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Moving into a New York Apartment with No Closet

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If your dream of moving to an apartment in the Big Apple is finally becoming a reality, you’re likely looking forward to the world-renowned dining scene, unmatched nightlife, and rich culture only offered in New York. As you begin your search for the perfect apartment, it will soon become clear that this vibrant atmosphere characteristic of the city can come at a high cost. New York rents are notoriously pricey, leaving many to match up with roommates, sacrifice square footage, or move to more up-and-coming neighborhoods in order to get more bang for their buck.

What many newcomers may not anticipate, however, is the possibility of finding just the right spot that lacks one seemingly fundamental feature: a closet. While you may be scratching your head figuring out how you can make a bedroom without a closet work, there are actually a number of simple and inexpensive solutions to this unusual dilemma. Before passing up a great apartment, consider:

Garment Racks

One of the most affordable solutions to a lack of closet space is a sleek garment rack. Available in a variety of lengths and styles, garment racks can integrate seamlessly into small spaces, taking up very little room. Garment racks can be freestanding or mounted onto the wall, giving you the versatility to create a space that is truly your own. Further, you have the option to either keep your clothing exposed and visible, or add a screen or throw that can allow for a little more privacy. Many garment racks come equipped with wheels to make moving your items a breeze, giving you the option to redesign your space as often as you please.

Underbed Storage

One of the most useful spaces in your room when you don’t have a closet is the space underneath your bed. There now exists an expansive variety of underbed storage containers, bins, drawers, and organizers, making this the perfect location for out of season clothing, bulky shoes, and so much more. The right underbed storage containers, made of durable materials and solidly sealed, will keep your valuables fresh and ready to wear whenever you choose.


When dealing with unconventional spaces, it is necessary to get creative. For your closetless room, you might consider using a bookshelf to store your clothing. Bookshelves are a go-to for rooms without closets because they are tall and spacious, offering an incredible amount of storage space for your items. With a traditional freestanding bookshelf, you can create a truly unique look by mixing books with your clothing. Or, you have the option to cover your bookshelf with a curtain for added privacy if you prefer not to have your unmentionables in sight.

Floating Shelves

Floating bookshelves are another great option, able to be installed onto your walls with relative ease. Not only will floating shelves take up a small amount of space, they’ll give your room an organized, modern look while offering you full visibility of your items. They can be placed almost anywhere on your wall, so you can create a one-of-a-kind layout you’ll love.

Hanging Hooks

Without a closet, wall space becomes your new best friend. One of the quickest solutions for increasing storage space in your bedroom if there is no closet is by hanging hooks. Hooks can be added virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes. Purses, coats, belts, scarves, jewelry, sweaters, and so much more can find a home on a conveniently placed hook in your room. Further, hooks can add personality to your space, as they are available in virtually any shape, material, design, or color that might catch your eye. The best part about hooks? They’re incredibly inexpensive, so feel free to stock up.

Trunks and Storage Benches

If your room affords you a little more space, consider purchasing a trunk or storage bench for added storage space. Trunks are distinctive in that they are a standout design element that doesn’t sacrifice the functionality of your room. Browse your local home goods store, flea market, or furniture store for a trunk or storage bench that matches your style. Available in styles from vintage to modern, you’re sure to find an option that fits perfectly with your bedroom aesthetic. In your trunk or storage bench, you can store seasonal clothing, rarely worn items, or those pieces that are a little bulkier.


In a room without a closet, you can’t go wrong with a traditional wardrobe. Though larger in size, wardrobes offer an incredible amount of storage space for your clothing. Most wardrobes are designed with space to hang clothes as well as drawers for items that can be folded, ensuring all your items have a place. Though often a bit more expensive, wardrobes are hard to beat in terms of functionality. And, like most pieces furniture, wardrobes give you the opportunity to express your unique style in your space.

Don’t let a lack of closet space deter you from signing a lease on your new New York apartment. With a little imagination and creative use of space, you can build a room that is functional, organized, and truly representative of you.

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