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Movers Long Distance: What Are The Red Flags?


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If you have an upcoming house move with your family, then congratulations! A house move is always awesome, especially if it’s a sign that you and your loved ones are moving to a new place you’ll decide to call your new home. Moreover, a house move can be one of the best ways for you and your family to start a new chapter in your life – one in which you have access to better amenities and services, a quieter neighborhood, and a more wonderful time with your family. Of course, before you can experience all of these things, you need to make your house move. In turn, you might be considering a lot of professional movers long distance for your upcoming move.

Thanks to professional movers, you may have the kind of professional service you need to make sure that everything in your move – from your packing and unpacking, to actual transportation and settling down – can work without a hitch.

Unfortunately, with the number of movers out there, you might have a hard time choosing the right moving team for you. However, instead of looking for the best movers, you might want to consider red flags you need to avoid instead. Here are some of those:

  • Cannot clarify their scope in terms of locations. If you’re hiring a moving company, always remember that you need to hire movers that can actually perform the kind of move you need in terms of location. For instance, movers can specialize in local moves that can help you move to nearby towns and neighborhoods. Likewise, other long distance movers can do interstate moves to help you get across the state or even internationally. If your prospective moving company can’t clarify where they can operate, they might not be the team for you. Remember, reputable teams such as Atlas Van Lines declare on the get-go where they operate and what kind of moves they do – especially since they’re both classified as both local movers and interstate movers.
  • Cannot perform your specific moving needs. Aside from location, another important consideration with regards to your movers lies in the kind of moving services they perform. Don’t just settle for a mover that’s the closest to you as possible. Rather, settle for movers that state that they can actually perform what you need. For instance, professional movers long distance don’t just do international moves. Rather, long distance moving companies can prove their trustworthiness by demonstrating exactly what aspects of these moves they can perform – can they help in terms of storage and transportation, or do they solely specialize in moving? Remember, you don’t have to settle for a moving team who can’t help you pack when teams such as Roadway Moving have a packing service available.
  • Cannot support you with customer service. Remember, customer service acts as the middle-man between the actual team and the customer. In turn, good customer service allows any moving company to be able to properly explain and elaborate various aspects of the move to the client from a customer standpoint. Reliable moving companies need to have a customer service team that is familiar with the various intricacies of the moving process. If the customer service team of your prospective movers don’t seem to be reliable in this regard, you should probably try to avoid them.
  • Cannot provide you with a comprehensive project proposal. Aside from a quotation, it’s important for the company to be able to provide you with a smooth moving experience. Professionals who stayed long enough in the moving industry are familiar with the concept of providing project proposals or detailed documents that can explain to the clients the various stages in their move, especially in an effort to make it stress free for the client. If your moving team can’t provide a project plan, then they might not be able to help you out properly. Remember, reputable teams such as Roadway Moving can provide you with a comprehensive list of things that will be done during the move to ensure you know every step of the process.
  • Cannot help you with the specifics of your moving tasks. Remember, just because “packing” is a straightforward term doesn’t mean it’s easy to do for a first-time mover. Your moving company should be able to assist you in terms of various services but not just in the actual execution stage. A reputable moving company will help the various intricacies and specifics involved in these processes. For example, in terms of packing and unpacking before moving day, a great moving team should be able to explain what moving supplies you need and where you can get it. A team who can’t do this might not be a reliable team for your needs.
  • Cannot provide you with a proper quotation. Another important aspect of choosing the right company is checking how they prepare quotations. Remember, reputable moving companies often offer free moving quotes. These include move costs and other important financial considerations geared towards saving money on the part of the customers. If your moving company provides a quote, ask if there are any surprise payments. Remember, companies who can’t guarantee an exact quote might likely surprise you with sudden payables by moving day.
  • Cannot provide you with insurance. If you’re moving to another location or another building, chances are you’re going to be asked for something called a Certificate of Insurance. These certificates basically certify that your moving company will handle any damages your move might cost to a specific location. Not having this means you’ll be completely liable to any accidents that may damage the property you’re moving in. This especially matters in cross country moves and intrastate moves that might have different approaches to insurance. If your moving company doesn’t have an insurance provider or can’t provide insurance, they might not be the team for you.

House Movers: Choose Great Teams

With the above tips in mind, you hopefully have some of the best tips you’ll need in order to choose the right team for you. This time around, now that you know what kind of movers you need to avoid, you’ll hopefully be able to shorten the list of movers you’re considering and choose the best one for your needs.

Here at Roadway Moving, we ensure that we’re capable of tailoring your house moves into exactly what your household needs. We offer affordable and practical pricing for our moves, and we can help you with a variety of moving needs – from local moves to long distance moves.

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