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Tips for Long Distance or International Move


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Ross Sapir

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Ultimately, an international move can be a significant life event that you and your family should prepare for. However, if you’re not organized from the beginning, you might get overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to accomplish when you move. With that said, it’s essential to have a plan and get organized so you’ll have a smooth and stress-free relocation. To ensure a much easier process, here are a few tips to help you get ready for a long distance move.

  1. Prepare a moving checklist.

The first step toward a fast and painless international move is to make a checklist. It should cover everything that needs to be taken care of from start to finish. Give yourself an ample time to prepare and execute a long distance move. Before performing the tasks, calculate your moving budget and make sure you stick to it. Also, don’t forget to visit the post office and change your physical address. Lastly, prioritize the calling of utility service providers to disconnect water, electricity, and the Internet.

  1. Declutter your home.

Now that you know you’re moving across the country, it’s time to cut down your possessions. Remember, having more boxes to move can cost you hundreds to thousands of money. So, walk around your home and see what you can get rid of. If you have plenty of stuff that you no longer use, it’s best to have them sold in a garage sale or have them donated to a local charity in your area. By doing it, you can make your international relocation less costly and tedious.

  1. Start packing now.

In most cases, packing is one of the hardest parts of relocating. Apart from money, you need a sufficient amount of time and energy to get it done on time. Start the DIY packing by gathering plenty of moving boxes and supplies you need. Pack all your belongings according to what rooms they belong. You can begin with the non-essentials to be followed by the essentials. Before you place them in the moving truck, make sure you label them accordingly. However, if you don’t have time to pack on your own, you can always ask the help of professional packers to do the task for you. After all, many moving companies nowadays offer packing services to a wide range of customers.

  1. Hire movers.

Moving to a long distance can be extremely stressful. You might find yourself paying attention to all the essential details of your move. To help you ease the stress and anxiety brought about by the transition, hire experienced movers to assist you. First, research companies and get at least three moving estimates. This allows you to know the accurate price for your move. Additionally, make an effort to learn more about them by conducting a background check. Factor in the license, insurance, years of experience and client testimonials when choosing the long distance movers for your situation. In the end, make sure the moving company you’ve hired and worked with is professional and reliable.

  1. Get acquainted with your new place.

One of the most challenging things about an international move is the adjustment you have to experience in your new area. There might be times that your new place doesn’t feel like home anymore. With this in mind, it’s helpful if you push yourself to get acquainted with your new city. Find time to get out and explore its wonders. Besides, the adjustment will be much easier if you try to get to know some people as well as find the best amenities in the town.


Moving doesn’t have to be a complicated process all the time. So long as you plan, prepare, and organize your move, everything about the transition will be completely hassle-free. So, follow these simple steps to make your long distance moving a great success.

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