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Business Relocation: How to Prepare for Moving Your Company’s Office


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Moving your company’s office location can be a stressful process, but careful planning and preparation will take away some of the worry. In the weeks before your commercial moving company arrives to help you relocate, follow these steps:

Create a Timeline And a Checklist

Before anything else, you should create a detailed plan of the logistics of the move. Small offices usually need at least three months of preparation, and mid-sized and larger offices usually need at least six months. Start planning your move as early as possible.

Get as much information about your new location as you can, especially regarding the floor layout. This will help you plan which furniture you can bring and which furniture won’t be practical in the new location. Communicate with your moving company as soon as possible so you can start planning for the day of the move.

Creating a moving checklist can also be very helpful during preparation and during the day of the move. Your checklist should include creating a floor plan for your new office, assessing the new location’s IT infrastructure, evaluating the phone system, and preparing elevator access and parking for the moving vans at your old and new sites. Depending on your office’s structure and moving plan, you will likely have several other tasks to accomplish as well.

Coordinate With Each Department

Here’s how to prepare for moving. If you have a mid-sized or larger office, choose someone from each department to coordinate the packing and moving of their area. Your team of coordinators can also inform you of any issues they have with the old office space, so you can avoid the same issues in the new space.

Have Meetings and Assign Tasks

Communicating with your employees about the move during the preparation process is essential. Your employees should know the size and layout of the new office, the location and commuting logistics, as well as what they’re responsible for during the moving process.

Ask each department what they need before, during, and after the move. Make sure you also cover common areas like the lobby, kitchen and storage. Based on your checklist or list of tasks, assign tasks to your employees to help the moving process go smoothly. Some of the steps in the moving process will involve specialty service providers, like IT specialists or phone line installers. Make sure someone notifies all of your company’s customers or clients about the move and your new location.

Get Moving!

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