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A Comprehensive Guide To Moving To Queens

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Moving to queens and embarking on a new lifestyle, around new people, in a different neighborhood can surely be enthralling. However, the thought of actually moving to your dream destination can be daunting as there is a bunch of things to consider before moving. It isn’t just about finances, but also other crucial bits like the weather, population, types of jobs, etc. 

Looking for insights to help you plan your move to Queens? In this guide, we have covered all that you need to know, including the cost of living, things to do, the neighborhoods, and much more. Read on and plan your big move!

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Why Choose Queens?

If the big city hustle, friendly neighborhood, exciting outdoors, and perfect weekend getaways are your vibes, then Queens is the ideal place for you to move to. Many young individuals move to Queens for various reasons—job opportunities, college, or for the place itself. 

Moreover, Queens is perfect for families too! If you’re an individual seeking to move to Queens with your family, there are several places for kids to explore too. In fact, Queens can give the perfect exposure to your kids as it has varied diversity, neighborhoods, and outdoor activities to indulge them. 

Here are some more reasons why Queens is a perfect fit for you. 

Most Diverse Urban Area

When thinking of a borough in New York with influences of several cultures and diversities, you can think of Queens without much confusion! After all, Queens is home to over 2 million residents and several ethnic groups. 

The place is filled with people from across the globe. It even has ‘Little India,’ a lively neighborhood, grandly celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali. There’s also Little Guyana, with the most colorful and diverse international business streets. 

Did you know a neighborhood in Queens has residents who speak over 167 languages? Yes, you read that right! The neighborhood that we are talking about is Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights also hosts Queens Pride Parade and Festival annually. 

Living in Queens exposes you to a culture-rich dimension of New York. This type of living gives rise to several activities and interactions which you normally wouldn’t experience. 

The Best Public Transit

If you need to get anywhere in Queens or in New York, there are plenty of public transits. You wouldn’t find roads blocked with cars for sure. You can go around in the MTA New York City Transit buses, subways, NYC Ferry, or the Roosevelt Island Tram. 

If you love cycling, Queens has bike-friendly paths too! 

Top Colleges

If you’re moving to Queens for education, that’s an excellent choice! The place boasts of some amazing universities.

You can find top colleges like Queens college here. It is one of the best colleges for veterans. Moreover, Queens college has a wide range of majors and several clubs. 

Another college you can enroll yourself in is York College, known for liberal arts, academic science programs, and healthcare. If you’re looking for a faith-based education Center, St. John’s University-Queens Campus can provide the same. 

Splendid Outdoors

Queens is one of the most beautiful boroughs in New York. It has several parks, beaches, restaurants, wildlife refuges; you can surely never get bored if you live in Queens! 

Queens is well known for its parks, one of the most famous parks being Queens Botanical Garden and Astoria Park. Taking a stroll in one of these parks is a rejuvenating and perfect weekend activity. 

Be it fishing or cycling; you can channel all of your hobbies at Queens. Besides parks, there are swimming pools, sanctuaries, restaurants, clubs, libraries, cafes, and much more. All you have to do is explore each corner of Queens as it waits for you. 

Growing Job Market

If you’re moving to Queens for better jobs prospects, you will surely find a sturdy career path or options as the job market is surging in Queens. You can find jobs in several sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, and entertainment. 

The borough has experienced a surge in demand for jobs because of JetBlue’s main headquarters in Queens. JetBlue is the seventh-largest airline in America. Another company that has spurred job demands is Buzzer, a fully remote tech firm. You can find many such emerging job opportunities at Queens with the emerging companies and industries. 

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Things To Do In Queens 

Now that you know what makes Queens a perfect place for you to live in, let’s glance at some of the things you can do in Queens. 

Flushing Meadows Of Corona Park

If you have been reading about Queens, you would have surely come across the Flushing Meadows of Corona Park. The Park comprises a historic charm and hence many individuals love visiting. 

Any individual visiting Queens would surely have this Park on their list. 

Beach Day!

Queens is about beaches and much more. You can find many beaches, such as Jacob Riis Beach, Rockaway Beach, and Fort Tilden Beach. 

Basking in the sun on the weekend with a chilled cocktail is a perfect weekend vibe. Your weekend evenings can be full of beach parties and exotic seafood cuisine. 

