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It’s April Fool’s Day but This Moving Discount Is Not a Joke

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Set the shenanigans aside; it’s moving time!

So, you decided to move on April 1st. Good for you. No, really, we are not cracking jokes; we really mean it – good for you. There are many pros of moving in April. Symbolically April Fool’s Day will make your new relocation covered in laughter and positive spirit from day one.

April fools day Roadway moving team
Roadway Moving team

Put the seriousness into your moving box and seal it up! This light-hearted holiday is the day when even royals made a rule that it’s allowed to lie and make pranks, so let’s laugh out loud together!

Benefits of moving in April

Sweat and tears are not allowed

April 1st is all about enjoying springtime and laughter all around you. That is why it is a perfect period for moving! Who likes moving on a hot day when you sweat as soon as you go outside? Even worse, you don’t want to move in the pouring rain or snow! Your moving day will be mild and enjoyable, and bird songs will follow you into the new beginning!

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Avoid the busy moving season

The moving season is usually between May and September. Avoid the crowds, busy schedules of moving companies, and high prices. You can arrange your move quickly and pay less for it now than in the summertime!

Disclaimer: This is not a joke. We repeat. This is not a joke. We will give you a 10% discount or 15% discount for California moves if you book it by April 15th!

April fools day Roadway moving team
Roadway movers with a happy customer

Declutter once and for all!

It’s that day in the year when you need to roll up your sleeves and declutter all the extra stuff in your apartment. Plus, the moving season is around the corner, which means more packing and organizing, and who has the time for all that?

What if you did the decluttering just once? Mix your springtime cleaning with the packing for a move, and you won’t have to do it many times!

In case you need to put some of your stuff into storage, we can handle that as well, but be careful because our storage is so nice your stuff might not want to leave.

Fun fact

There are many stories about how and when April Fool’s Day has been first introduced. When talking about America, the most exciting things are the jokes that big media houses make every year.

We love the one that BBC announced on April 1st, 1976. BBC officially reported that the gravity of Earth would reduce by a certain level. Whoever jumps in the air will float! People tried it all over the States, and it must’ve been hilarious watching that for the whole day!

Roadway Moving team
Three members of the Roadway team and a happy client

Get ready to fool around with Roadway Moving!

We love how April Fool’s Day has many meanings worldwide, but one thing in common- lots of laughter! That is why we are looking forward to your April Fool’s Day call! The discount and street flowers will make your moving experience even more enjoyable. Roadway Moving is there to level it up, and we will try to crack a joke or two with you, so be prepared!

Roadway Moving truck will float in the air while moving your stuff!

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