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Items You Should Get Rid of Before Moving


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Packing for a move usually proves to be quite a bit of a challenge. To most people, packing seems something rather quick and simple. However, those who moved before understand how time-consuming and tedious packing can actually be. Especially if you have a lot of stuff. Luckily, there’s a way to make packing easier. For starters, you can hire movers and packers NYC residents wholeheartedly recommend, to help you with your move. But, there’s something else you can do to make the process quicker and easier – Declutter. There’s a huge number of items you should get rid of before moving that could actually make a difference to the efficiency of your packing, as well as the cost of your move. After all, the less you have to carry the cheaper you move, and the fewer things you have to pack the quicker the packing. But what should you get rid of and what should you bring?

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A quick warning before we delve into the items you should get rid of before moving

One thing you should keep in mind is that there isn’t anything you “have to” get rid of. If you don’t have too many things or you find it particularly hard to say goodbye to your belongings, know that it’s okay to keep everything if you feel like it. However, you should also be aware of the fact that doing so will make packing much less efficient. Remember, the fewer things you have, the quicker the packing will be. Because of that, you should try and get rid of anything you don’t really need. That said, just be careful not to get rid of something you’ll have t replace after the move. Of course, that is, unless it was time to replace it anyway. All in all, we’d advise you to approach this task cautiously but open-mindedly.

A back of a moving truck.
Decluttering can make moving a lot less messy.

How should I go about getting rid of items before moving?

Another thing to keep in mind is that decluttering could be a lot easier if you’re organized while doing it. For example, it’ll be much easier for you to keep track of how much stuff you’ve gotten rid of if you start decluttering room by room. Or, at least declutter by category. Also, same as when choosing one of the residential moving companies your area offers, keeping a list can be quite useful. You might change your mind along the way or forget if you decided to declutter one thing or another. In a case like that, having a list is actually quite helpful. So before you start getting rid of some of your items, it’s best to make a plan and keep organized while doing so. And now that we’ve got you up to speed with decluttering basics, let’s get rid of some items.

So then, what items you should get rid of before moving?

Choosing what to get rid of before moving can be hard. Especially if you’re the type to struggle with letting go of belongings. But sometimes, doing so can be quite challenging even if you’re not the sentimental type. None of us are immune to thinking we might need something in the future that we haven’t used since we got it back in 2010. That’s why a bit of help is sometimes needed. Worry not! We’ll tell you exactly what things are best to leave behind when moving. So without further ado, here’s the list of items to get rid of before moving.

Your pantry is full of things you should definitely get rid of when moving

All of us are guilty of shoving endless boxes of cereal and cans of baked beans in our pantries. And while that’s all fine and dandy while you live there, moving is a whole different story. While most pantry items can survive a move and aren’t likely to perish during the process, it’s still best to leave them behind. First of all, you’ll be paying for extra weight for no reason. You can get all of those exact same items right after the move. Plus, they’re not that hard or expensive to replace. Secondly, you’ll have a horrible time wrapping jars and breakable pantry items. And doing so will definitely add unnecessary time to the packing. One amazing thing you can do with your pantry items is to donate to one of the shelters in your area. They’ll no doubt be grateful!

Sticking with the kitchen

While most white glove moving companies won’t have a problem packing or moving your kitchen items in any quantities, it’s still best you get rid of some of them. The kitchen is particularly difficult to declutter since most people use most things in the kitchen. After all, kitchen and kitchenware are something most of us use daily. So what kitchen items should you get rid of? Well, first of all, you should get rid of anything you’re not using. But that’s sort of a given. Just be honest with yourself. If you haven’t once used that cake tin Susan gave you for your birthday 6 years ago, you like won’t, like ever. So we’d advise you to get rid of it alongside all other items you haven’t used in a while.

A mover working in the kitchen.
Your kitchen contains quite a few items you should get rid of before moving.

Other than that, you should get rid of the items that need replacing. Something like kitchen towels, tattered mixing bowls, baking ware, and cutlery are the perfect place to start. Also, think about your kitchen appliances as well. Are they gonna go well with your new place? Is there a possibility they’re not gonna fit? Are you planning on replacing them soon after moving? Then get rid of all of them. Replacing them might prove cheaper than relocating them. Especially if you’re considering decluttering huge items like a fridge or a dishwasher.

