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If you’re moving from NYC to Boston, things may probably become more intimidating. However, with the right information and knowledge, the relocation process will be much easier and smoother.  When moving to a new city, you’ll have to consider several things, particularly the costs associated with living in Boston. Here’s what you need to know when relocating from York to Boston.

1. Housing

Purchasing or renting a home in Boston doesn’t require you to spend tons of money because the houses there may not be San Francisco or New York style expensive. And like any other cities, Boston has a wide range of housing options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for apartments, condos, townhouses, or single family homes, you can probably save on housing when you undertake an NYC-Boston relocation.

2. Public Transportation

Unlike in York City, the percentage of wait times for buses and trains are much lower in Boston. Even if both cities operate with wide-ranging public transportation systems, the transportation rates in Boston is lower than in New York. This is one of the reasons why moving from NYC can be the right decision.

3. Utilities

The primary utility package in Boston is also cheaper than in New York. From electricity, garbage, heating, and water, the price may approximately range from $150 – $200 per month.

4. Extras

Having a quality of life isn’t only limited to the basics. There are some extras that can improve your day-to-day undertakings. And the good thing is that the prices of extras in Boston such as baseball tickets and other entertainment options are also lower compared in New York.

5. Cost of Living

Overall, Boston’s cost of living is much cheaper than in New York City. You can get more savings in the categories of housing, transportation, and food. For instance, Boston has a variety of food to offer. From Italian pastries to steaming bowls, you can order a three-course meal with an average price of more or less $60.

6. Hiring of Professional Movers

A long distance move can be a tricky thing. Thus, when you’re going to relocate from New York to Boston, you should always opt for professional moving to make the process less stressful for everyone involved. However, hiring a professional moving company may cost you some money. You’ll need to consider the services you’re going to use for your move to Boston. If you want to save more money in your wallet, compare some price estimates from at least three moving companies. Also, don’t forget to check what constitutes other charges.

How To Make An NYC-Boston Move Successful

Moving between two metropolitan areas such as New York and Boston can be both an exciting and exhausting event. With more than 200 miles away, you’ll have to plan, prepare, and organize your upcoming relocation in advance. To make the moving process more manageable and smoother, here’s what you need to do from the very start.

1. Get to know your new city

Before you start packing your stuff, be sure to plan a visit in Boston for a few weekends. Be familiar with your new area and explore some housing options which are near to your new workplace. Once you find a new home, walk around your new neighborhood and identify some establishments near your place.

2. Allocate some extra planning time

Moving a few miles away requires you to plan the process carefully. Under these circumstances, you should start preparing at least a few weeks before the moving day. With a long distance move, make sure everything is ready from the beginning to save yourself from headaches.

3. Invest in appropriate packing materials

With your valuable possessions that are going their way to Boston, it’s essential to keep them safe throughout the move. Make sure to purchase durable moving boxes and other packing supplies. You can visit some local liquor or grocery stores to get hold of some boxes. These establishments tend to give boxes at a low price or for free.

4. Pack strategically

You may be encouraged to pack your boxes as soon as you’re ready for the relocation. However, doing it may cause you some stress and inconvenience. Allow yourself more time in order to pack all of your belongings strategically. Think about what you’ll absolutely need for your move and what should be tossed. A few boxes to move, the better. Remember to box all the items that are no longer required first. As the moving day comes closer, you can begin packing more essential things. Moreover, it’s necessary to prepare an overnight bag, so you’ll have your essentials in hand once you arrive at your new home.

5. Create an inventory and label those boxes

Moving a few miles away requires you to be organized. After packing up all your boxes, take an inventory, so you’ll know what you’re precisely bringing with you. Also, make sure to label those boxes accordingly. Besides, nothing is worse than knowing you’ve missed something out. The better you label your moving boxes, the more convenient it’ll be when you begin unpacking.

6. Seek help from experienced movers

Again, hiring movers for your NYC-Boston move always makes a lot of sense. The entire process of moving takes more energy, both mentally and physically. Fortunately, licensed movers can help minimize the stress and anxiety that relocation may cause you. When looking for the best moving company, check their license and insurance options. Also, read their client reviews to get to know them more and make a sound hiring decision.

The Bottom Line

Like a move from Boston, deciding to execute an NYC-Boston relocation can be a challenging experience. Without careful planning, you can make things worse for everyone involved in the transition. If you don’t want to mess things up on your moving day, use this article as your guide. The information presented above can help you approach the process of moving in an organized manner.


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