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7 Places To Get Free Moving Boxes In NYC

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Moving boxes are essential whenever you’re moving. Regardless if you’re moving within the same city or to another country, you need to have sufficient supply of moving boxes to transport all of your valuables. If you don’t use any of these sturdy boxes in your NYC move, you’ll end up compromising the quality and condition of your valuables. You’ll end up having broken or damaged items, especially if you’re planning on bringing fragile items. Fortunately, you don’t need to experience any of these because there are actually several ways on you can find free moving boxes – and this article will show you how.  

People move from one location to another because of different reasons. Some might do it for their careers while others, to provide better education to their children. But regardless of the reason for your upcoming move, you will still need to use moving boxes. If you’re someone who is thrifty and would always want free moving supplies, here’s how you can get free moving boxes:

1. Liquor stores

Liquors are usually transported in durable cardboard boxes from the manufacturer to the stores which sell the products. Once these products hit the shelves, these boxes will no longer be used. If there are any liquor stores near your area, call each of them and inquire if you can have their used boxes. Inform them how you’re going to use these boxes and once they agree to give you their old boxes, schedule a pick-up with them.

2. Grocery stores

Similar to liquors, different products available in the groceries are also transported using boxes. This is a simpler and cost-effective way of transporting several products at the same time. Once employees from the grocery unload these products into the shelves, these moving boxes will be useless to them. As one way of maximizing these boxes, ask if you can have them to be used as your moving boxes. Since groceries are usually busy, it’s best if you visit the establishment personally and let them know your intentions.

3. Recycling center

A lot of people throw away boxes because they don’t need them anymore. However, since you’re moving soon, these boxes are very important to you. These are basically key for you to have a hassle-free move. If you know any recycling center in your city, inquire if you could have some used boxes. Since their previous owners already disposed these boxes, you’ll have better chances of getting them and using them for your own. Asking moving boxes from a recycling center is like hitting two birds with one stone – you’ll be getting your moving supplies for free while reducing the trash in your community.

4. Craigslist

Best time to look for free moving boxes on craigslist is near the end of the weekend or the beginning of the weekend. just go ahead and use the free section and check out the moving boxes offered

5. Facebook community groups

Check for facebook groups in your local community. what’s nice here is that you can just post your needs in the group and wait for responses. no need to go and search for people offering moving materials for free.

6. Uhaul – U-Haul Customer Connect

A fantastic & relatively new service from U-Haul where it let’s you search for free boxes from their customers who chosen not to reuse their materials

7. Freecycle

Freecycle is Another great platform where you can post your various needs. in this case – free moving boxes. you will need to become a member and open up an account but it’s worth the hassle. 

Learn To Save Money

Moving will require money from you, and as a homeowner, you should be able to save money whenever possible. After all, your role as a homeowner doesn’t end the moment you arrive in your new home; you also have to think on how you can possibly pay all of your bills in the coming years. Aside from coming up with an appropriate budget for your upcoming move, save more money by getting free moving boxes instead of buying them. Follow the tips from this article so you can finally experience a stress-free move without breaking the bank!

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