There are probably a ton of items to get rid of before moving into your closet

Some of us tend to cling to clothes. And while women are thought to be the ones that do it the most, men are not immune to it either. That said, clothes are something that’s very easy to declutter. Unless you have a curated capsule wardrobe, of course. If not, however, then decluttering clothes is the easiest way to save up on packing and moving costs. Plus, what a wonderful way to refresh your wardrobe after the move. But what should you leave behind? Well, your “skinny clothes” is the best place to start. We all have a pile of clothes that no longer fits but we cling to it for dear life. Those are some o the best things to declutter for sure.

Other than that, you should get rid of the clothes that are no longer in prime condition. Anything with rips in it and anything that’s severely faded should go. Also, try getting rid of things you no longer like and wear all the time. If you have kids, declutter their closets too.

A mover filling up a clothes box.
Clothes are among the easiest items to declutter.

Your bedroom is likely in need of decluttering as well

When it comes to your bedroom, the safest bet is to declutter things made of cloth. Old sheets or drapes are something that gets beaten up quickly and often need replacing. Moving is a great time to do so. Also, pillows and duvets are something that nice replacing quite often, as well. So, you might want to consider decluttering these as well. Of course, that’s only it’s time for them to actually be replaced. You might even find you have too much of one thing. For example, if you realize you have too many pillows, duvets, or sheets, you should consider decluttering some of them even if they’re still in decent condition.

There are some items to get rid of even in your library

Moving your home library is oftentimes pretty expensive. Books are very heavy and thus add to the total weight of your move significantly. Especially if you’re someone who likes reading and collecting books. However, it’s not rare that people end up accumulating heaps of books they’ve never read and are never going to read. If you’re one of those people you might want to consider decluttering your library. Old and unused books you have no interest in should definitely be among the items you should get rid of before moving. Go through your books and try to determine which books you’re still interested in and which books are just taking up the space. Try not to be too sentimental. Decluttering books is the perfect opportunity to make space for new ones.

There are probably quite a few items in your bathroom you should declutter as well

Even though local moving NYC offers is top-notch, and even if you’re moving just around the corner, you don’t want to be lugging around old bathroom items with you. Not to mention if you’re moving cross-country, god forbid. So before moving, you should definitely declutter your bathroom. The thing you should start with is your toilet brush. Because who wants to be packing and moving something like that. Plus, you’ll surely be able to acquire one cheaply after the move.

Then, you should also declutter all of the semi-used beauty and self-care products. Of course, that is if you don’t really love them and are not planning to bring them with you. You should also consider decluttering towels and floor mats that are no longer in good condition. And even if they simply won’t go well with your new color scheme, decluttering them might be a good idea. Every little bit of weight makes a difference cost-wise when moving your home.

A stack of linen boxes.
Linen is easy to replace and thus easy to declutter.

There are probably some items you can get rid of before moving among your furniture

Furniture, alongside appliances and electronics, is usually what’s most expensive in a home. That’s why most people bring all of those with them when they move. Of course, those who can afford it sometimes go all out and create a whole new living environment after the move. However,  most people simply bring their expensive items with them. That said, you might not need to bring absolutely everything with you. There are likely plenty of items among your furniture you’d be able to declutter. But to know whether your furniture is ready for decluttering, you first have to decide whether your furniture is worth moving and which pieces to be precise. What you’ll find is that there are likely quite a few items you’d feel comfortable decluttering.

Moving is the perfect time to declutter your office

Who here cleans out their office regularly? Probably not many of us. If you have a home office you’re likely aware of the fact that the home offices get messier and cluttered a lot faster than the rest of your home. And, if you’re not decluttering your office regularly, there’s likely a ton of work to be done there. Sadly, that means you’ll have to put a ton of effort into straightening up your office. However, on a more positive note, that also means that after decluttering you’ll have fewer things to move. Start by decluttering old documents and the stationary you no longer need. Then, consider also decluttering old work equipment and electronics that are no longer in use. There’s no doubt there are a lot of items you’ll be able to get rid of before moving.

Ultimately, the items you should get rid of before moving should be the items you no longer want to keep

Having someone tell you what to keep and what to give away sure is easier. However, we can’t really give you a definitive list of all the items you should get rid of before moving. Then, you’d likely be getting rid of quite a few things you want to keep and not getting rid of things you really want to give away. That’s why, while taking tips is useful, ultimately, the choice has to be yours. Go through your belongings and be honest with yourself. That’s the only way to be sure you’re making the right decisions.

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