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Community Events

You’ll find some amazing community events here. The most popular ones include Queens Night Market, Queens County Fair, Queens Chocolate Festival, and Queens Summer Festival. 

Living in Queens, you would have your planner filled with these community events! If you’re interested in carnivals, you would definitely enjoy the family-friendly activities, merchandise at the events, diverse food dishes, and a lot of new cultural exposure. 

Fun Places For Kids

Queens is great for kids too. The Queens Zoo has many furry friends that you can introduce to your little munchkins. The Plaster and Bingo night have several games, activities, and desserts for your little ones. 

How about a farm day? Your kids can sign up for farm camps at Queens County Farm Museum and learn while having an enthralling day. 

At Queens, fun, and learning never stop!

Local Art And Culture

If you have been a keen follower of art and culture, you would know that Queen has some of the best museums and theatres. 

You can experience contemporary art at MoMA PS1. In addition, you can also attend workshops such as Art Talks and The Work. 

Queen Theatre hosts the ideas and themes around the diversity of the culture in Queens. If you want to see some intriguing art installations, you can find them at Socrates Sculpture Park; you can chase the sunset on the river at the Park too. 

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Queen’s Jazz Is One Of A Kind

Home of Jazz music, Queens, can make you a fan of Jazz if you aren’t already. You can indulge in an evening of live jazz music at Tomi Jazz. Catch some of the greatest jazz bands, such as the Terraza Big Band perform classic jazz music at Terraza 7. 

Dining while listening to live Jazz is certainly an evening you want to experience in Queens. The Jazz at Queens is unparalleled and offers a unique vibe. 

Restaurants, Ney York Pizzas, And More

As you may know, Queens is culturally rich, and so is the food! This borough is home to several ethnic diversities, and hence you will find various cuisines in Queens. Sure enough, your taste buds would relish every weekend as you tour some of the greatest restaurants.  

New York Pizzas are famous worldwide! Queens can serve you Pizzas with the best quality and diverse ingredients. It is certain that Queens can never see you famished, and so you can hop on any restaurant and find yourself immersed in all kinds of dishes and flavors. 

What’s more? The Queens nightlife is enthralling too. You can crash into any nightclub and grab some drinks while enjoying yourself, listening to some of the best music, and meeting new people. 

Choosing A Neighborhood 

The number of activities you can do and the places you can visit must have blown you away! Moving to Queens is more than exciting at this point for you. However, what’s important is to know the what, where, how, and when of your plan to move to Queens. 

In this section, you can read about some of the neighborhoods you can call home. 


Astoria is close to Manhattan, where most people commute to for work. Moreover, it has a large Greek population. This neighborhood is flourishing as you can find the loveliest city blocks. 

The property values in Astoria have soared; you can find dainty, semi-detached homes with a small vegetable garden. More than Manhattan, young individuals prefer to stay at rentals in Astoria as the rents are cheaper. 

Even the property value is relatively cheaper. Hence, you can stay in close proximity to your workspace and manage your expenses well. Individuals get to experience Manhattan without having to bear the Manhattan expenses. 

Rockaway Beach

Are you a beach person who would love to crash the beach after a tiring day at work? Rockaway Beach is the neighborhood ideal for you! This neighborhood gives summer vibes all year long; it is a laid-back, magical, yet calm and serene place where everyone knows each other. 

If you’re worried about the ROI of the property you purchase at Rockaway Beach, you can rest assured that you will receive a hefty ROI. Since Hurricane Sandy, the neighborhood has emerged stronger, and so have the property rates. 

If you commute to Manhattan like all the others, you can take the QM16 express bus that can help you reach in an hour or so to your workplace and back. 

Forest Hills

If you’re a forest person who loves hiking and living in rustic locations, Forest Hills is your place. You will find Tudor-style architecture, dreamy houses, sunken living rooms, and half-timber framing. 

The nearby Forest parks have some fascinating hiking locations with the breathtaking vantage. Moreover, the shopping sites near Forest Hills are a must-visit. Forest Hills is the perfect place for families as children can cycle around the neighborhood. Families can find large accommodations with several amenities in this friendly neighborhood of Queens. 

