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How can I help my movers?


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Indeed, hiring movers can make your relocation faster and less stressful. While the big day is coming up quickly, you may feel like you’re destroying your movers’ system in packing and loading if you try to help them out during the process. However, helping them out before the moving day can be a great way to get your things moved safely without causing chaos for them. Here’s how you can help your movers during a move.

  1. Remove items from the wall.Moving can be less tedious on your end if you know how to help your movers. The first thing you can do to assist them is by removing stuff from your wall. Walk through each room of your former house and determine what items are on your walls. Don’t wait for the moving day before you remove your paintings, pictures, clocks and other things you’ve used to attach on the wall. Make sure to keep these things in one space so they can be boxed up all together at one time.
  2. Prepare your appliances and other electronic devices.You can save so much of your mover’s time and energy if you start getting your appliances and other electrical items ready prior to the moving day. By doing it, you’ll prevent your moving crew from trying to figure out how they’re going to disassemble your appliances. Thus, it’s essential to have these belongings disconnected before the actual move-in date comes in. Prepare your clocks, lamps, DVD player and other stuff by unplugging them in advance.
  3. Pack some of your belongings in advance.In most cases, seeking help from a professional moving company means letting them handle all the tasks by themselves. In other words, you have to let them pack everything carefully during the move. However, things will go smoothly and faster if you also pack some of your things ahead of time. If these items are valuable possessions, make sure you label and mark your boxes accordingly. This will ease the entire packing process performed by your hired movers.Moreover, packing some of your belongings beforehand is okay so long as you have proper boxes and other moving supplies in place. Don’t forget to tackle your move with them so they’ll know what items should be packed first.
  4. Sort things out and have a room for items not meant for moving.Let’s face it – some items in your house aren’t meant to move. That said, it’s best to start sorting your things out before the moving day. Your moving crew will appreciate if you’re done getting rid of everything you don’t intend to move with you. After figuring out which items aren’t going to be moved for any reason, designate one space in your former house. It can be a perfect way of helping your movers out rather than going through all your things one-by-one during the actual move. For things like phone chargers, medicine, and other personal stuff, it’s helpful if you have one main box for them to keep movers from packing these items for you.
  5. Get your outdoor belongings ready.Moving can become more challenging if you’re moving outdoor items with you. While the moving company you’ve hired offers packing and storage services, it’s best if you have your movers, blowers, and other outdoor goods prepared as well. Check whether they still have gas in them so you can drain anything before loading them up to the moving truck. Besides, your movers will not accept them if they see some oil or gas in them.


Moving to a new home can be a tough job. Although you have movers who will take care of your relocation, they will more likely appreciate if you also help make their jobs easier and faster. So, keep these tips in mind and begin doing some of the prep work to make your moving day hassle-free and straightforward.

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