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Moving from NYC to Phoenix and vice versa: A beginners guide

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Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Millions of people visit the area every year and of those visitors, a good number decide to become residents. But what is it about this city that makes people move there in such large numbers? 

In this post we’re going to look at what it is that makes Phoenix so different, particularly for people moving from NYC to Phoenix. Of course, there’s a lot about New York City that could cause people to look for somewhere else to live, but there are just as many people moving to New York City hoping for a better life.

Before we look closely at the issue of relocating to Phoenix or indeed moving from New York to Arizona, let’s quickly consider the pros and cons of each location.     

Moving from NYC to Phoenix and vice versa
Pros of living in PhoenixCons of living in Phoenix
– Living in Phoenix is significantly more affordable than cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Sacramento
– Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic regions in the US
– The city’s arts and culture environment rivals that of other metropolitan areas
– The climate and mountainous desert terrain make for great hiking, mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, fishing, horseback riding and tubing
– Phoenix has more than 200 golf courses
– Close proximity to California, Mexico, Las Vegas
– The intense heat doesn’t suit everyone
– The interstate can get very busy during the winter, thanks to the many snowbirds
– Public transport is nowhere near as good as New York
Pros of living in New YorkCons of living in New York
– A car is not crucial if you need to get around as the city has an excellent transportation network
– In NYC, you get to enjoy four distinct seasons
– There are countless job opportunities for all skill levels and ages
– You’ll never run out of different places to eat out
– It’s a melting pot of different cultures
– It’s the perfect location for social butterflies
– It’s a safe place to live
– There’s always something going on 24/7
– Nowhere else in the US can match the range of entertainment options
– It costs a lot to live in New York
– The city is very crowded
– The employment market is very competitive
– The city never stops
– Rental prices are going through the roof
– It’s a grimy city
– There are days when the weather is miserable

Your moving to Phoenix guide

Phoenix is in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. In this area, the sunshine is abundant and outdoor adventures are plentiful. What sets this state apart from many others is that you can depend on summer-like conditions prevailing for much of the year.

If you’re moving to Arizona from NY, you can expect to enjoy some breath-taking scenery, endless recreational activities, and unique landscapes. However, if you’re not too worried about mountain views because you prefer to live in a sprawling metropolis where everything is close to hand, Phoenix could be the city of your dreams.  

Why people are moving to Phoenix

Phoenix is a city with a sunny disposition, which could be because it enjoys at least 300 days of sunshine every year. It’s also known as “The Valley of the Sun” and is the reason why 16 million people visit the Phoenix metropolitan area every year. But the weather is not the only attraction. The city has luxurious spas, casinos, and resorts. It’s also a great place to be if you love shopping or dining in delicious restaurants.

Here are five good reasons to consider moving from New York to Arizona, but in particular Phoenix.

1. Fantastic job opportunities

New York may be a city with a reputation for job opportunities, but Phoenix also has a lot to offer. In particular, Phoenix is a hub for the fast-growing technology industry. As a result, there are many NYC moving companies moving to Phoenix, which means there are countless opportunities to transfer between familiar companies or venture into something new and consider your own startup business.

As well as being an ideal location for anyone who wants to launch a startup, it’s also great for small, local businesses and budding entrepreneurs. However, if you prefer to work for an established company, you’ll find many top US companies have their headquarters in The Valley of the Sun. Here are just a few names you might recognize:

  • Uber
  • Shutterfly
  • Amazon
  • Avent
  • PetSmart
  • Freeport McMoRan 

2. The Weather is outstanding

Yes, I know we’ve already mentioned the weather several times, but there’s a lot to be said for a location that enjoys more than 300 sunny days every year. Such glorious weather means you can enjoy the great outdoors so much more and Phoenix and Arizona have lots to offer. 

Phoenix is situated in The Sonoran Desert and is surrounded by mountains such as the White Tank Mountains, Superstition Mountains, McDowell Mountains, and Sierra Estella. The Salt River also runs through the city’s heart, making Phoenix a landscape built for outdoor play.  

3. Incredible attractions

Ask any residents or tourists what they think about Phoenix, and a large percentage of them will say it’s the city’s incredible range of attractions. Admittedly, the temperatures can sometimes make people head for the cover of their air-conditioned homes. But even so, the city is always busy with a flurry of activity.

It doesn’t matter what age you are because there’s something for everyone, from tiny tots to senior citizens. You can take your pick from the many indoor and outdoor excursions. If you’ve got a young family, take a trip to attractions like the OdySea Aquarium, the Phoenix Zoo, or the Arizona Science Center. You don’t have to be young either because the programs at these attractions are suitable for children and adults. 

While the temperatures might soar at certain times of the year, that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. The outside temperature will always be a few degrees cooler in one of Phoenix’s many parks and desert preserves. In total, Phoenix has more than 180 parks you can explore. In addition, there are over 200 miles of mountain biking and scenic walking trails. Because the climate is so warm, you can enjoy these parks any time of the year.   

4. Exceptional education

For families looking for somewhere new to live, education has to be a determining factor. Families considering moving to Phoenix tend to be swayed by the exceptional educational opportunities to be found in the city.

