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Moving to Crown Heights in Brooklyn: 8 Things You Need to Know

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Welcome to Crown Heights, one of the poshest neighborhoods in New York City and, indeed, the wealthiest neighborhood in Brooklyn!

Moving From Manhattan To Brooklyn
Roadway moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn


The authentic mixture of old rowed buildings and opulent mansions is what gets your attention at first. Still, we promise you many amazing things about this nabe to explore!

Roadway Moving has prepared a list of eight things you need to know before making the big step.

1. Top-notch location

Crown Heights’ central Brooklyn location is the first thing that attracts new residents.

Not only is it surrounded by the best areas for raising a family, wonderful Prospect Park, and the magical Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but it is also just a 20 minutes ride away from Midtown Manhattan! You will get the best of both worlds.

Crown Heights Brooklyn
A row of brick apartment buildings on the corner of St. Johns and St. Francis Place in the Crown Heights Neighborhood of Brooklyn

2. There are many available activities

Not only that it is easy to walk and commute to other parts of New York City, but sometimes you won’t need to do that since Crown Heights has everything you need!

To see art, all you’ll need to do is walk a bit to Brooklyn Museum. If you want to bring your kids, you can visit Brooklyn Children’s Museum, which is located in Crown Heights.

For some exercise, you would have St. John’s Recreation Center with outside playing fields and an indoor pool and Brower Park with basketball courts and playgrounds.

For more green space, you have a lush Lincoln Terrace Park at your doorstep!

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum is surrounded by cherry trees that are in full bloom.

3. Schools are on a good name!

Don’t you for a second worry about your youngster’s education!

Crown Heights has an extensive range of education offers. There is a large number of both elementary and middle schools, as well as many good high schools. The League School, The School for Democracy and Leadership, as well as The International Arts Business School are located here.

For extra education, this area has three branches of the Brooklyn Public Library at your disposal!

Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library in New York City

4. Comfortable transportation options

If Crown Heights weren’t more than a bedroom community, we would call it the best bedroom community for all the people working in Manhattan.

On Franklin Avenue, there are many train stations available. You can catch a train to Midtown Manhattan in only 20 minutes.

The nearest subways are 2,3,4,5, A, C, G, and S.

The good news is that everything crucial is available within walking distance, and many people use bicycles.

Manhattan Bridge
View of Brooklyn, New York’s iconic Manhattan Bridge and Empire State Building from Washington Street

5. Cost of living

Even though Crown Heights is known to be a posh area, living there is not much more expensive than in other parts of the borough.

One person would need an average of $3,750 monthly to cover rent, food, taxes, and transportation. It is less than the average cost of living in The Big Apple and slightly higher than the yearly national figure of $38,500.

6. Housing

The interesting thing about this nabe is that it is not strictly uniform; there is something for everyone, from opulent mansions to old townhouses and newly built buildings perfect for young renters. There is no way you won’t find your cup of tea!

You should know that the median rent is around $1,540 compared to the national $1,160.

83% of Crown Height’s residents are renters, and 17% own their places.

Crown Heights Brooklyn Row Houses
Several interconnected apartment complexes along Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York

7. Lively community

A great mixture of families and young people working in Manhattan makes the lively little community of Crown Heights.

It is essential to say that this area is very diverse. You will be surrounded by beautiful cultures- African, American, West Indian, and Caribbean.

People are community oriented and always out and about! You’ll experience a warm welcome once you become a resident yourself!

8. All the good food places

What is a good location in New York if it doesn’t have some of the most amazing food spots?

Exactly, it is not a good location.

Lucky for you, Crown Heights is overflowing with unique little food spots where you can have some of the most delicious bites in NYC.

Chavela’s is a local favorite for its amazing Mexican food you get to eat outdoors. For some fresh breakfast bagels- Bagel Pub, the pizza place is Brooklyn Pizza Crew, and for some nourishment- Nourish Thai.

There are many more top-notch restaurants in Franklin, Vanderbilt, and Washington.

Fun fact: Crown Heights had terrific farmer’s markets before it was popular! For West Indian residents, fresh food is a staple!

Brooklyn Food
Brooklyn’s typical brick structure has five-story residences.

Interesting fact

Did you know that Crown Heights represented the first community in the country for free Black people? That is true, Its historical role is huge, and you can feel it on the streets today.


Suppose you are craving to settle down in an isolated and different area from the rest of Brooklyn but is still close to every crucial location. In that case, Crown Heights is made for you!

All that is left is to call us, and we never say no to a chance to eat at Chavela’s.

Roadway Moving’s got your back!

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