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How to Safely Pack Artwork For a Move

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Without any doubt, relocation can be one of the most stressful and challenging events in our lives. It requires good organization and a lot of planning. And if you add to the emotions that can be involved because of the change of the address it can become a truly overwhelming experience. In order to have a smooth and stress-free relocation process consider hiring one of the most reliable moving companies NYC has. That way you will have more time to focus on the other aspects of your relocation. Still, if you have decided to relocate by yourself you should know how to handle and protect your belongings. Especially valuable and fragile ones! For that reason, you should read this article and learn how to safely pack artwork for a move. These tips will help you ensure that there are no damages to your valuables after relocation.

Create a moving and packing checklist

Before you start doing anything related to your relocation it is important to sit down and make a plan. So take a pen and a paper and create your moving and packing checklist. Make it organized as this will be your guide throughout the relocation process. Regardless of whether you are moving to another state or you are using local movers in NYC there are some steps that you shouldn’t skip. And if you have all those steps written down there will be no chance to skip any of them.

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Make a moving and packing checklist and stay organized

One of the most complex tasks related to relocation is packing. So make sure to create a separate packing checklist. In this checklist, you should include all the packing supplies that you will need for your belongings. Also, make a timeline and a plan of the order in how you are going to pack your belongings. One of the best ways is to pack room by room. Also, you should start with the rooms that you are not using that often. Being organized and well-prepared is one of the most important things when it comes to the moving process.

Gather quality packing supplies

Whether you are relocating your home or you have commercial movers NYC relocating your office, having quality packing supplies is crucial for the safety of your valuables. It is better to invest more now in these packing supplies than to damage items that have financial and sentimental value to you. Having the right packing materials will ensure proper protection of your belongings and you will feel less stressed knowing that your valuables are safe.

Packing supplies are important for all belongings, but especially for the ones that have special value to you. If you are an art lover it is certain that you would want to have your artwork packed the right way. To ensure your artwork is ready for transportation day and there are no damages make sure to get:

  • Wooden crates and specialty moving boxes
  • Protective materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts
  • Plastic wrap and sealing tape
  • Markers to label boxes

Follow these steps in order to safely pack artwork for a move

To ensure proper protection of your artwork there are a couple of steps that you will have to follow. Still, the way how will you wrap it and pack it depends on the shape and material of the artwork as well. For example, you will not pack framed paintings with glass and sculptures the same way. Make sure to follow steps appropriate to your artwork and use the packing supplies needed for that type of artwork.

How to pack sculptures

  1. If it is possible to dismantle your sculpture make sure to do that first.
  2. Get bubble wrap and secure your sculpture. Make sure to wrap at least twice the bottom and upper part of the sculpture. After you wrap it make sure to take the sealing tape and secure bubble wrap. You can also use plastic wrap for extra protection.
  3. Place your sculpture into the specialty moving box. Ensure the moving box is larger than the sculpture. Fill empty spaces with packing peanuts and make sure to keep moving the box into the upright position.
  4. Seal the moving box and label it
roadway art movers
Make sure to follow the steps on how to safely pack and protect framed artwork

How to pack framed artwork

  1. First of all, if your framed painting has a glass, make sure to tape ‘X’ over it. In case your painting is not framed or you want to pack canvases make sure to cover the front with the wax paper. This is an important step because that way you will ensure that your bubble wrap doesn’t stick to the artwork and causes damage.
  2. Protect four corners with Styrofoam corner protection
  3. Wrap your framed artwork with bubble wrap at least twice and secure it with sealing tape.
  4. Place your framed artwork into the wooden crates or appropriate moving boxes and make sure to keep them in the upright position.
  5. Seal moving boxes and label them

Hire professional packers

Probably one of the safest ways to pack your artwork for relocation is to hire professional packers. This way you will be more relaxed knowing that your valuables are in safe hands. And with people that have experience with this kind of sensitive and fragile items. Make sure to do good research and find a moving company that offers packing services in NYC that will suit your needs and anticipate your needs. With professional packers, you will not have to worry about your valuables because they offer insurance. Your whole moving experience will be simpler and stress-free if you know that your valuable item will be covered in case of any unexpected events.

Hire professional packers to help you pack artwork for a move

There is no doubt that relocation can be truly difficult and challenging. Especially if you possess a lot of fragile and valuable items. But if you follow the steps mentioned above you will be able to easily pack artwork for a move and ensure its safety. Still, you can also hire professional movers in case you don’t feel comfortable doing it by yourself. You can rest assured that they have the tools and equipment to wrap your valuables properly.

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