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Moving from Boston to New York

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When you decide to move from Boston to New York City, it’s wise to prepare and organize your long distance move properly. Unlike in local moving, careful planning can be crucial in making the entire transition as smooth as possible. From packing up your stuff to finding a reliable moving company, there are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration from the start.

Check out these essential tips to ensure a faster and more efficient move from Boston to New York

  1. Take an extra planning time.
    Doing a long distance move can be extremely overwhelming. It’s a good idea to give yourself extra time to execute the planning process. Be sure you begin preparing at least two months before your official move-in date. By doing so, you’ll have extra time to organize all your tasks and ensure that everything is done smoothly to keep yourself from too much stress and headache. Moreover, you should include the accessibility of the moving truck once you travel from Boston to New York. There may be additional charges to pay if you have to transfer your belongings to another truck for a gated community.
  2. Get the right packing supplies.
    Gather the right packing materials for your long distance relocation. Considering the distance between Boston and New York, it’s imperative that all your belongings are safe all throughout the transit. Thus, never hesitate to invest in some durable moving boxes and other supplies such as high-quality tapes and markers. Visit your local grocery stores as they may give some boxes away for free. For your precious belongings, be sure the moving company you’re hiring will be able to transport them without damage to your destination.
  3. Pack smart.
    Relocating miles away is both a tedious and costly task. If you move in a long distance, the fewer items you bring the better. Go through all your current items and find out what should be tossed or donated. You don’t need to bring all your stuff especially those unnecessary items. Find a way where you can dispose of them like holding a garage sale or even donating these items to a local charity nearby. What’s important is that you should only bring your essentials to save time, money and energy during the transfer.
  4. Create an inventory and label your boxes properly.
    There’s nothing wrong if you’re extra organized. Moving can be less stressful if you keep track of what you’re doing. For instance, take an inventory of all your belongings. Take pictures of all of them so you’ll have an idea of what to bring and not to bring with you. Also, don’t forget to mark your boxes and label them correctly. If you detail your boxes properly, it’ll be much easier for you to unpack your things and fill in the new space once you get settled.
  5. Hire a reputable moving company.
    It’s essential to hire an experienced mover to discuss your required services. With a long distance moving, it’ll be faster if you entrust your packing requirements to a licensed moving company. Besides, many movers offer packing services to make your life easy. They employ well-equipped packers who’ll box all your things up in just a few hours. Not only do they perform moving services but they also have the right tools and equipment to execute a successful move whether it’s local or international.

Final Words

Although NYC is just a few miles away from Boston, relocating between these cities can be a bit tricky. In fact, navigating their streets are even difficult because you have to narrow down and up some crowded apartments and buildings. For that reason, it’s paramount to get the most out of your moving by following these tips. And with the assistance of certified long distance movers, your relocation from Boston to New York will be as trouble-free as possible for you and your family.

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