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11 Pros and Cons of Living in New Rochelle, NY


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When people say New Rochelle, the first thing that comes to mind are elegant beaches, authentic neighborhoods, and young families running around!

New Rochelle Downtown
New Rochelle Downtown, New York

Named after the French city La Rochelle, this coastal town is one of a kind in New York state.

If you’ve been planning to move to this poetic suburb in Westchester County, be prepared for a big competition!

Roadway Moving has prepared you with everything you need to know about New Rochelle, the good and the bad, the amazing and the sad!

Pros of living in New Rochelle, NY

1. You can feel the city’s history in the air.

If you want to make New Rochelle your new home, be prepared to feel its history in the air!

Once a modest village, today a city whose past you can see on every corner.

A monument with the name of the first settlers of La Nouvelle-Rochelle stands in Hudson Park, proud of its history.

Leland Castle is a 19th-century Gothic Revival castle that today serves as the College of New Rochelle and an art gallery!

A walk to St. John’s Wilmot Church is a must. This Episcopal parish shines bright and quiet in the city’s northern end.

New Rochelle Marina
New Rochelle, Aerial view of Marina and Premium Point

2. It is progressing fast.

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that New Rochelle is getting increasingly popular daily.

2014th New Rochelle’s planning board approved $149 million in developments. Since then, many stores, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and entertainment areas have been added!

We can see why its popularity exploded during a pandemic. Young families are the dominant kind of residents, but there are a lot of young professionals as well!

Fun fact: Another proof that NR is a perfect bedroom community is that it is a city of freelance artists! New Rochelle has more artists, designers, and people working in media than 90% of communities in America.

3. Beautiful waterside space.

If you are a ‘shore enthusiast,’ 2.7 miles of shoreline are waiting for you!

Glen Island Park has 105 waterside acres and a beach site for your enjoyment.

You can rent a boat, invest in a boat and have the time of your life with your family!

New Rochelle Glen Island Park
Aerial view of Glen Island Park in New Rochelle wit Co Op City Bronx in background

4. The colorful mosaic of neighborhoods.

When you move to a new city, the available areas are the key to getting to know!

Enclaves in New Rochelle were mainly 20th-century developments that look alike.

Once you get to know those, you can start seeing the distinction.

  • Chatsworth is a middle-class residential neighborhood. It is connected with City Park athletic fields providing easy access to your daily physical activity!
  • Chauncey Estates is an area popular for older homes from the early 1900s. If you enjoy the vintage vibes, this might be a perfect place!
  • French Ridge neighborhood is located south of Glenwood Lake, which promises some pleasant times in nature!

5. Thriving food scene.

If you like having lazy weekends and trying new restaurants, New Rochelle has a lot in its pocket!

Everything from Michelin-starred places to mom’s and pop-owned restaurants is available throughout the city.

Casual Latino restaurants and restaurant Dubrovnik that promises the Mediterranean on your plate will make your night feel like a summer night near the sea.

6. Affordable cost of living.

Even though Manhattan is half an hour’s ride away, New Rochelle still has lower than the national average cost of living!

Even though it is considered one of the most affordable cities to live in Westchester County, it still costs around $11,135 for a family of four to live there for a month!

New Rochelle Marina
Aerial view of New Rochelle marina, New York

Cons of living in New Rochelle, NY

1. Expensive housing.

There is significant competition, insufficient rental units, and an inflation that exists. All of this leads New Rochelle to have a tough housing market.

The average home value in New Rochelle is $760,000, which can go up to $1.02 million.

2. Isolated from the hotspots.

Okay, this one can be a big con for some.

It is more complicated to go to Manhattan or Brooklyn for a day.

New Rochelle is cozy and isolated, so think about what you need – a nearby hotspot or a cozy bedroom community.

Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge


3. Small city vibe.

For some, this can be a good thing, but we know that many people want to feel the hustle of New York City on their skin!

You might find New Rochelle a bit dull if that is the case.

4. The average income is low.

Compared to Westchester County’s mean household income of $170,500, New Rochelle has a way to go.

The average household income is $154,200!

Girl using a calculator
Focused woman sitting on couch, calculates monthly expenses using calculator analyzes charges check utility bills managing family budget

5. High sales tax.

As you can tell, all the cons lead to your wallet!

A sales tax of 8.28% is not making it any better.

Compare this to the U.S. average of 6.44%, and you’ll see the difference!

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