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Comprehensive Packing Guide


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Many people have a hard time packing for their move, so we put together this guide to help you sort out the best way to pack your belongings. Here, Roadway movers give you tips on how much room your items will take up in boxes and what type of boxes are best for those items. This is essential if you want your long-distance or local moving  experience to go smoothly without any hiccups.

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Here are a few packing tips 

Packing Tip #1:

Packing a house can be both time-consuming and challenging. It’s essential to start early, pack one room at a time, segregate the items you won’t need for your move (such as pots and pans), hold an estate sale or garage sale before moving day to get rid of any things that are unnecessary in your new home. Be sure to pace yourself lest packing becomes overwhelming; keep up on daily tasks to have more free hours when necessary.

Packing Tip #2:

When packing, it is essential not to mix items from different rooms in one box. You can prevent small items from getting lost or mistakenly thrown out using wrapping paper by wrapping them before placing them into a box. Another thing you could do for smaller boxes is to put these things inside larger ones and then seal everything uptight.

Packing Tip #3:

The first step in your move is labeling each box and carton! Proper markings will make it much easier to find what you need when you need it. Also, if the item inside a package belongs in more than one room of your new home or apartment, write that on all four sides, so there are no mix-ups later. It’s also vital to fragile label items like china dishes – things can get broken easily if they’re moved without care.

Finally, mark boxes with categories for miscellaneous goods; between kitchen appliances, extra furniture pieces, and winter clothes storage containers, this space might quickly fill up before anyone knows where anything is located.

Packing Tip #4:

Luckily, you can produce your packing materials at home. So instead of using fragile and expensive containers, go to the nearest recycling bin for some boxes or newspapers. You could also use unprinted newsprint paper as a substitute wrapping material–it’s durable enough that it won’t get ripped up in transit as other papers might be.

Packing Tip #5:

After packing up your belongings, make sure you have the right kind of boxes. You can either buy some from a store or borrow them from friends as long as they are clean and strong enough to withstand all that stuff.

Packing Tip #6:

It’s essential to be careful on the road, so make sure you pack your breakable items well to minimize potential damages.

Packing Tip #7:

You may not have considered the possibility that your long-distance moving company won’t carry many household items. These include perishable food, plants, and pets since they’re unpacked and can quickly spoil in transit. They also avoid hazardous materials such as explosives or flammable products because of their potential to cause damage on the way home for you.

Packing Tip #8:

It’s essential to personally transport any irreplaceable photos, financial papers, legal documents, and valuables. The individual should also transport jewelry and medical records for safety reasons.


Our team at Roadway Movers is here to help you pack your home or office, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation today and see how we can make the process of moving easier. We provide packing services  that are tailored specifically for our customers’ needs—so whether it’s an apartment move or corporate relocation, we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions about our service offerings or want more information on what makes us different from other companies out there, please reach out anytime here today!



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