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11 Best Neighborhoods on Long Island

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Long Island is famous as a shelter from the urban spread of the Big Apple. With its many beaches, hidden gems, rowed lush houses, and strong small communities, it is perfect for anyone wanting to go into peaceful surroundings after a busy day at work. Here you can live in a house with a backyard, sunbathe in the mornings, and then rush to the train and go to work afterwards!

Long Island Roadway truck
Roadway truck on the sunny streets of Long Island

Long Island is the most populous island in the United States, so it is no wonder if you choose to call it your home too. The next big question is how to choose one neighborhood in a sea of above-average ones.

We choose 11 areas among 2 cities, 3 towns, 65 villages, and more than 60 hamlets. We hope it makes your research faster and your decision easier!

1. Massapequa – family-oriented hamlet

If you plan to move with your family and school-aged children, consider Massapequa. With its many elementary and high schools, it is perfect for both kids and parents since the drive to school could take less than 10 minutes each morning.

Tobay Beach is waiting for you after work and school. Here you can come with your kids in the access on the Bay since it is perfect for splashing smaller children. Marina has two restaurants for relaxing weekend lunches, and many boats are available for rent.

In Marjorie R. Post Community Park, you can go swimming or have a family picnic. There are many play areas as well as an ice-skating rink in the wintertime.

Afterward, you can grab a burger at All American Burger, a very popular spot outside the area too!

Long Island American burger
All American classic bacon and egg cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun

2. Plainview – area near NYC

Plainview is a dreamlike area for all young professionals and people seeking a career in NYC. Long Island Expressway is within reach, and it can take you to NYC in an hour.

On the weekends, you can chill away from the urban sprawl of the Big Apple and enjoy everything Plainview has to offer.

Plainview-Old Bethpage Community Park has served its community since 1960. Olympic-sized pools, children’s pools, tennis courts, and many playgrounds make it perfect for spending weekends with your family or dog.

A fun thing to do in Plainview is an outdoor drive-in movie, where you can enjoy your movie nights just like you’ve seen it in movies! In your car.

A cherry on top is that Plainview has low crime rates and a sound school system, which is pretty convenient for families.

According to Zillow, average house prices in January 2023 are around $650 000 compared to NYC’s average price of $710 000.

3. Great Neck – the higher price tag

Great Neck Is the most affluent town in Nassau County. The reason is that it is located on the northern shore, the most wanted area for living in New York State. It has incredible beaches and lush green parks as well.

Steppingstone Park is a mixture of water and greenery since it is located on the water. It is an eventful hotspot during the summer and attracts many people from other towns too.

Be sure you will enjoy it if you can afford it. One-bedroom apartment is sold for a minimum of $320 000.

4. Huntington – a complete package

Huntington is, in fact, a big town that consists of many areas. Since it is very big, it also has a big pallet of things to do. Everything from nightclubs, restaurants, parks and art galleries to beaches is available throughout the year.

Like any versatile town on the coast, Huntington is an enjoyable place. The biggest charm of it lies in the suburban vibe it offers. You can leave your worries behind and dip your feet in the sand at the Huntington Beach Pier when you feel like it.

You can choose to have a meal in a good Mexican or Japanese restaurant. French restaurant Bistro Cassis is the local’s favorite for their warm onion soup on a cold day.

The Huntington Beach Pier
The Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach

5. Islip – peace, and quiet

Even though it is the 3rd largest town in New York State, Islip has a small-town feel.

It is a popular place for retirees and people who prefer the slower pace of life. Here you can spend your days golfing on one of many golf courses as well as enjoy the beach.

On the other hand, many excellent schools are located here. You can expect a difference in the atmosphere in the summertime since the student’s nightlife starts booming.

The median sales price for a home is $550 000.

6. Islandia – a haven for retirees

Islandia is a small village with only 3,600 residents. It is located in the northern part of Islip. This gives It a chance to share some of the Islip amenities like the school and healthcare systems.

Settling in Islandia is excellent for people seeking a partly isolated but still vibrant atmosphere. The name itself sounds magical, and it won’t let you down.

7. Smithtown – strong community

Even though Smithtown belongs to the NYC metropolitan area, it kept its small-town sense of community! Everyone will make sure to memorize your name once you move here.

With 9 elementary, 3 middle, and 4 high schools, it has an authentic small-big city vibe.

Caleb Smith State Park has its own nature museum and a campsite. It has a bird-watching program too!

Harmony Vineyards provide many interesting events during Valentine’s day and the Holidays, so be sure you will not be bored.

Long Island
Panorama of the view from Long Island City, in New York City. A blue beautiful day

8. Valley Stream – affordable Long Island gem

With an average house price of $640 000, Valley Stream is one of the most affordable areas this close to NYC! It is nestled next to Queens county and has easy access to NYC and JFK Airport. It is a true miracle that this is still not booming with newcomers.

You can spend your free time in Valley Stream State Park. It is popular for its great walking trace and convenient and spacious parking.

Some bits of Goodfellas movie and the Netflix TV show Maniac were shot here. Everyone uses the affordable locations Valley Stream has to offer.

9. Merrick – suburban feel

This is a place where a large number of residents own their homes. A couple of generations back bought it for the generations to come. Getting a place here can be tricky, but it is 100% worth it!

It feels like California on the East Coast. Beaches, surfing, nightclubs, and alluring parks are part of this hamlet.

For kids, there is an authentic Long Island Children’s Museum where your youngsters get to see interactive exhibitions and enjoy many activities built just for them!

Long Island afternoon
Long Island City in the afternoon

10. Commack – star-struck

Comack is a low-key neighborhood that is popular among many celebrities. The prices correspond with that too. The average cost for a property is around $705,000.

It has everything a person needs in one place: an excellent school system, a public library, and many good restaurants.

It is a safe neighborhood isolated from all the fuss. It is an hour’s drive from NYC, so it is convenient for managing a connection with the City that never sleeps.

11. Jericho – living comfortably

With its median household income of $173,709, double the average income for the state of New York, Jericho is living a relaxed life. An average property price goes over $1 million.

Known for its lush houses and good schools, Jericho usually attracts young families and young professionals. Midtown Manhattan is just 29 miles away!

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