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For whatever reason, you’ve chosen to pick up your Bronx belongings and move to the other metropolis. Perhaps you’re moving to Manhattan to be closer to a new job or school, but one thing’s for sure; there will never be a shortage of things to do. Coming from the Bronx, you are probably already accustomed to the sounds and smells of subways and buses and Taxi cabs too. If you’re not used to these essentials, you want to familiarize yourself with the myriad options in and around Manhattan quickly. In this article, we share four key things to consider when moving from the Bronx to Manhattan.
One of the best things about the Bronx is the ability to move around easily, especially if you have a car. For your move to Manhattan, though, a vehicle may be more of a burden. Owning a car may not be your best bet when you live in Manhattan, especially in lower Manhattan. Automobiles are an incredible luxury, but you won’t need it where you’re going. In fact, good luck finding a space to park your car in Manhattan. That’s right, NYC lawmakers are doing everything they can to discourage people from driving around the city amid “congestion” concerns. Do yourself a favor and donate your car to charity or gift it to a family member because with the congestion tax, limited street parking, and parking garages costing more per month than your rent, you’ll be glad you did.

Speaking of rent, whatever you’re paying in the Bronx will most likely double in Manhattan. If you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll know that the real estate market in NYC is on an upswing in favor of landlords and sellers. In addition to higher rents and home prices, you’ll be looking at a lot less space. Your living space will most likely be cut in half, often requiring new residents to take on a storage unit or shed superfluous belongings. You need to think about living more efficiently by taking a minimalist approach to home design. Going with smaller furniture is sure bet such as changing from a king-size bed to a full size or going from a full-size dresser to an armoire. Places like Ikea can be a mover’s best friend when just starting out or downsizing with its plethora of options to keep you organized for the most efficient use of your new space.

Brownstones and many apartments in Manhattan are walkups with no elevator so you’ll need to consider this when preparing for moving day. Doing it yourself is probably not the best option for a move to Manhattan unless you have no possessions, which is unusual. But, if you’re like most, you’ll need to pack and plan accordingly to ensure a safe journey. If you have a lot of stuff, pack the essentials and store the rest away. We recommend hiring professional movers to take care of the heavy lifting. Best-in-breed professional movers offer White Glove Moving, in which they provide a moving experience that is genuinely free of stress. Do you have several rooms to pack, furniture to take down and then reassemble in your new home? That’s not a problem for Roadway Moving. We take the best care of your delicate items by offering custom crating and packing options that guarantee peace of mind. Roadway BLACK provides the ultimate in moving luxury and convenience including expert assembly, disassembly, packing and unpacking of your prized possessions, as well as rubbish removal. And, if you need a place to store some items, Roadway Moving offers full-service storage for all your needs no matter how big and small.

When you’re ready to make the move from the Bronx to Manhattan, be prepared for the quicker pace of the city. People in Manhattan want to keep things moving and will nearly run over you if you try to slow them down. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll fit in in time. Keep in mind that rents and purchase prices will most likely be higher in Manhattan, and the overall square footage of your home will likely be much smaller than to what you are accustomed. You’re probably better off ditching the car and going with public transportation. Because of the size of your space, you’ll want to take the essentials and perhaps go with more compact furniture. If you don’t want to donate, storage is a good option for those extra items with which you just can’t part. Despite all the sacrifices you make to live in the city, you’ll forget all about them once you settle in and start to appreciate the extreme convenience that only the city can offer.

Tom Philips

Thomas Philips is a writer and content marketer with a keen interest in the moving industry. As a travel enthusiast and logistics expert by training, Thomas has been working with various moving companies for the past 16 years. He currently writes for Roadway Moving and applies his expertise through his written works. Thomas makes it a point to give practical moving advice to both clients and readers to help transform their moving experience into an unforgettable one