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11 Iconic Moving Day Scenes in Movies and TV Shows

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We can comfortably say that moving days can be very emotional and have a big story potential! It can be the end of a period in life, a new beginning, or a symbol of growing up and moving away from your family.

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Roadway Moving has a wide experience in moving people for many different causes. Let’s see how cinematic those can be with our list of 11 iconic moving-day scenes in movies and TV shows!

1. Toy Story 3 (2010)

After a life full of shared adventures with his toys, in this sequel, it is time for Andy to go to college. He packs his toys in boxes, all grown up but with a tear in his eye. This may be one of the most emotionally moving movie scenes ever. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Slinky Dog must say goodbye to their human, and they end up in a daycare with new adventures with the daycare toys.
This movie is funny and very emotional, representing all the good and the bad that goes with making a change!

Toy Story 3 (2010)
Toy Story 3’s iconic moving day scenes

2. Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

If you plan to move with your children, know you are not the only one going through that bustle. Moving itself is stressful enough; adding toddlers and kids to that is chaos of its own! After watching this comedy, you will realize that hiring a professional moving company could be an excellent idea.

3. Girls (2012-2017)

All the millennials out there know what we are talking about. Girls is a TV show about the quarter-life crisis and was a big hit once it streamed on HBO. Season one, episode nine. The epic fight scene between Hannah and her best friend Marnie. It results in a decision to move. Cut. The next scene is Hannah and her boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver’s best role yet) throwing a big sofa out. He asks Hannah if he can move in with her now that the apartment is half empty. Hannah ends up living with her ex, that came out as gay. You get the vibe. Moving day can cause a lot of drama and conflict!

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4. The Karate Kid (1984)

Moving day can be a tricky bridge to cross! This one goes for all the third-culture kids and those who feel like that. When Daniel has to move from New Jersey to Southern California, significant changes await him. It seems like his whole world is going upside-down, but the story results in him living his best life yet!
This can be a motivational movie for your kids, especially if they are scared about the moving that is yet to happen!

5. Up (2009)

This one is slightly more abstract but still tells a moving day story! Elderly widower Carl flies his house with thousands of balloons to travel and move to South America. People’s desire to move places and change sceneries is symbolically represented in one of the most heartwarming Pixar movies ever!

6. The Chain (1984)

This British comedy tells a story of a moving day that has gone entirely off the rails! It can signal you to organize your moving day accordingly and take care of your stuff… otherwise, a big chain of unfortunate events can happen.

7. Inside Out (2015)

What is a home? How much does our stuff affect our sense of having a home? This Disney movie follows an 11-year-old girl named Joy that moves with her family. The problem is that their stuff is lost, and they must wait for it for many long weeks.
This is a perfect movie to make the moving blues disappear while identifying with Joy.

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8. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Moving in or out with your partner can be a very interesting experience.
‘The wagon wheel coffee table’ scene shows the early romantic couple’s conflicts considering the organization in a new place. It shows the brutality of sharing property when a divorce happens. Many big themes are captured through a simple and fun scene, and we love it!

9. Moving (1988)

Don’t watch this movie if you are stressed out considering your move. It is a collection of ‘all-the-things-that-can-go-wrong’ on a moving day. Arlo Pear only wanted to move to Idaho in peace. All that is waiting for him is disaster after disaster.
We recommend you watch this only after you have already moved!

10. Boyhood (2014)

Following the actor’s growth, this coming-of-age movie was filmed for 12 years. It shows a range of 12 years in a boy’s life, which involves many changes and relocations. It shows a big picture of how moving can affect our life paths.
It is a big recommendation if you enjoy slow-burn, life-like movies.

11. Beetlejuice (1988)

What happens when you move into a house occupied by ghosts, and you don’t even know that they are there and look at you as an intruder?

In this horror comedy, a ghost pair tries to scare away a newly moved-in family. Things start to change once they become close friends with the teenager.

Of course, it is all fiction, but it tells a symbolic story well! A story about learning to coexist with other beings and getting used to having a new community around.


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We hope these exciting plots and themes surrounding iconic moving scenes helped you relax before the big day. Have your movie night on a cozy Friday since that is the most popular moving day in the week. Watch the movie, think about it, and then call Roadway Moving to help you have a stress-free and plotless moving day!

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