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Moving and Migration Patterns 2021

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Moving from one location to another is a struggle. You’ll have to accomplish a lot of tasks, make drastic adjustments with your schedule and stretch your patience especially if you’re hiring movers. While all of these tasks can already get so overwhelming, it still doesn’t include the decision of where you’re actually moving. With the number of states and country to consider, you might be clueless on how to narrow down your search. Let the moving and migration patterns help you during this process.

There are many reasons why people move from one place to another. Some do it for career growth while others do it for their kid’s education and wellbeing. If none of these factors are your reasons for moving, use the information from this article.

International Moves: Where are we now?

International moves are no longer new; a lot of families and individuals have been moving out of the country for a variety of reasons. Most often than not, moving internationally gives them the chance to start off in a clean slate, leaving all of their bad experiences in their previous homes or locations. To paint a clearer picture of how frequently people are moving internationally and where are they actually going, look into the points below:

  • For the past years, a lot of people have been moving to the following locations: Texas, California, Virginia, Germany, and South Korea. These destinations were ranked as the top 5 international destinations for movers. The list continues to include Japan, Hawaii, Washington, Florida, and England.This status quo can be attributed to a lot of reasons. For example, a lot of families are moving to Texas because it provides better and more job opportunities and the cost of living is relatively cheaper compared to other states in the US. Additionally, some families are choosing California because of its fair climate, education privileges and other growth opportunities suited for the entire family.
  • On the other side of the coin, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia. Virginia and Japan are just some of the top international origins of movers. While many people think of South Korea as a progressing country, its locals are actually moving out because of the competition at school and even in the workplace. As for Germany, many people are going out of this country for greener pastures and newer environment. The list of top 10 international origins continues with Okinawa, Texas, Hawaii, California, and England.

US Movers: Where Are Americans Going?

The US can be different things to different people. Because of its economy, US can be the perfect location for you to start your own business, build your career, further your education or meet the love of your life. Yes, US can provide a lot of opportunities to you and your family. But if you’re wondering which states in the US movers are leaving from and going to, the points listed below can provide answers:

  • The US is one of the countries which earned the highest inbound and outbound moves. This means that while a lot of people are moving out from different states in the US, a lot are also coming in. This creates equilibrium in the country’s moving migration patterns.
  • Inbound moves are particularly high in Idaho (65.1% moves), Washington (62.5% moves), Nevada (62.4% moves), Tennessee (60.0% moves), and Arkansas (60.4% moves). This list continues with Maine (59.7% moves), North Carolina (59.3% moves), and Oregon (57.5% moves). Similar to international moves, many people are moving to these US states because of the opportunities which are only unique in these locations. This is especially true for movers who were originally from small towns.
  • As mentioned, outbound moves are also prevalent in the US. A lot of families and individuals are moving from Illinois (62.4% moves), West Virginia (60.4% moves), and Nebraska (60.3% moves), just to name a few.

A Little Research Can Go A Long Way

Regardless of where you end up moving, your new location should improve the quality of your life. Depending on your preferences, your new home should provide better opportunities not only for you but for everyone in your family. If you think the places mentioned in this article can be excellent options, do your homework and research more. Find out why people choose to leave or stay in a particular place – their reasons might be the same as yours!

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