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Tips for Moving Alone

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Planning on a big move is hard. Planning that move alone is infinitely harder. Luckily, with a few easy tips and tricks, it’s far from impossible. Instead of a stressful, solo moving experience, it can be the first exciting step in your next big adventure. You’ve got this!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

No matter the circumstances, moving always takes longer than you think. When you’re going at it alone, relocating your life takes even longer. Assume packing up your basement will take an afternoon? Plan for a full day. Or convinced that it’ll only take two trips to get all your bathroom boxes up the stairs? Expect four.

Not only is this smart time management, but you’ll also be less likely to wear yourself out before the move is actually finished. Forcing yourself to scramble will only cause exhaustion and forgetfulness. Worst case scenario? You finish up early and can start exploring your new neighborhood.

Start Planning Early

This is not the time to attempt a last minute move. Though important no matter the moving situation, planning early is even more essential when you’re doing the move alone. About two months out, create an in-depth moving checklist with everything you’ll need to do before the big day, plus deadlines for completing each item. These items will likely include:

Acquiring moving boxes & other moving materials Deciding what’s moving with you Packing up each room Hiring a moving company Cancelling or transferring utilities Donating or selling items you don’t need Make an inventory

  • Acquiring moving boxes & other moving materials
  • Deciding what’s moving with you
  • Packing up each room
  • Hiring a moving company
  • Cancelling or transferring utilities
  • Donating or selling items you don’t need
  • Make an inventory

From then until moving day, carefully follow your checklist—and as mentioned above—always give yourself ample time to complete each task.

Organization is Everything

When you have a moving partner-in-crime, there’s that extra someone to remind of anything you forgot. During a solo move, it’s all on you. An organized move is always smart, but it’s even more essential now.

There are plenty of great tips and tricks to stay organized for a move and some of the most important ones include:

  • Make sure you accurately label every box. Include an inventory list of what should be inside each box. Since you’re moving solo, there’s no one to remind you what went where.

Do Some Research

Especially if you’re relocating somewhere unfamiliar, learn everything you can about moving to your new home. Are there moving faux pas you should avoid? Is it common to reserve an elevator? Can you park a moving van in front of your new place?

For example, when moving in NYC, some apartment complexes only allow tenants to move during less busy times of the day. Or locals know that you should always tip the doorman. The last thing you want to do is leave a bad first impression with your new neighbors.

Be Strategic About Timing

Pulling off a successful move is about more than transporting your stuff from Point A from Point B. It’s also important to decipher when the best times to move are. The only thing more challenging than moving alone is moving alone. In a rainstorm. During rush hour traffic. When the stairwells are clogged with people.

Avoid this horror scenario by planning out exactly when it would be easiest to move. If possible, try taking a day off work and moving mid-morning during the work week when things tend to be quieter. And although freak storms are always possible, think about what times of the day and year inclement weather tends to occur in your area, and pick a different time.

Ask For Help

There’s no shame in asking for a little help. Moving alone is tricky enough, so why not make it a little bit easier? Thankfully, getting that help is a cinch if you choose an expert moving company that know the ins and outs of relocating in your city.

If you’re to or from NYC, movers like Roadway Moving will ensure you get all the assistance needed for a smooth local, long-distance, or even international move. Whether you just need a help moving boxes, or want a full-service relocation where you don’t have to lift a finger, trust Roadway Moving to make your solo NYC moving experience a breeze.

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