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5 Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

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A lot of time has passed since Brooklyn was just a suburb and a cheaper way to live near NYC. Now it is the most populated borough in The Big Apple, and the prices in some Brooklyn areas surpass the Manhattan ones. With its global growing demographic of cultural diversity, it truly has a cosmopolitan ambiance. It is a top location for young artists and professionals, but at the same time, many families call it their home.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge panorama with Manhattan skyline

Some of the neighborhoods are safer than others, and all of them include a lot of parks, schools, and interesting places to eat and drink.

The safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn are Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint.

1. Park Slope

Park Slope is nestled on the western slope of Prospect Park. Popular for its rowed houses and many historic buildings, it is also a number one location for families with kids. It is considered a posh neighborhood of Brooklyn since a lot of celebrities chose to call it their home.

If you like to spend time outside, Prospect Park calls you to walk, bike ride, and have a picnic. With 586 acres of green space, it is considered Brooklyn Central Park.

With the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883, Park Slope continued to boom and hasn’t stopped growing since then. It still features historic buildings and many large Victorian mansions that were built in the 1880s and 1890s.

Many cultural institutions include the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Central Library, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Brooklyn Museum.

Its crime rates are lower than the city’s average, and since the gentrification, crime has been almost non-existent.

You should know that the area is well-served by New York City Subway.

For fun, you can walk through Fifth Avenue (Brooklyn one!) and eat in some amazing restaurants. AL di al trattoria offers authentic Italian dishes, and Miriam is a great brunch place serving fresh Mediterranean food!

Brooklyn Public Library
The Central Library, the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library

2. Brooklyn Heights

One subway stop from Manhattan and at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge lies America’s first suburb- Brooklyn Heights! This neighborhood represents the heart of Brooklyn with its typical brownstone rowhouses with three stories and the main floor above the street level. Originally referred to as Brooklyn Village, it is now home to more than 20 000 residents.

Walking down the street here, you can bump into all kinds of architectural styles, including Victorian Gothic, Greek Revival, Second Empire, Classical Revival, and Romanesque. This makes the area feel authentic and different from the rest of the city.

For a cultural touch, we have Brooklyn Public Library and the first Brooklyn art gallery, called- Brooklyn Arts Gallery!

Since it is very safe and adjusted for families, it has a green space too. Brooklyn Bridge Park is located along the shoreline of the East River, and it connects kids and people from the city.

This area has a higher ratio of college-educated residents than the rest of the city. Why is that? Well, maybe because the schools are providing quality education. St. Ann’s School, Packer Collegiate Institute, and St. Francis College are all located here. St. Francis College is one of the most diverse colleges in the U.S.!

The community here is health-oriented, so you will always bump into some vegetarian or healthy food stands or restaurants. Locals recommend Perelandra Natural Food Center for its organic and healthy food.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn bridge from the Brooklyn park with a lower Manhattan view on the other side of the Hudson river.

3. Boerum Hill

In the northwestern part of Brooklyn lies a local secret- Boerum Hill. This low-key neighborhood has a total population of only 12,000 people. So more space, less crowd, lines, and traffic are promised for the residents.

Despite the name, there is no actual hill there. Instead, urban areas, such as Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street, represent the neighborhood’s eventful center. Like other parts of Brooklyn, Boerum Hill is lined up with three-story brick-walled buildings dating from 1800.

In this laidback area, you can bike a lot since this is one of the most used transportation vehicles. By Prospect Park being near, you can spend days biking to it, having a picnic, and then biking back. This area also has 114 restaurants. We recommend Ki Sushi for fresh sushi rolls and Mile End Delicatessen for traditional American street food. With its 7 schools, it is a place with families with school-aged kids. 16 nightlife options are included for a variety!

The most important thing is that it has below average property crime rate for New York City.

4. Williamsburg

This art, nightlife, and music-driven neighborhood is famous for its hipster culture, lively vibe, and contemporary art scene. It is often called ‘Little Berlin’ for its underground and youthful atmosphere.

It first attracted young people in the 1970s for its cheap apartments and convenient transportation options to Manhattan. Now, many people understand Williamsburg’s unique place in NYC.

Still, it really is one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

It is an excellent place for students, young couples, and young families since it is home to the second-best nightlife scene in the whole Big Apple!

With its 11 elementary public schools and more than 50% of residents with a college education, it still keeps its education levels high. Three branches of The Brooklyn Public Library are located here. There are a lot of public parks, including Bushwick Inlet Park, Cooper Park, and Domino Park, where you can bike and take a walk on sunny days.

Bedford Avenue is Williamsburg’s main thoroughfare, lined with shops, bars, and restaurants. You can often catch a concert at Avant Gardner in the summertime.

Brooklyn Domino Park
Domino Park in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Old sugar factory

5. Greenpoint

Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in Brooklyn. At the same time, it is safe, affordable, and a very often first starting location for NYC’s newcomers.

Its location is fantastic since it is just a short ferry ride from Manhattan, and it Is near the best nightlife location- Williamsburg.

Greenpoint had a long reputation for being a working-class area and initially attracted workers with factory jobs, heavy industry, and manufacturing. Now, it is an excellent mixture of everything, and newcomers come with their new jobs and lifestyles.

Its 6 elementary schools and 2 big parks make it suitable for raising a family. McCarren Park is the area’s largest green space.

This area is a mixture of classic and contemporary NYC attractions.

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