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What is an Arrival Window when it comes to moving?

An “arrival window” is a block of time that a professional moving company will use to estimate their arrival. Usually, they will provide you with a 2-hour window of time when you can expect them to show up and begin your job. The reason they cannot give you an exact time is because moving involves a number of variables that can delay crews on their way to your job.

A highly rated NYC moving company like Roadway Moving will do their best to arrive at your job in the arrival window they schedule for your move. However, sometimes unforeseen issues arise and they might be delayed longer than the arrival window allows. Some of the issues that may delay your moving company are:

  • traffic
  • road construction
  • problems with building management at either location
  • issues on a previous job
  • truck maintenance issues
  • staffing

A good moving company will be upfront with you about any delays and will have contingency plans in place to make sure their customer is satisfied.

Why is an Arrival Window Important?

An arrival window is important for both the mover and the customer because it helps with the planning of a local move or long-distance move. A moving company uses arrival windows to help manage their crews and their jobs. A moving company’s customer should use their assigned arrival window to be prepared for their moving company’s arrival.

You should have everything packed and labeled by the start of your arrival window. That way, you will be prepared no matter when the truck shows up to your job.

What to Expect with an Arrival Window

Moving companies understand that moving is not an exact science. Unforeseen problems like traffic and weather can come out of nowhere and delay your move. It is reasonable, however, for a customer to expect their movers to arrive within the given arrival window.

If your arrival window is first thing in the morning, then your movers should arrive closer to the first hour unless they are delayed by traffic or staffing. If your arrival window is scheduled in the afternoon, then other variable may delay your movers like issues with their morning job.

No matter the actual time they arrive, a professional moving company will notify you of any delays or issues affecting their arrival time.

Long Distance Moves Arrival Window

If you are moving long-distance, your arrival window can be a few days or a few weeks depending on your situation. For long distance moves, it is more common for movers to be delayed because of traffic, construction, breakdowns, or problems on other jobs. If your long-distance movers are late, remain calm and contact them for updates.

Hire a Reputable Company

You can tell by online reviews that companies like Roadway Moving make customer satisfaction their number one goal. They will do their best to arrive within the given arrival window. Contact Roadway Moving to get a free quote.

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