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13 Pros and Cons of Living in Hoboken, NJ

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Sprinkles sprinkling and birds singing. Welcome to Hoboken! Often referred to as the best suburb of NYC, Hoboken is a bedroom community in New Jersey with a view of Manhattan at its doorstep! The entire city is only 1.97 mi² big, and this gives off a small-town vibe with a strong community and everything you need for a good living.

Hoboken, New Jersey
On a sunny, beautiful day, the Hudson River’s waterfront and skyline provide a good view of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Roadway Moving has prepared 13 pros and cons of living in this Garden State’s beloved city. Don’t be scared to explore and join us on this adventure!

PROS of living in Hoboken

1. It’s a young town!

Prepare your slang and energy boosts cuz Hoboken is young A.F. The median age of its fellow citizens is 30, which explains why this city is so popular among young professionals working in Manhattan. A breezy and easy atmosphere in the air will hook you up in this town, and you’ll never want to get out of it!

2. Winter, spring, summer, and fall

For all of you loving the change and existence of all four seasons throughout the year, Hoboken winks at you! Strong and cold winters, summer stretching from June to September hitting you up with its sweltering days, and spring and fall being the coziest periods in a year.

The winters are bearable because many ski trails are nearby, and the scorching summer days can be escaped by driving to the Jersey Shore!

3. Arts & Crafts

Hail to the colorful and alive arts scene all around New York City! Hoboken is no exception when discussing the fantastic art hubs that bring us joy! Actually, by being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken is promised to be a lively artsy little town from 1915!

Water's Soul sculpture
View of the sculpture Water’s Soul by Jaume Plensa along Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in Newport section of city with Hoboken Terminal in background

Since Hoboken has a significant role in American history, it comes out naturally that it also has its museum! Hoboken Historical Museum is open to get to know the town you will nestle in.

Eventful and interesting art hubs around the city are Barsky Gallery, Mana Contemporary, Mile Square Theatre, and White Eagle Hall. All of these will wait for you to settle in. You’ll be beyond thankful once you get too lazy to go on a ferry ride to Manhattan’s galleries!

4. Parks & Recreation

The basic human need of reconnecting with nature is well satisfied in Hoboken. Lush green spaces and parks are a favorite local way of spending spring, summer, and autumn!

Of course, Frank Sinatra has a park named after him. Not just any park; it is a lovely park you and your kids and pets will enjoy (Hoboken is very, very pet friendly). Kayak launch, soccer field, water walkways- you name it!

Pier C Park offers a playground and fishing pier, and Pier A Park is a fantastic place to have your picnic dates!

Staring at the waters is half of our health, so God bless the Hudson River flowing by our little Hoboken!

Fun fact: Speaking of green spaces and outdoor activities, did you know that Hoboken is the birthplace of baseball? Actually, the first game of baseball was played there in 1846. Think about that once you go to a baseball game in its birthplace!

Pier C Park in Hoboken, NJ
A curved walkway connects the island-like Pier C Park in Hoboken, New Jersey. With a playground, green spaces, a seating promenade, and views of midtown Manhattan

5. You won’t be hungry here.

We would say that Hoboken copied and pasted all the best parts of NYC’s food culture, but it wouldn’t be fair! Hoboken is the O.G.

Excellent Italian delis and restaurants are the symbols of Hoboken’s food life. Steakhouses, vine bars, papa’s restaurants, bodegas, breweries, bakeries… you won’t have enough days in the year to visit them all, and trust us, you will want to!

Know that the Uptown is the best place to visit a good restaurant while the Downtown is a little bit on the wild side with its many bars and clubs!

Did you know the famous TLC show Cake Boss was filmed in Hoboken? Yes, Buddy and his family are waiting for you in Carlo’s Bakery with fresh cannolis every day of the week!

6. The job market is on fire.

Hoboken is usually known as a bedroom community full of people working in New York City. That may be why many job spots remain open throughout the city!

If you are an aspiring nurse, research assistant, software engineer, or teacher, you will not sweat while looking for a job! Those are the top wanted spots. In the future, Hoboken is looking forward to growing industries such as technology, financial services, and science.

7. Party maniacs welcomed

THE Party Town in Hudson Country title goes to… Hoboken! A youthful city has many nightclubs, bars, and places for you to have fun in!

The most popular place to look for fun is between Washington Street and Sinatra Drive.

Hoboken Party Town
Hoboken, New Jersey by night


8. Good public transportation

This one Is more practical. You should know that the biggest favor you can do to yourself when moving to Hoboken is not to drive your car. Don’t worry, good public transportation will compensate for that!

You will be one of many not driving since public transport is Hoboken’s primary transportation source. A one-way ticket for local transportation is just $2.12. When you feel like escaping the city, you can take an eight-minute ferry ride to Manhattan!

Plus, Hoboken is quite walkable!

CONS of living in Hoboken

1. A neighbor of the most expensive city in the U.S.

It is expected that a city this close to the most expensive city in the U.S. and one of the most expensive cities in the world is costly itself.

Hoboken cost of living is 60% higher than the national average. 201% higher in housing, 10% in utilities, and 4% in groceries. This means that the biggest financial problem could be the rent. Let’s talk about that as well.

Brooklyn Tower
Brooklyn Tower viewed from Brooklyn Bridge

2. Housing is expensive as well.

The current median rent for a bedroom in Hoboken is around $3,500 a month! We know it is high.

The average rent for a 977 sq. ft. apartment is $4,000, which is okay if you live there with your whole family or split the bills with a roommate!

3. Cold winters

Coldest winter…

Okay, we’ll stop singing. You already know the drill of having all four seasons. They need to variate! The cold season lasts for 3.3 months. More precisely, from December to March, you will need your puffer jacket, gloves, scarves, and warm boots! The coldest month is January, with an average low of 28°F! Be prepared!

Cold Winters Hoboken
Train station in the winter day, Hoboken

4. Lack of parking spaces

Once again- don’t do that to yourself! Don’t bring your own car when moving here. The traffic can drive you crazy; once you need a parking spot, you won’t find it. The problems get bigger when somebody visits you!

5. Flooding

During the peak hurricane season in the fall, flooding happens. It usually consists of rainwater, and it happens every year.

Why does this happen? The problem goes hundreds of years back to when the city’s infrastructure was first planned.

Ask about how flooding is handled in your building when looking for a place to live.


The frenetic energy of the city, young people, and the infinite list of activities are all the things that keep attracting new residents to Hoboken every year! We at Roadway Moving love to move people to a place this fun, and the fact that it has The Big Apple view brings some extra points for the one and only Hoboken.

Pack your bags, leave your car, and change your surroundings with us!

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