Jamaica Estate

Jamaica Estate is an expensive neighborhood, and buying a property in this neighborhood is as good as hitting the jackpot! It has huge houses, large front lawns with numerous amenities, meeting the needs of an elegant and lavish lifestyle. 

This Queens neighborhood comprises some of the most prestigious private schools. 

Cost Of Living In Queens 

Compared to the other places in the USA, Queens relatively has a lower cost of living. However, Queens is a part of New York City, and so you will surely experience price fluctuations in certain areas or commodities. 

Many individuals prefer Queens amongst the other urban areas in the USA for its affordability. As compared to Brooklyn and Manhattan, Queens is significantly less expensive. Moreover, you can find many affordable living spaces in most of the neighborhoods in Queens. 

According to U.S Census Bureau:

  • Average Monthly rent in Queens: $1,520
  • Average Value of property (Housing) in Queens: $504,900
  • Average Household income in Queens: $64,987

How much are utilities in Queens NY?

The average utility costs in New York City amount to $273.04 monthly or $3,276.48 for the year. This rate accounts for basic utilities, including water, electricity, and gas.

Before the big move, ensure you have a steady income for paying off the rent, purchasing food, and paying utilities. 

Queens has many job openings, and so if you do not work anywhere, you can apply for work and find a steady source of income. 

A Family Life In Queens 

Raising children in Queens is a great idea for many reasons—it has several schools providing high-quality education, diverse culture, and interactive outdoor activities and sites. 

Children not only love Queens for its vast exposure but also for the fond memories they make while growing up here. 

You can find excellent schools in Queens. Below is the list of some of the best schools in Queens. 

Elementary Schools:

  • Crocheron – District #26, Bayside 
  • The Active Learning Elementary School – District #25, Flushing
  • David D. Porter School – District #26, Little Neck

Middle Schools:

  • George J. Ryan – District #26, Fresh Meadows
  • Louis Pasteur – District #26, Little Neck
  • Louis Armstrong Intermediate School – District #30, East Elmhurst

High Schools:

  • Queens High School for the Sciences at York College – District #28, Jamaica
  • Townsend Harris High School – District #25, Flushing

Investment Options

Before moving to Queens, decide whether you want to purchase a property and make an investment or stay at a rental and invest later. 

Presently, Queens is booming with investment options. 

If you can, set some money aside and build your capital to invest in the properties of Queens in the future. You can also avail home loans. 

Finding the right moving service

Now that you might have made up your mind to move to Queens, the most hassle-free way to go about it is to find a reliable NYC Movers to help you out!

To make the hiring process that easier for you, here are a few things to keep in mind when making your pick for the same:

  • Read Online Reviews
  • Shortlist the best ones that you have heard of from friends, colleagues, or family.
  • Next, time to take out your notepad and jot down some essentials for comparison!
  • The ideal approach would be to begin by surfing through the web and finding out what the movers’ past customers have to express. Testimonials speak a lot about any moving company, and that should be your first clue.
  • Moving companies offer plenty of services. Therefore, it’s important that you shortlist them depending on which ones fit your needs perfectly.
  • The extra discounts and offers these companies might have should also be factored in to come to the most cost-effective choice.
  • Areas of operation also matter. Make sure you double-check with the company as to whether they are serviceable in the Queens neighborhood you’re planning a move to.

How much does it cost to hire a full service mover in queens?

For local moves – Estimated costs range from $800 to $4500 (depending on the size of your home or apartment)

For long distance moves – Estimated costs range from $1800 to $15,00 (depending on the size of your home or apartment + the location you are moving to)

How far in advance should i book my NYC movers?

Traditionally, the warmer months (May – September) are considered the busiest season for Moving companies, and the last weeks of the month are considered to be their busiest days. If you’re aiming to move during these times, a minimum of 3-4 weeks advance notice is recommended.

These quick tips should come in handy when you are picking your Queens moving company.

Summing Up 

Moving to a different place requires extensive planning and a lot of savings. As the challenges of the new place are still unknown to you, you need to plan and prepare accordingly. 

Reading the guide, you would have surely collected a bunch of ideas and understood Queens a lot better. For your big move, you can map out all you will require, book movers and packers, and find rentals. If you need it, this guide has your back always with adequate information and references. 

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