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7 Best Office Locations in NYC

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There is no better place in the world to have your business than The Big Apple. Of course, this means you are brave and ready for huge competition, but a bit of competition is always healthy. New York City is home to 45 Fortune 500 companies, many foreign firms, and two of the world’s stock markets!

Whether you are a local or national company, you will find your place in this metropolis. Your office location needs to be budget-friendly, employee-friendly, and client-friendly. We got you! Here are the top 7 best sites for your new office in NYC!

1. Financial District (FiDi) – A classic

The first and the most obvious choice for your new office location is FiDi! The name sounds overwhelming, but The Financial District is more than a tech and finance hub. Yes, it is right next to the NY Stock Exchange, but many start-ups and young people are in the area, too!

From the magnificent skylines at the One World Trade Center to the numberless world-leading companies, Financial District is an area that has it all. Your employees and clients will commute easily since the District has parking and public transportation options.

Your team will love the area since it is aesthetically pleasing to be in as well. Architecture rooted in the Gilded Age with some art deco influence will bring colors to your day! Financial District is the oldest area in NYC; you will feel it in the air.

Your lunch breaks will always be ones to remember since the district is home to some of the best restaurants in NYC. Tin Building is a food market with a worldwide collection inside its walls. It is perfect for getting a snack or drink after work!

Fun fact: The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (The Freedom Tower) is located in the Financial District!

New York Stock Exchange
Exterior of New York Stock Exchange

2. East Midtown – Center of the world

Here is another home for the mogul companies we are talking about!

East Midtown is what you imagine when talking about NYC. The hustle and bustle on the streets, skyscrapers overhead, and some of the most popular NYC spots! Home to the companies such as Pfizer, Bloomberg, and Capital One, this is a competitive area to work in.

On your walk to the office, you will pass by the Daily News Building, Grand Central Terminal, and some of the most popular places in NYC.

As you can see, East Midtown is made to be a place where the job is done correctly!

After the sun goes down, you and your team can drink in a nearby bar and enjoy the center of the world that East Midtown feels like! It is the best motivation for your company there is.

Fun fact: You and your team could go to work on foot or by bicycle. How? Well, you should know that East Midtown is the only area in NYC with a street tunnel open for pedestrians and bicycles!

New York Grand Central Terminal
Main hall Grand Central Terminal, New York

3. Hudson Yards – The ultimate complex for companies

Hudson Yards is a real estate development with 18 million square feet of commercial and residential space. This fresh space is home to companies such as Google, Guardian, and Intercept Pharmaceuticals. Considering the industry, it is more than just on top of the game since it is rapidly growing with small office spaces and residential properties!

This one is perfect for your start-up if you want to create the image of a wealthy and growing company!

Fun fact: Edge is an observation deck that is the highest one in the Western Hemisphere! Its location is, of course, in the Hudson Yards!

Hudson Yards also have a luxury shopping mall, restaurants, and coffee shops for visitors during breaks.

New York Hudson Yards
Vessel is a structure and visitor attraction built as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in Manhattan, designer by Thomas Heatherwick.

4. TriBeCa – Fancy and colorful area

Once an industrial neighborhood and home to many artists, it is now one of the most expensive areas in NYC!

It is not a first pick but the most interesting one. It is primarily a residential and leisure area, and because of that, its vibe is laid-back. Your team can always have a walk down the Hudson River or Hudson River Park. The best work is done once the fresh air kicks in!

Another plus is that the area is easily accessible by public transit so your clients and employees won’t have to pay their whole salaries on taxi.

It is young people’s hotspot for its lovely stores, art galleries, and many celebrities that live here. For your lunch breaks, you will have a wide range of worldwide

New York Tribeca
Buildings on Duane Street in Manhattan’s Tribeca district

5. Columbus Circle – The practical haven

At the southwest corner of Central Park lies Columbus Circle!

Packed with banks and stockbrokers operating in the area, its prestigious location offers much.

On the walk to the restaurant, you will enjoy the sight of Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall! You will love the days you walk to the office, breathing in all the history and beauty.

There are also many big companies around. Some are Penguin Random House, Hearst Media, and Time-Warner AOL.

The interesting fact is that the rent in the area is similar to the NYC average, which is $78 per square foot for Class A properties!

New York Columbus Circle
Columbus Circle Globe in Manhattan

6. SoHo – The ultimate location for start-ups

SoHo is a popular residential area with the most exciting shops and sports and a perfect location for start-up offices!

Smack in the middle of Downtown Manhattan, SoHo has a unique nearby subway location that will provide your team with comfortable transportation.

Cobblestone streets and a once-industrial zone vibe keep SoHo’s atmosphere exciting and different from the rest of NYC! That is probably why many millennials and young professionals choose SoHo for their company’s base.

Fun fact: SoHo is home to the world’s most extensive collection of cast-iron architecture! This adds some spice to SoHo’s aesthetics and your walks to the office!

SoHo Manhattan
Old historic buildings along 28 Howard Street in SoHo Manhattan

7. Silicon Alley – The tech core of the city

We saved the biggest for the last! San Francisco’s Silicon Valley inspires the name, Silicon Alley. Still, New York City’s version is different!

It is the tech core of the city, and it shows how New York is switching from Wall Street to tech jobs. This area is centered around Flatiron District, and since 2003 many big tech companies have started to settle here. Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Salesforce have put their offices in Silicon Alley, so those are the big names we are talking about here.

New York Apple Store
Glass cube building of Apple Store on Fifth Avenue

This Is a perfect location for you if you are ambitious and have big tech plans for the future!

Fun fact: Did you know there are around 300,000 tech workers and 44 coding schools in NYC? This number keeps growing, and it will continue to do that!

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