In total, the city is home to thirty school districts. There are 325 public schools along with more than 200 charter and private schools. As a result, local students have plenty of options during their elementary and secondary school years.      

5. Wide selection of neighborhoods

Phoenix has neighborhoods to suit all budgets and lifestyles. The wide variety of real estate is located in several prominent areas throughout the city, each featuring different attractions and amenities.

The most well-known neighborhoods include Arcadio, Roosevelt Row, and Greater Coronado. You can find these near the heart of Downtown Phoenix. These areas have a lot going on with many bars, restaurants, and nightlife opportunities, making them perfect for the younger demographic looking to relocate. 

Great places to move to in Phoenix

Great places to move to in Phoenix

Phoenix is the sixth most populous city in the US, and certain factors ensure this city has a steady stream of new residents every year. So if you’re thinking about moving from NYC to Phoenix, here are five of the most popular neighborhoods.


  • The most sought after area of Phoenix
  • Located less than 15 minutes from the airport and downtown Scottsdale
  • The streets are lined with bushy citrus groves
  • It offers some of the best dining and shopping in the valley
  • Very picturesque and popular neighborhood
  • Perfect location for families


  • A community on the rise
  • It’s family-friendly and multicultural
  • Has an award-winning school district and thriving downtown area
  • It is one of the fastest-growing regions but manages to retain its historic character
  • Several events take place throughout the year, for example, the Ostrich Festival, the Indian Market, and the Tumbleweed Tree Lighting Ceremony


  • Nestled in northwestern Phoenix and known as Arizona’s Antique Capital
  • Home to professional sports teams
  • One of the city’s best antique-shopping districts
  • Two major sports stadiums
  • 1000 acres of desert preserves
  • Known for its affordable housing and diverse living options

North Central Phoenix

  • Known for its ranch homes, historic charm, and family-friendly neighborhoods
  • Public schools are highly regarded within the Phoenix Public School System
  • A 10-minute commute to downtown
  • Includes “The Bridal Path” that’s used for exercise and recreation

Paradise Valley

  • Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mummy Mountains, Piestewa Peak, and Camelback Mountains
  • The perfect place to enjoy the outdoors
  • Southwest style single-family homes or modern condos are available
  • It has a unique structure of volunteers that lead a responsive government 

Pros and cons of living in Phoenix

As with many cities across the US, you either love or hate them, and quite often, it’s a bit of both. Whatever you think, Phoenix has its perks, but there are also features of living in Phoenix that could be better. So here are some pros and cons and some things to know before moving to Phoenix. 


  • There’s so much to do in Phoenix
  • The climate overall is enjoyable
  • Food in Phoenix is delicious
  • The streets are organized in a grid
  • Living in Phoenix means a rich culture
  • There’s golfing galore
  • Phoenix has a thriving small business scene
  • Housing is affordable


  • The summers are hot living in Phoenix
  • Living in Phoenix means dust storms
  • The Snowbird season means winter in Phoenix can get crowded with tourists
  • You might encounter some dangerous wildlife such as scorpions, coyotes, and rattlesnakes
  • In certain areas, there’s a high rate of property crime

Pros and cons of living in NYC

Pros and cons of living in NYC

New York City tempts people in their millions, and there are many reasons people choose to live there rather than anywhere else in the world. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities in America, and according to recent census numbers, the current population of New York City is well over eight million.

Relocating to New York City is no easy decision. It’s got obvious appeal. It’s exciting, world-renowned, and eclectic. It’s also one of the top 10 places to find a job this year.  But it’s not all glamor, Broadway shows, and parades in New York City. There are also some downsides to living in “the city that never sleeps.”

We think it’s only fair to give you both sides of the city, so if you’re living in Arizona and moving to New York, here are some things you should be aware of.


  • Many corporations call New York home, so there are lots of opportunities
  • High salaries
  • You can get from one side of the city to the other with relative ease
  • Excellent networking and social scene
  • The most diverse food scene in America
  • New York City is safe, in fact, it’s one of the top five safest cities in America
  • You can always meet someone new
  • There are some excellent outdoor spaces and public parks
  • You can buy almost anything in New York City
  • The cultural diversity is one of a kind


  • There’s lots of competition for jobs
  • High cost of living
  • Public transport does have its issues and is not always as seamless as you’d like
  • The bustle of the city can be a bit much for some
  • Rents are pricey
  • NYC is dirty
  • Homelessness is a serious issue 
  • There are people everywhere
  • You’ll hear street noise almost every hour of the day 

Making the move from NYC – How are you going to do it?

When you’re moving from NYC to Phoenix, there are really only two ways to do it. You could hire a truck and move yourself, which is a brave thing to do. Alternatively, you could hire a team of movers to do everything for you. Let’s look at whether moving yourself or hiring movers is the best option for you, particularly if you’re moving to Phoenix.  

Move yourself

Many people choose to move themselves, whether they’re in Arizona and moving to New York or moving from New York to Arizona. The reason is often that it’s a low-cost option. However, it might appear cheaper on the surface, but when you look a little closer and think of the other factors to consider, it’s not as cheap as you think. 

