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How to Pack a Treadmill

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Living a healthy, active life is important to many of us. However, with increasingly busy lives, this means many of us rely on the convenience of treadmills and other workout equipment to keep our bodies and minds in peak shape.

However, that convenience ends quickly when we’re faced with a move. How the heck do you transport that heavy, bulky machine to your new home? Whether you’re moving locally or trekking across the country, follow our simple steps and you’ll be working up a great sweat in your new abode in no time.

Step One: Make a Plan

Moving large pieces of fitness equipment like a treadmill is often the most difficult part of the move. Always make sure you carefully plan out exactly how moving your treadmill will work before starting to take anything apart. Below are the most important things to consider:

  • Was it Made to Move?
    Every treadmill model is different with some being much easier to transport than others. Newer treadmills are often designed with the need to transport in mind. Others definitely are not. Determine if your treadmill is easily foldable and/or has wheels. Also consider its total weight. All of these elements will help you determine the best treadmill packing game plan.Also, review the owner’s manual to best understand how the treadmill works, was assembled, and/or tips on disassembly and moving. If you no longer have a physical copy, many are now available online.
  • How To Get It Out
    Many treadmills, and other exercise equipment, come completely disassembled. That means getting it out of your current home could be an entirely different challenge than getting it in.Stairs, hallways, doorframes, etc. can pose significant challenges when it comes to getting your treadmill out of the building. Make sure you plan your route before you start the move as this can greatly reduce the chances of damage to the equipment, property, yourself, and others.Also consider how you’ll get it into your new home and where it will fit. Nothing’s worse than going through all the trouble of moving large equipment only to discover it can’t fit into, or there’s no place for it, at your destination.
  • Ask for Help
    Though some treadmills may be easier to move than others, we never recommend trying to move them by yourself. Smaller machines will likely need at least two people, with larger machines needing 3–4, especially if stairs are involved.Always request more assistance than you think is necessary. Pride is never worth a serious injury. Also, do consider hiring a professional moving service. Every community has trusted, expert movers that are trained to transport exercise equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Step Two: Disassembling Your Treadmill

Once you’ve collected your crew and mapped out your treadmill moving strategy, it’s time to start actually getting it ready for the move.

  • Put It In Neutral
    Move the incline to zero. If there are any other mechanical parts that need to be adjusted to a neutral position, do that now as well.
  • Kill the Energy
    Power everything off and completely unplug the machine before you do any disassembly. Also unplug the safety key.
  • Protect Your Stuff
    Before moving anything, place moving blankets on the floor. This will ensure you don’t scratch the floor—or the machine itself—during the treadmill disassembly process.
  • Start Disassembling
    Depending on how your specific machine is made, carefully fold down or begin taking apart the various pieces of your treadmill. Place all larger elements on the blanket and place smaller ones, like screw, nuts, bolts, etc. in a plastic bag.When finished, use tie down straps to bind everything tightly together, ensuring nothing can move around. Use packing tape to tape down any loose cords, wires, etc., as well as the plastic bag. Double-check that anything that needs to be locked is.

Step Three: The Move

If you’ve chosen to hire a professional moving company to transport your things to your new home, they’ll happily take it from here! However, if you’re going to be moving your treadmill any distance—even just down the hallway—here’s how to do it safely.

  • Wrap It Up
    Before you begin moving the treadmill, completely wrap it in moving blankets. This will not only protect the machine itself, but also walls, doorways, floors, other property, and anything else it may come in contact with during transit.
  • Team Lift!
    Always ask for assistance when moving any large piece of equipment. This is not a one-man job. Instead it’s usually a job for 3–4 people, including a spotter.Depending on the size of the treadmill, a dolly might also be a valuable asset. Also, if an elevator is available and your treadmill can fit inside it, make sure you reserve it in advance of your move.Don’t underestimate the weight of the treadmill. If you think you need more help, ask for it. Always lift properly by using your knees while picking anything up—never your back.

Step Four: Bringing It Home

Hooray! Your disassembled treadmill has successfully made the trip to your new home. Now to get it back into proper shape—to keep you in shape.

  • Unwrap It
    Place moving blankets on the floor and underneath your packed treadmill. Then carefully unwrap and/or unfold all of the pieces. Start reassembling the treadmill.Check the owner’s manual to ensure everything it put back together in the proper fashion.
  • Test It Out
    For optimal safety, after disassembly, always test out any mechanical equipment before use. Plug in your treadmill and try it out on the lowest setting for several minutes by slowing walking on it. This will make sure it’s been properly reassembled and can safely hold weight.
  • Get Your Sweat On!
    You’re all set! Now go enjoy your first workout in your brand-new home.

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