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5 Tips on How to Downsize Without Stress

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Moving can be a high-stress event. Whether moving to the next block or moving across the country, organizing, discarding, packing, paperwork, cleaning and several other activities pose a significant challenge. Moving becomes a bigger challenge when you are downsizing. Over the last couple of years, the housing market has crashed, prompting people to search for smaller affordable homes. Size and location are the two cost concerns that you should consider when moving.

Moving from a big home full of several items to a smaller space can be even trickier. Many people assume it is simply getting rid of extra stuff, but doing it is harder than it sounds. The following are some of the tips that can help you downsize without losing your mind.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

Before even deciding to move, it is essential to take an inventory of your stuff. With a list of all your belongings ask yourself what items are fundamental for you. For instance, what items would you replace after a fire has consumed your house? Make a list of these essential items as they are going to be the required in downsizing.

It is advisable to make a moving list with three categories such as must haves, can live without and can replace. The items that you must have will obviously be needed in your new home. Can live without are items that you can get rid off in case space can’t accommodate them. Can replace items are those which are essential but can be replaced. For instance, a large TV set can be replaced with a smaller one. If you are moving in with another person, go through the inventory together.

Sell What You Can Live Without

The items falling under “can live without’’ category should be sold for cash. Sometimes selling some of these properties is not an easy task. You may need to get together with your neighbors and host a yard sale for unwanted items. Use your seller’s list to ensure you sell unwanted belongings such as old books, heavy furniture, computer accessories, and appliances. Remember, the core reason for selling these items is to raise some money to buy things that fit your new smaller home.

When selecting items to sell, ensure you pick items whose value will keep on depreciating. If you have items that cannot sell, feel free to donate to charity.

Get a Storage Space

If your “can live without” items are incredibly sentimental or valuable you may consider paying for a small storage space to keep them. Many professional moving companies can provide storage services. Paying for additional space is can be expensive, so sell your items unless they really mean something to you.

Avoid Duplication

This step is essential for people who are moving with someone else. As mentioned above, it is important to go through the inventory of each to avoid moving duplicate items. Having multiple dish sets, glasses, chairs, desks, and couches will just clutter your home. You should agree on who brings what long before moving in together.

In case you are downsizing alone, bringing duplicate items is not a wise idea. Remember that you will not be in a position to host 20 guests as you used to do in the bigger house. So it is essential to ensure that you get rid of excess utensils and furniture.

Create Plenty of Storage Rooms in Your New Home

Once in your new home, find means of using all the available space. Under the bed, storage boxes and wall-mounted shelving should be used to maximize on the little available space. One important rule for living in a small house is making sure that you store up. With that said, utilize your walls for storage and shelving. By so doing, you will keep things off of your floor, giving you some space for living.

One thing that many people get wrong is buying storage items without considering what they want to store. You are moving to a small house to live a lighter life and probably save some money. Therefore, this should not be an opportunity to buy things haphazardly. Don’t get seduced by boxes and other organizational items such as pretty containers and good looking shelves.

You got this!

Although downsizing may seem like a horrible experience, with a good plan, it can be easy. Parting with some of your precious items might be emotional, but it is essential to think about the life you are going to get in exchange of some of the unwanted materials. If money is the reason for downsizing, reflect on how much you will benefit from downsizing.

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