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Your decision to move to Manhattan can be a great idea. While you’re prepared to pack up and move out, you might realize that the job is too complicated to handle on your own. With that said, you need to go through the process of finding a professional manhattan moving company. If you don’t shop around, it can end up costing you more money than you’ve ever thought.

Here are a few tips for hiring a good moving company in Manhattan.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Seeking help from hiring companies can make your next move a stress-free process. So, get recommendations by asking friends, colleagues, and even real estate agents. These people might be able to recommend a local mover to use, or they might have essential ideas that can help you find the right one.


  1. Perform an initial screening. Once you have a list of recommended movers in Manhattan, it’s time to do an initial screening. Start by going online to perform a background check. Call or visit some government websites to see if the moving company is a member. Their membership, for instance, means they follow the rules and regulations provided by the organization. Moreover, don’t rule out the possibility that they might be included in the blacklist of companies with a record of consumer complaints.


  1. Get written estimates in-person. Doing a background check might not be sufficient to learn more about the moving company. Another consideration when looking for movers is the written estimates. If you get these estimates in-person, you can be sure that the quote you receive from them is accurate and fair. Also, having these estimates can give you an opportunity to know more about what they can offer such their packing and storage services.


  1. Go for a licensed and insured mover. Whether you plan for a local or long distance moving, finding moving companies can really be intimidating. It’s, therefore, essential to work with movers that are accredited. In the United States, you can ask the company for their US DOT number to verify if they have an active license. Additionally, you want to know that the mover is insured. Thus, ask for the type of valuation protection they provide as well as the costs that will apply.


  1. Find an experienced moving company. When hiring moving companies in Manhattan, make the real effort to consider the amount of experience they have in the moving industry that shows the quality of the services they provide. The longer they have been in the business, the more respectable their track record will be. If you choose a moving company, make sure it’s the one you can trust with your personal possessions.


  1. Request for a list of references. You can better find out information about the mover by asking them for a list of references. These might include the contact information of their previous customers. Once you’ve got the essential details, contact these people to know what kind of moving company you might be dealing with. However, if they fail to give anything, it can be a signal that you should move on and shop around for other options.

The Bottom Line

Remember, seeking help from a moving company you can trust can ease the transition to your home, so take the time to do your assignment research and get the best one that suits your needs. Moreover, by keeping these moving tips in mind, you should feel confident about the mover you’ve researched and hired. So, start the process now, call your chosen company in Manhattan and confirm the date of your move.

Tom Philips

Thomas Philips is a writer and content marketer with a keen interest in the moving industry. As a travel enthusiast and logistics expert by training, Thomas has been working with various moving companies for the past 16 years. He currently writes for Roadway Moving and applies his expertise through his written works. Thomas makes it a point to give practical moving advice to both clients and readers to help transform their moving experience into an unforgettable one