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Moving can be an adventurous challenge or a stressful endeavor depending on how it is approached. Finding an experienced moving company with great references and a proven track record of successful customer service should be the first priority. A trusted moving company will provide its customers with a comprehensive list of items that are not allowed to be loaded into the moving truck. This list is provided to ensure the safety of both the company and its drivers, as well as the safety of a customer’s belongings. These banned items represent things professional movers will not transport under any circumstances. Customers should use common sense when determining which other items they plan to leave off the truck and carry with them in their own vehicles.

Moving Company Restricted or Banned Items

Common items that companies will not allow to be transported in moving trucks include anything flammable, such as propane or oxygen bottles. Any items that are considered hazardous such as pesticides, fertilizers, paint, varnish, or solvents cannot be included in boxes to be moved in the moving truck. Even household cleaners such as bleach and ammonia are banned to ensure a higher degree of moving safety. Movers cannot transport any aerosol cans, batteries of any type or even fire extinguishers. Movers cannot accept any perishable food items because they attract unwanted pests that can damage furniture or other property. Reputable movers adhere to these strict guidelines to ensure moving safety for all involved.

Recommended Items to Self-transport

A good rule-of-thumb to remember is that if the item is considered irreplaceable; do not put it in the moving truck. Many personal items should not be packed such as keepsakes that are valuable and possibly fragile. Even though some items such as vintage furniture must be included in the truck, others can easily be carried in a car or van. It is a good idea to investigate moving insurance for those valuable items that are too large to transport in a small vehicle. We suggest looking at the Roadway Black, our premier white glove moving service for items of extreme value.

Safely Moving Valuables

Furs and jewelry require special handling because of their value. These are items that would be considered carry-on on an airline. When moving valuables such as coin collections or other small collectible valuable, place them in a small security box for transporting. Social security cards, passports, birth certificates, financial documents and insurance policies need to be protected in a secure file or a banker’s box in your car.

Keep Necessities in a Convenient Place in the Car

Medications should never be packed away, but should be readily available at all times. Anything that will be needed on the trip or your first night in your new home must be easily accessible in the vehicle. Keep medicines in a plastic bag inside an overnight bag for protection and quick retrieval. It is important to keep enough cash on hand in the car for essential purchases. It might be difficult to find an ATM in an unfamiliar place if cash runs low. Keep all cash stowed away in a purse out of sight.

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