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Living in the Big Apple is the dream of many people, especially in Manhattan which is the heart of New York City. Situated between the East, Hudson, and Harlem rivers, Manhattan is known for being the most populated borough of NYC. As the region is full of pleasant surprises, you have to prepare for moving in the busy city of Manhattan. Once you’ve set your move-in date and you think you’re ready to relocate with moving companies, here are a few helpful tips on everything you need to do when moving.

1. Purchase packing supplies

Unless you purchase packing supplies directly from the moving company, you’ll absolutely want to get hold of boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, moving sheets, and markers before the moving day. That way, you don’t have to run back and forth to the store for more supplies when your packing begins. So, anticipate the number of packing materials you need to ensure a smooth moving process once your movers arrive.

2. Pack ahead of time

If you’re doing a Manhattan moving, there’s a high possibility that when you load and unload, the moving truck may be blocking traffic. To ensure a seamless move, have your belongings packed in boxes and your pieces of furniture disassembled before the Manhattan movers arrive. By doing this, you’ll have a much quicker load time during your move.

3. Reserve elevator time

When moving to large complexes in Manhattan, you need the help of professional movers to make the loading and unloading of your possessions easier. However, even if most Manhattan moving companies have the resources to undertake a move, you should still reserve elevator time before the big day. This to avoid any delay that may be caused by some restrictions such as the allowable time when a tenant can move or times when an elevator can be reserved.

4. Call the moving company before you move in

Moving long distance can be more complicated and stressful without proper planning and organization. To avoid such complication, check with your moving company the origination-to-destination plan of your move. Make sure you and the in-charge of your relocation are aware of the correct moving date and have the contact information you need to reach each other. Doing so will help prevent your moving days from going awry.

Factors To Consider When Hiring Experienced Movers

Hiring professional help is the best way to go if you have a big move around the corner. However, the task of looking for professional movers should be taken seriously to ensure a smooth and successful moving experience. Check out the list of things to consider when using moving services for your Manhattan move.

1. Credentials

A reputable moving company should have the authority to undertake a move. In other words, they should have proper licensing and insurance coverage to protect your belongings from potential loss or damage.

2. Cost

The second most important factor is the cost of your move. Before making a hiring decision, ask for at least three written price estimates from different movers and compare them based on the services they offer. Seek out companies that provide excellent deals for moving and storage especially if you’re planning a distance moving to Manhattan.

3. Good reputation and online reviews

Knowing how reputable your mover does a lot of sense. Thus, check out their reputation and read some reviews online. A trustworthy moving company always has more positive reviews than negative ones.

4. Customer service

Pick a company that’s ultimately accessible through various forms of communication such as phones, e-mail, and even face-to-face consultations. If a mover seems to be inattentive about answering your questions, then they’re more likely not fit to work with you.


So, there you have it. With these simple checklist, you should be on your way toward having a hassle-free moving transition from beginning to end. As moving to Manhattan may be a cultural shock for you, you should be ready for it long before your move-in date. That way, you’ll feel incredibly amazing to be part of something so refreshing.


Tom Philips

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