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Owning paintings, sculptures and other rare collectibles is considered an honor and a sign of prestige in high society. There is no greater joy for homeowners than acquiring these items and proudly displaying them. There is also no greater woe than not knowing how to handle them during a move, considering the substantial decline in value in the case of damage!

Moving antiques and fine art is an art in itself: It requires creating the right combination of packing, delivery, and unpacking for each individual item to preserve not only its value but also its longevity.

The following guide can help you understand the special care required in such relocations:

Wrapping Paintings

  • All paintings should be wrapped in glassine or plastic to prevent smudging of the work
  • Proceed to add a layer of bubble wrap to prevent scratches and other forms of physical damage.

Packing Painting

  • Pack the wrapped painting in the original box in which they had been shipped
  • If unavailable or no longer in good condition, find alternative options depending on the size of the artwork, such as TV or bicycle boxes.

Sculptures and Antique Furniture

  • As with artwork, bulky items like sculptures and antique furniture should be covered in bubble wrap
  • This prevents damage upon contact with other items.
  • You may consider adding a layer of moving blankets for added protection.

Loose or Removable Parts

  • Remove any loose or removable parts and pack them separately
  • Don’t forget to keep track of these small parts during the move

Mark Your Boxes

  • To prevent breakage in glass and mirrors, place an “X” on the surface for easy identification
  • Remind your movers that all moving boxes with X’s should be handled with care

Consult the Professionals

  • If you would like to avoid taking unnecessary risks, obtain an on-site consultation from a qualified moving company
  • It is critical for a knowledgeable moving specialist to view your collection personally in order to determine the requirements for creating the ideal moving environment for your antiques and/or paintings.
  • A qualified mover will be able to provide custom wood crating for large paintings, sculptures, and high-value furnishings for secure transportation
  • Furthermore, only a climate-controlled truck can guarantee that even the most sensitive items arrive in perfect condition.

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