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How to tackle unpacking after you reach a new home

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Moving to a new home comes with different unpacking experiences. For some people, unpacking gives them a feeling of excitement and energy, while others don’t like the idea of having dumped furniture and boxes at your new living space. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t find unpacking enjoyable, here’s how you can efficiently tackle the process after you reach a new home.

  1. Distribute your boxes into their respective rooms.While it’s tempting just to pile your moving boxes in one area and sort them out later, it’s recommended that you put these boxes into the rooms where they belong from the very beginning. This is where your labeling system comes in handy. After all, each box is labeled with the room to which it belongs, so it’ll be easier to sort through everything and distribute these boxes into their proper places. That way, you can keep unpacking an organized task from start to finish.
  2. Get your new home cleaned up.Nobody wants to move to a dirty place. However, with all the things that need to be done during the move, you miss out the opportunity to get your new home cleaned up. With that in mind, doing some cleaning by yourself can make the unpacking work smoother, more efficient and fun. Keep a selection of cleaning supplies like a broom, all-purpose cleaners, and paper towels to make sure your whole space has gotten a deep clean before you take out all your stuff from the moving boxes.
  3. Create an unpacking system.Before randomly opening your boxes, become familiar with what you’re unpacking. In addition to your labeling system, keep a copy of an inventory list to track all your stuff. Since all your belongings are boxed up by room or according to usage, be sure you double check the labels before opening and emptying them. Here’s how you can get the most out of your unpacking system to make the process as efficient as possible:
  • Begin with the necessities – The first in your unpacking list should be your essentials box. This includes essential items that you need for the first few days in your new home such as medications, toiletries, food preparation items, and necessary documents containing your basic contact information.
  • Unpack the kitchen first – After you’ve unpacked the essentials box, it’s time to get the kitchen done. If your time is tight, take out only what you need such as pots and pans. Start connecting your major appliances to make your life easier. You can completely organize your kitchen stuff after you’ve unpacked the rest of your home.
  • Do the bedrooms and bathrooms – After the kitchen, proceed with the bedrooms and bathrooms. For the bedrooms, you may want to take a single set of linens for each bed to get it ready for the first night. Moreover, it’s more fun if you allow your family members to participate in the process. Pay attention to the furniture placement and closet organization to make unpacking a productive activity for the whole family.For the bathrooms, you can quickly unbox towels, toiletries, and other items if your bathroom fixtures are already functional. Complete unpacking by taking out body-care products, medications, shower curtains. Besides, having a fully-stocked bathroom makes a house feel like home.
  • Assemble and arrange pieces of furniture – The assembly and arrangement of furniture will go smoothly as long as you’re prepared with the floorplan sketches of your new space. If you have to rearrange everything, make sure you have a systematic plan in place. While large pieces require mechanical assembly, it’s best to ask the assistance of professional movers to help you out with the task.


Whether you’re moving across town or the border, unpacking can be a stressful experience. However, with proper unpacking plan, everything stays organized making your relocation a big success. So, follow these tips and look forward to a comfortable home to live in after moving.

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