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Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Families

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Thinking of moving to New York City with your family but not sure where to start? No need to worry; we’re already on our way! With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it can be tough to choose only one winner.

At Roadway Moving, we understand that choosing a family-friendly community is crucial when moving to a new city. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top five best neighborhoods in NYC to help out families looking for a new home.

1. Park Slope, Brooklyn

Park Slope is mainly loved for its tree-lined streets, charming brownstones, and top-notch schools. Most importantly, it’s a safe neighborhood with a lower crime rate than other Brooklyn areas. Prospect Park, one of the city’s largest green spaces, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are the shiniest gems in Park Slope. Halloween is popular here, and if you have kids running around in your house, Park Slope might be your savior with Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co by its side. This whimsical store sells superhero costumes and accessories, and it’s your ticket to the easiest party planning ever.

Park Slope, Brooklyn
Row of Colorful Old Brownstone Homes with Stairs in Park Slope Brooklyn New York during Autumn

2. Upper West Side, Manhattan

The Upper West Side is more of a classic family neighborhood in Manhattan, with beautiful pre-war buildings. It’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, with a low crime rate and plenty of police presence, so you can check off safety from your pros list. The Upper West Side is home to Central Park, Riverside Park, and Lincoln Center, where you can enjoy performances by the New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera. Told ya it was classy. Ever heard about “Seinfeld”? Yup, this is exactly where it was set.

Upper West Sid
Aerial view of Central Park with Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York City.

3. Astoria, Queens

Well, Hello, Astoria! If planning on moving here, you’ll have a lot of diversity and lively energy surrounding you. Residents also love this place thanks to its great food scene and family-friendly atmosphere. On top of that, Astoria Park also offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline; imagine that! And if you’re into history, you’ll love the Museum of the Moving Image and enjoy the history of film and television.

Astoria Queens
Hell Gate and Triboro bridge at sunset, in Astoria, Queens, New York

4. Riverdale, Bronx

Riverdale is a suburban-like oasis in the middle of the Bronx, with tree-lined streets, beautiful homes, and excellent schools. It’s a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate, and it’s also one of the greenest areas of the city. So take a deep breath and visit Wave Hill; it’s a public garden with stunning views of the Hudson River and the Bronx Zoo, one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world! Riverdale knows what’s up. The former U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt, also lived here, so you’ll have plenty to brag about while raising your kids in a supportive community.

Bronx Zoo
Landmark Zoo Center Building, formerly Elephant House, at the Bronx Zoo in New York City.

5. Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Carroll Gardens is your typical charming next-door neighbor. It’s known for its Italian-American heritage and family-friendly atmosphere. Just imagine those evenings spent with your friends, eating pasta and drinking wine. Carroll Park also has some daytime activities; it’s a popular gathering spot for families; plus, it’s home to the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket, where you can buy fresh produce and other local goods. But wait, it doesn’t stop just yet. Carroll Gardens was also the setting for the 1980s movie, “Moonstruck,” starring Cher and Nicolas Cage.

New York Brooklyn
Row of Colorful Old Residential Buildings in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn of New York City

In conclusion, there are plenty of fantastic neighborhoods in New York City for families, as you can see. So many options and so many opportunities; it even made us want to move!

Whether you prefer the brownstones of Brooklyn or the waterfront views of Manhattan, you’ll definitely find your perfect match in the city that never sleeps.

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