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Moving to Brooklyn: 4 Things to Know About Your New Neighborhood

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Welcome to Brooklyn! Here in New York, Brooklyn is one of the most populated boroughs and is full of parks, different communities, and potentially affordable rent. Many artists, professionals, and families of all kinds call Brooklyn their home, and nearly all of them have moved here from different parts of the United States and beyond. Not only does Brooklyn welcome diversity, but they celebrate it in strides. Moving can be overwhelming, so we’ve done the research on your new home for you.  If you find yourself on the path to moving to Brooklyn, here are the top four things to know about your new neighborhood.

1. Brooklyn Suits Nearly Anyone

Unlike the other boroughs where work is largely dominated, Brooklyn is much more unique, where people can choose a neighborhood that best suits their needs and interests. For example, Bay Ridge and Park Slope are excellent neighborhoods for raising your family, where there are stunning parks and great schools. Greenpoint and Williamsburg, on the other hand, are a good choice for professionals where rent is reasonably priced compared to much of Manhattan. However, no matter what you aspire to, Brooklyn is a great place to move. Taking the big leap to Brooklyn can still seem like a risk, but with plenty of research and planning, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Brooklyn resident in no time!

2. Brooklyn Can Fit Your Budget

We’re sure you’ve realized by now, but Brooklyn is much less expensive than its big brother Manhattan across the river. Whether it’s eating out, renting, or purchasing new belongings, Brooklyn is much more affordable. However, different parts of Brooklyn are tailored for different budgets. For example, an apartment in Park Slop may seem expensive to you, but it’s far cheaper than living in the Upper West Side. But, no matter what your budget is, you will be able to find a reasonable place to live.

3. Brooklyn Is Great For Families

When you think of a Brooklyn resident, you will likely imagine a young hipster. However, Brooklyn is also a great place for families to lay down roots. With its many parks, family activities, easily walkable sidewalks, and the community, Brooklyn is ideal for kids and parents. This is partially because the rent is cheaper, but also because of the overall vibe of the borough. Each neighborhood within Brooklyn offers something different. For example, Bay Ridge can provide the feel of a small town whereas Park Slope is better for prestigious private schools.

4. Each Neighborhood Has Something Unique To Offer

Brooklyn is comprised of ten different and totally unique neighborhoods. Each one comes with its own community, budget, amenities, and distinct appeal. Before choosing a neighborhood to settle in, do some research to determine which meets your needs and expectations the most. Do your research online. You could even spend a day exploring each of the neighborhoods and truly take in the sights and feelings of the neighborhood you may soon call home.

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