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A Step By Step Guide To Hiring Cross Country Movers

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There’s no doubt that moving can be a daunting and stressful life experience. With all the tasks that come with an interstate relocation, you probably need the help of professionals to tackle every aspect of your moving project. However, the process of choosing a good mover is never easy. That’s because the last thing you want is a team of rogue movers transporting your belongings on the moving day. To prevent this almost-certain disaster from ruining the entire moving process, nyc moving company has provided these key tips to help you hire the best cross country movers for your move.

1. Determine the reasons for hiring a moving company

Before doing anything, you need to know the reasons why you’re using the services of a country mover. It’s one way of telling yourself that your decision is the right one. Besides, you don’t probably want to stress yourself out with any recurring doubts about getting professional help. Below are the common reasons why hiring cross country movers is a good idea:

  • Long distance move – Moving hundreds or thousands of miles away is challenging. The possibility of dealing with move-related risks is too high that it can affect the overall success of your move. Thus, using moving services can be the right thing to do.
  • Moving specialty items – If you’re moving fragile items such as pieces of furniture, piano, and other heavy objects, you need the expertise of a moving company to get things done properly and safely.
  • Tight schedule – You don’t want to mess your relocation up just because you can’t give adequate time for a standard organization. So, letting the pros handle the work can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency, speed, and organization of moving dates.

Once you clear up your mind about the right reasons for hiring cross country moving service, it’s time to hunt down the perfect mover for your upcoming cross country relocation.

2. Ask for recommendations

Of course, word-of-mouth remains a reliable way of discovering quality country moving companies in your area. Ask coworkers, friends, and neighbors for recommendations. They may be happy to tell you their positive and negative moving experience. If you don’t know many people to ask for suggestions, try to check in the phone book if you have contact information and office addresses of all van lines near your home.

3. Get moving estimates

One of the important things to figure out when hiring movers are the potential average costs of moving across the country. To do that, get multiple moving quotes from at least three companies. Once you receive the estimates, avoid choosing the very first offer that comes your way. If possible, conduct a careful comparison of the movers based on their services, price, and other additional costs. Also, ask if the estimate includes the costs for the packing supplies.

4. Know if the movers are licensed and insured

When it comes to interstate moving, it’s important to know whether your movers are appropriately licensed and insured. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with scammers for your move. Luckily, moving scams easy to avoid. First things first, you have to check the license number of your potential moving company. Once you have the details, go to the database of U.S Department of Transportation to see if they have a complaint history that you should be wary of.

Second, knowing that your mover has proper insurance is essential. Besides, accidents may happen during the move even with professional assistance. Thus, it’s best that you’re prepared at all times. Typically, most moving companies provide two types of liability options such as Full Value Protection whereby the move is responsible for the replacement value of the damaged or lost item and the Released Value Protection whereby the mover is liable for not more than 60 cents per pound per article. If you want additional protection, you can talk to your insurance agent and purchase a supplemental insurance policy.

5. Evaluate the mover’s level of experience and professionalism

Aside from their license and insurance, you need to get an idea of the long distance movers’ level of experience and professionalism. Check how professional these people can be when it comes to providing services such as moving and storage. Know if they have a physical office, a business website, well-maintained moving trucks, and modern tools and equipment.

Additionally, be familiar with the movers’ experiences about a particular kind of move such as relocating across the border or moving to a high-rise apartment building. That way, you can be sure that these professionals can take care of your relocation in the smoothest way possible.

6. Inquire about moving agents

Before choosing a moving company for your cross country move, don’t forget to ask if they will handle all aspects of the process by themselves or they partner with agents to perform the move accordingly. Several companies partner with agents particularly if the relocation involves a coast to coast transporting and delivering of all your belongings. These people operate their own moving companies offering local and intrastate moves. For them to perform an interstate relocation, they join with another moving company.

By entering into a partnership, the local mover is allowed to meet the requirements necessary for conducting interstate moves and the worldwide company will be able to extend their services to markets that need them.

7. Read reviews

In addition to checking the company’s reputation, it’s highly recommended to do a little research and read as many reviews as possible. Go to the moving company’s website and check their online reviews and ratings. You can also look at many reviews sites which provides customer reviews for several moving companies nationwide.


Are you moving interstate soon? If yes, you should start dealing with the delicate matter of choosing reliable movers to handle your relocation. So, follow the tips above to guide you through the challenging process of hiring moving services. By doing market research and shopping around, you can find the right people for your upcoming move in no time.

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