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Moving Companies Hiring in NYC: How Do I Find Them?

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If you’re currently looking for work, you might have spotted a few ads here and there about moving companies looking to hire various kinds of employees for their offices. Interestingly, if you’ve ever done a move before, you’ve likely encountered how these moving companies work. Aside from simply packing and unpacking boxes, their teams are in charge of transporting objects, ensuring the safe storage and transition of various home and office equipment, and ensuring clients have a generally great time as they get a new home or a new office for their needs. It’s all honest work, and it definitely feels curious to be a part of what happens behind the scenes for a change.

Interestingly, it’s not that difficult to find moving companies looking for reliable teams. However, the question is, how exactly do we spot great moving companies that are fit with our needs as employees?

Luckily, if you’re interested and looking for work, moving companies can be a great option given their training, specialization, and even equipment. Here’s how to spot moving companies hiring in NYC:

  • Consider increased need for job roles due to special conditions such as the pandemic. If you’re looking for a job in the moving company industry, now might be the best time to do so considering how the pandemic affected the current hiring market today. In our case with Roadway Moving, we have a visible need for more drivers especially due to today’s reliance on online purchases and online orders. Moreover, these drivers range from Class A and Class B types, as various consumers have begun relying more on online deliveries for their needs.
  • Check existing safety precautions and conditions. Another consideration if you’re looking for work in the moving company is how it can offer better opportunities for safety compared to other types of jobs. If you work as a driver, a customer service rep, or even a mover for any moving company, you’ll likely have extra protocols in place to ensure social distancing and employee safety. A lot of employees refuse to work in offices and live locations due to some companies lacking precautions. On our end with Roadway Moving, we ensure all our employees – regardless if they’re new or not – receive adequate precaution and care against threats of the virus, as well as other hazards involved with the work. If you’re looking for work in any industry, these are things you also need to check immediately.
  • Companies often post online job listings to look for employees. If you’re hoping to look for moving companies open for hiring, you might want to start looking for them online. It’s important that you try looking for job openings in various job portals, as well as in social media networks and online forums, to see which companies might be open for recruitment. Moreover, you might want to check out the websites and social media pages of companies you’re interested in joining just to see if they’re open for hiring, as they often post these announcements and have a more fast paced hiring process. Sometimes, certain websites even have dedicated recruitment pages for people interested in applying for their jobs. If you’re looking for work via search engines, be mindful of your search terms and even subscribe to ranks job ads based in order to always get proper recommendations and emails should qualified moving work becomes open.
  • Reach out to your movers to ask for recommendations. Another way you can try to look for companies open for job postings is to reach out to moving companies that have helped you move to a new home, or have helped your company move to other locations. Sometimes, talking directly to individuals allows you to have a more direct source of information regarding hiring news. Moreover, you might even help them out as some companies have referral bonuses for people who refer new employees to them. Doing this allows you to also forge stronger relationships with your moving companies, and you’ll be directly in-the-know regarding any potential job openings instead of just looking at things over the internet. If you have prior moving experience, this might help as moving and storage jobs might be more convinced that you’re fit for the role if you’ve already had experience in the first place.
  • Assess your skills in order to look for specific kinds of work. Remember, just because you’re looking into a moving company doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be responsible for just moving random things around. In fact, with this kind of industry, companies might be looking for all sorts of employees. These can range from packers, drivers movers, or even folks for customer service. Moreover, these also range from various full time and part time options. If you try to search for more specific job posts related to moving, you might be redirected to websites of companies specifically looking for the role you specialize in. It helps to have a job alert ready for certain positions so you can always double check your qualifications. That way, you can directly apply for relevant posts without having to worry whether the job you’re applying for is something you may or may not be able to do.
  • Manage your expectations with positions. Another important consideration you should note is to manage your expectations with the positions you’re interested in applying for. For instance, you need to research about the industry in your state area, such as New York, NY, the projected salaries and responsibilities of positions you’re applying for so you’re in the right headspace once you start contemplating whether you can take the job or not. For instance, if you want to join our team, displayed here are job ads that match your query. Remember, successful job applications happen based on a combination of various qualities and events, such as your skillset and how they match your employer’s, a combination of employer bids and relevance, as well as other things expected from you that are compensated by these employers.
  • Ask as many questions as possible regarding the job. If you ever made it to the interview or got an opportunity to talk to company HR, it helps to ask as many things about the work as possible to get to know everything you need to know before proceeding with the job or the rest of the hiring process. These all range from concerns regarding your terms and other activity, your salary, how you will be paid and how, insurance and other offerings, and even specific concerns such as potential lodgings, transportation concerns, and things that can help make your work more comfortable. Talking about this as early as now can greatly help you in finding work in moving companies as this allows you to look for as specific a job as possible without inconveniencing yourself and still be able to perform optimally.

Work in Moving Companies: Make It Possible!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to understand that you can actually get into a moving company of your choice with the right negotiation and talking with the right people. Moreover, the right approach allows you to not only get into a moving company with reasonable pay and expectations, but you can also leverage on this new experience to achieve greater heights and even make the moving industry provide better opportunities for you and your family.

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