you provide a notarized work contract that is signed by both you and your employer. Other countries will only require you to provide a written work offer to prove that you have secured employment before you arrive. Work permits are ideal if you are just planning on living in the country for a year or two. You can reapply for the work permit if your employment is extended.

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