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Some of the items you might need to move can be extremely valuable and fragile. You will require a unique packing solution for these items. A wooden crate packing service will provide the support you need for moving these items.

What Is a Wooden Crate?

A wooden crate is a custom-made container that fits fragile items. It is constructed based on the physical size of the item and the unique protective measures necessary for its safety. The crate is for items that require extra protection.

The crate will feature both a wooden body on the outside and a padding material on the inside. The two parts build a surface that prevents the item on the inside from shaking or otherwise being tough to manage.

The crate features a solid body with a designated space where you can open its body. It may also feature anchors or other attachments that help keep the wooden crate in its place while inside a moving vehicle. The design protects the contents and other items in the vehicle.

wooden crates

What Should Go Into a Wooden Crate?

wooden crate packing  is necessary for high-value items that are at a higher risk of being damaged while in transit. We can prepare a wooden crate for items like these:

  • Fine art pieces, including paintings and sculptures
  • Television sets
  • Antiques and other fragile items
  • Glass and marble items
  • Assorted vehicles, including motorcycles
  • Commercial-grade electronic equipment

Many of these items are oversized and will require extra protection. Our experts can build wooden crates to secure these items and any other fragile materials that require assistance when moving.

packing a motorcycle with a wooden crate

What Padding Works?

The padding used inside a wooden crate will vary by item. Foam linings are useful, although packing blankets may be necessary for some items.

While packing peanuts can be convenient, they might not be effective for heavy items. You’ll require a more secure padding material for these objects.

When Should You Use a Wooden Crate?

You should use a wooden crate for your packing needs if you have something fragile that is highly valuable. Whether it has a high cash value or has a sentimental feeling to you, you’ll require a wooden crate to keep it safe.

A crate works when you have something that cannot fit in a traditional shipping box. You might not be able to fit a television set in a regular box, but you don’t want it to remain exposed in a moving vehicle. we wouldn’t want something like that to be impacted by excess outside pressure.

The use a wooden crate can also come in handy if whatever item you’re trying to ship is heavy. The heaviest items tend to shift in a moving vehicle the most. These items can damage other things in your shipping vehicle. But a crate can be anchored and secured to keep it from slipping around or moving in the vehicle.

How Is a Wooden Crate Prepared?

A wooden crate is made with a few steps:

  1. The packing team can measure whatever item you wish to pack. We’ll require an onsite review to confirm the size of the item.
  2. We can then review the padding materials necessary for the item. The padding must be secure enough to prevent vibrations and shocks from being a threat.
  3. The crate will require a design. arrange the crate based on how much wood is necessary and how the padding or packing material on the inside needs to be arranged.
  4. We will cut the proper wood necessary for the crate. wood can include heat-treated items as requested.
  5. The wood pieces are assembled and secured. A packing item will also go around the material you are shipping.
  6. The opening is designated and sealed. It should come with a design that is easy to pry open without damaging the inside contents, but it should also be secure enough to not come apart during your move.
  7. A few anchors will go on the outside of the body. The anchors will secure a spot in a moving vehicle to prevent the box from shifting around during your move.

These steps will ensure your crate will be its best and will secure whatever you wish to ship. We recognize that you have valuable items that require extra help in the shipping process, and we’ll find a way to ensure the overall safety of your belongings.

A Necessity For Work

It’s essential to ensure you’ll receive the help you deserve when moving some of your more fragile or sensitive items. We can help you build wooden crates for whatever items you wish to ship. Our packing service will ensure everything you have stays protected and that you won’t risk any damages to your belongings.