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of moving yourself from NYC to Phoenix.


  • You’re in complete control of the move
  • You’re in charge of how your belongings are packed
  • A do-it-yourself move could save you money


  • You’ll have to do all the heavy lifting yourself
  • A DIY move takes a lot of planning and coordination
  • Having to pack, load, and unload your belongings will be tiring and time-consuming
  • You haven’t got the moving experience to deal with unexpected problems
  • You run the risk of pulling a muscle, straining your back, and breaking your delicate items

The cost of moving yourself from NYC to Phoenix

People tend to choose a DIY move when moving to Arizona from NY because they’re keen to save a few bucks on the cost of their relocation. There’s no denying it is a cheaper option, but you’re not going to save as much as you think. As well as the cost of hiring the truck, you’ve also got to pay for other expenses such as gas, food, packing materials, equipment, refreshments, and accommodation along the way. 


How long do you think it will take to move yourself? It could take several days to carefully pack all your belongings, so there’s no risk of breakages. Then you’ve got to load everything into the truck and drive it to your new home in Arizona. 

When you’re relocating to Phoenix from New York City, that’s a staggering 2,431 miles you’ve got to travel. If you drove non-stop, it would take you at least 36 hours. Obviously, that’s not an option because it wouldn’t be safe. Realistically, you could be on the road for almost a week.

On the other hand, professional movers will be much quicker because they have the experience that allows them to work much faster and more efficiently. They will be able to lift your items more carefully, minimizing any damage and negotiating narrow stairs and doorways safely. In addition, they will be able to load, arrange, and organize your items in the moving truck to make the best use of the space. 

Hire movers

A full-service mover, such as Roadway Movers, can take away all the stress of moving. Every stage of the moving process, from disassembling your furniture and packing your belongings to unpacking all your possessions in your new home, will be taken care of. 

In between the packing and unpacking, the mover’s professional drivers will transport your belongings across the country safely and securely. 


  • Every stage of the moving process is left in the hands of professionals
  • Full-service movers are very efficient
  • Stress and hassle is minimized
  • You’re able to concentrate on other things and travel to your new home in comfort


  • Not quite so flexible
  • The cost is generally more

The cost of moving from NYC to Phoenix

If you’re moving from New York to Arizona, a full-service move won’t be the cheapest option. However, we should point out that rates do vary from company to company. In addition, several things can also affect the actual cost, for example, distance, location, and how many items you want to move.

When you hire full-service movers when you’re moving from NYC to Phoenix, you must remember that you get a lot for your money. One of the biggest things is peace of mind. You know your belongings are being transported carefully, securely, and safely by a professional team. Let’s not forget that hiring movers is also very convenient.   


Professional movers, such as Roadway Movers, are very experienced and therefore efficient at what they do. They will arrive at the pre-arranged time, have all the packaging materials and equipment they need, and deal with any unexpected events effectively. When you add all this together, you’re guaranteed a timely moving service.

Top moving tips for moving from NYC to Phoenix

If you’re planning to move from New York City to Phoenix or anywhere else in the US, here are some tips to help make the move a smooth one.

  1. Declutter: You’ve probably collected a house full of items over the years, but do you really need to take them all with you? Take the opportunity to declutter and leave behind all the things you no longer need or use. Then, donate them to charity or sell them in a garage sale and use the money to help pay for your move.
  2. Make a moving schedule: Creating a checklist will help you keep on track and ensure you don’t forget anything.
  3. Don’t rush: There are many things to consider, so don’t leave it all for your moving day. 
  4. Change your address: Alert all the companies that use your address for billing that you’re moving. 
  5. Make some aesthetic changes to your new home: This might not be an option if you’re moving from New York to Arizona, but it’s always easier to paint and make some home improvements before adding furniture and other belongings into the mix.
  6. Be there on moving day: You’ll make the moving process easier and quicker if you’re there in person when your movers are working. 

Useful resources for anyone moving to Phoenix

Useful resources for anyone moving to NYC

Finding the best movers

Choosing the right moving company is crucial if you want to enjoy a stress-free, smooth, and safe moving day experience. So take a little time, vet potential moving companies, and you’ll save a lot of time, hassle, and tears when you’re moving from NYC to Phoenix. 

  • Ask friends, family, and colleagues for referrals
  • Get personal quotes from three different moving companies for comparison
  • Be suspicious if you’re asked for a cash deposit, the movers show up late, they seem unsure about what they’re doing, or they can’t answer your questions.
  • Only hire movers who are licensed and insured
  • Check credentials with the Better Business Bureau
  • Ask for Professional Accreditation

Final thoughts

Knowing what to look for when you’re moving from New York to Arizona or vice versa makes the whole process much simpler and less stressful. Both New York and Phoenix have a lot of positive features, and your choice will depend on what you’re looking for. 

When you’re ready to start making firm plans for your move, don’t forget to get in touch with Roadway Moving. Give us a call, and we’ll organize a full-service move that will make your moving day a positive experience and the best way to start your new life.

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