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Movers Today: Are Moving Companies Essential Services?

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No pandemic can stop you from moving to your dream home. And in all seriousness, it’s in times like these with a pandemic or crisis that can motivate us to move and switch homes, especially if it means staying safe or securing a better place to stay. 

Thankfully, moving companies can greatly help you accomplish your move as their specialization with packing and transporting your belongings can make your move much easier to handle. Unfortunately, uncertain times today’s coronavirus pandemic might make it seem difficult to check if we can actually hire moving companies for our needs. So the question goes: are moving companies essential services?

movers are considered an essential business

In essence, yes, moving companies are essential services, and most movers are considered an essential business. That’s because movers aren’t just employed by households, but they’re also helping a whole range of industries as well. The moving industry has been  a COVID-19 essential service as they’re in charge of helping secure the logistical front of our battle against the spread of COVID-19. This is especially since moving companies are the best services available when it comes to moving essential supplies and personnel.

If you plan on moving houses, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to hire moving companies for your needs. However, it’s also important to take these into consideration:

  • Pay close attention to company details. Despite being considered essential services, moving companies still operate differently. As such, customers and employees need to pay close attention to details that your prospective moving company releases regarding their protocol while operating with the virus. Other companies allow physical contact while conducting their services, while others might request homeowners to simply observe from a distance or avoid personal contact at all.
  • Movers will most likely have special coronavirus protocols. Moving companies operating during the pandemic will likely have to implement special protocols since they will most likely work with limited staff. Employees on site such as movers will likely have special protocols such as to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer or have regular updates with their team. Likewise, customer service personnel and other administrative employees will likely be working remotely.
  • Services will most likely change. It’s important to remember that since most moving companies will likely operate with limited personnel, moving services that include interacting with other people will most likely change as well – all in terms of offerings, costs, and even available manpower. As such, customers should expect that moving companies will have to send updated details of their quotations, adjusted for the pandemic. These might include less manpower during the move, or even new and improved protocols. 
  • Cities and areas will likely have different rules. Even if moving companies are essential services, cities and areas will likely have different protocols that govern the operation of these services. There might be states and cities that allow moving companies to operate as house movers, while others might enforce moving companies to be strictly for moving and storage of essential supplies and personnel. Customers need to be aware not just of van lines and moving plans, but also check their area’s protocols in terms of health and safety, as well as on social distancing and the operation of certain services. 
  • Customers will also have to follow certain protocols. Regardless of the moving company you decide to hire, it’s likely that they’ll ask you to follow certain protocols in order to stay safe. Whether it’s long distance moving or other moving services, for as long as you’re conducting a move during the coronavirus, the safety of our customers will remain a priority. As such, it’s best if customers also follow the protocols as requested by the company in order to ensure their safety.

Hire A Moving Company Now!

If you’re still uncertain whether you need professional assistance with your move, it’s times like these that might motivate you to push through with hiring a moving company. Their expertise and line of specializations may be enough for you to rely on them from your packing, to transporting, and even unpacking your belongings in your new home.

With the above explanation in mind, it helps to make sure that you’re hiring a service that’s not only capable of fulfilling your needs but also licensed and registered to operate in your particular area. Good luck! 

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