So you’ve decided to move from the Big City to the city near the Rockies. You’re excited but at the same time, worried about the entire process of your move. First of all, you need to get familiar with everything about your new place, including living costs, transportation, weather, and many more. Once you have an in-depth understanding of these factors, the next thing to do is to prepare for your upcoming move.

When deciding to leave NYC and settle down to Denver Colorado, here’s everything you need to know from the get-go.

1. Cost of living

The cost of living is far more affordable than in New York City. From the costs of housing to groceries, health, and utilities, you can save more money in your pocket if you live in Denver. For instance, health-related costs in Colorado is less costly than what you can get in York City. Also, buying a home can be a good idea because you’ll have a variety of options plus the property taxes you’re going to pay are lower than what you think. If you want a change of pace, moving to Denver, which is nicknamed as the Mile High City can be a great idea.

2. Weather

Compared to NYC, moving to Colorado means you’ll get more snowfall and less rainfall each year. That’s why if you move to that city soon, you should be prepared with your winter-weather wardrobe and snow gear for your comfort. However, you can also enjoy more sunshine when you relocate to Colorado.

3. Transportation

In addition to less living costs, people in Denver usually deal with shorter commute times, which can be more or less 20 minutes. That’s because of the lease or buy a car concept of the place where people can get around by automobile or even use light rail transit. On the other hand, most residents in the Denver area work from the comfort of their home, reducing the number of commuters in a day.

4. Culture

When you move to Colorado from NYC, it means you’ll leave the fast-paced lifestyle of Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco, and other nearby cities. There, wearing t-shirts and jeans are fine. Walking around downtown Denver is completely fun and safe because the locals are friendly and happy to give you a chat. The culture is founded on the quality of life such that eating healthily, exercising, and developing spiritual habits are vital aspects of everyday living in Colorado.

When it comes to food, you can see more Mexican restaurants than Italian restaurants. Also, you’ll find beers in good qualities and large quantities. With a variety of options, you’ll probably choose the perfect brew that you can always share to your neighbors. Another good thing about the place is the locals’ positive outlook on things as legalizing the use of marijuana isn’t really a big deal for them.

5. Other Things To Expect

Colorado is also filled with many attractions. It has beautiful scenery such as a rocky mountain, high desert of the Colorado Plateau, Cherry Creek, and picturesque national parks and monuments. If you love biking, the place has lots of bike paths where you can get ready to peddle. When it comes to real estate properties, Colorado is known for its new apartment buildings with cutting-edge amenities.

Reasons For Hiring Movers When Moving From NYC To Colorado

No question that NYC is one of the busiest cities in the United States. That’s the reason why moving out of such a place should be done efficiently. And even if you think you can do everything on your own, it’s still best to seek help from a professional moving company.

Below are the reasons for hiring movers when you move from NYC to Colorado:

1. Expertise

Typically, a licensed moving company knows what they’re doing. They’re experts at moving your belongings and other heavy furniture safely and efficiently. With them on your side, you don’t have to lift heavy objects on your own, thereby avoiding any moving-related accidents and injuries.

2. Proper Equipment

Professional moving companies have the proper equipment. From dismantling to packaging, they can get things done efficiently with the help of the right equipment. This is one of the reasons why hiring movers can be a perfect solution for your needs.

3. Insurance

Most companies offer insurance options to ensure your valuables. Unlike moving on your own, working with professionals can prevent the risk of improperly packing your belongings, which can more likely expose them to damage. Instead of dealing with unfortunate situation yourself, get the assistance of a moving company as they can protect your stuff for moving.

4. Time and Energy Efficient

Hiring movers can absolutely save you time and effort. By working with them, you allow them to do the rest of the items on your moving checklist. Instead of spending time and energy for packing, let the professionals handle the job so you can do more important things like setting up your utilities, and many more.

5. Cheap

Asking for help from a moving company is actually cheap. Although you may have to pay for the movers’ fee, you can still save money because they’ll make sure all your stuff are safe throughout the transit. Unlike a DIY move, the chances of getting your things damaged are more likely high, which leads to paying more money for replacements and repairs.


There you have it. These are the factors you need to know when deciding to relocate from NYC to Colorado. Indeed, Denver Colorado can be a beautiful place to live in America. If you’re looking to have a fresh start in that place as early as possible, consider the idea of working with a moving company to ease the moving process.