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30+ Pros and Cons of Living in Florida in 2024


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We are aware that the decision to move is a big one.

if you are unsure If Florida is a place for you, read our 30 pros and cons of living in Florida in 2024.

Some of them are statistics, some of them are fun facts, and most of them are straightforward reasons to make or not make this serious move.

Florida Roadway Truck
Roadway truck in Florida’s streets

The Sunshine state is a universal task on everybody’s wishlist.

Did you know that Florida is a place most Americans move to, losing only to Texas?

Florida is the number one spot for spring breaks and summer vacations for people in America and wider.

If you decide to move here, your life will be an endless vacation.

Organize your schedule and finance plans while sipping a citrus cocktail on a sandy beach.

Go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving wearing flip-flops.

Relax from work by sunbathing by the ocean while sand runs through your fingers.

Like its official mammal- the manatee- Florida is a laid-back and relaxed state, but still energetic and fun!

Put your sunscreen on, and let’s talk about some facts.

Miami Beach, Florida
Helicopter view of South Beach, Miami

Quick state facts:

  • Florida is located in the Southeastern region of the United States.
  • Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline, the most in the U.S. outside Alaska.
  • Florida is the third most populated state in the U.S., with 22 million residents.
  • Tourism, transportation, and agriculture are the biggest industries in Florida.
  • It has the fourth-largest economy in the United States.
  • Florida is home to the largest city in the U.S. -Jacksonville (without Alaskan cities). Other prominent cities are Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and St Petersburg.
  • Florida can have up to 360 sunny days a year.

PROS of living in Florida

1. The sun in your hair all year long

With its average daily temperature of 70 degrees, Florida is the warmest state in the United States.

Let’s put it this way – it can be 80 degrees in March!

If you would choose no jacket over a puffer jacket in the wintertime, Florida is a place for you.

It actually holds the Guinness World record of 768 sunny days in a row.

Florida Sunny Day
Florida beautiful sunny day

2. Job opportunities

Besides being a symbol of vacation and fun, Florida is a good place for your career too.

With its growing population, it has a growing job market.

It has many marketing companies and startups that are constantly searching for new employees.

You can also start your business there, and you will not regret it.

3. No state income tax

That’s right. Florida is one out of nine states in America that doesn’t have an income tax. This means you get to save a lot of money by living there and you can spend it on whatever you want.

Of course, some other things require money but being the third biggest state in America, it still isn’t that expensive! The cost of living is just 1% higher than the U.S. average.

4. Lifestyle from magazines

You can’t compare Florida’s lifestyle to any other state in the U.S.

Your free day can look like this:

First, you get some fresh juice pressed right in front of your eyes.

Then, you sunbathe on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Afterward, you get a coconut sliced open with a machete, pop a straw inside and enjoy your pool time. You take a jet ski to another beach when it gets dark, and then go out!

Sounds alluring? Well, it can be your reality.

Surfside Beach Florida
Aerial view of Surfside Beach Florida

5. Education is one of the best in the States

If you are planning on attending college or you have kids with those plans in the future, Florida is a good place for that.

It has good school districts of both private and public schools.

Some of the best universities are Florida Atlantic University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida State University, and the University of Miami.

Florida State University
The stunning red brick administrative building at Florida State University’s entrance

6. Beaches from heaven

As we’ve already said, the beaches are a big part of the Florida lifestyle!

The best part is that the ocean is not freezing; you can actually swim in it.

You can also find a house on the beach and live in it!

Delray Beach, Lummus Park Beach, Siesta Beach, and Clearwater Beach are the prettiest ones.

You can always have a reset on Sanibel Islands and enjoy the postcard views that surround you. This promises instant stress relief!

Miami Beach, Florida
Lifeguard Tower in Miami Beach, Florida

7. Lots of things to do here

For sports lovers, this is a fantastic opportunity to make your dreams come true. Florida is home to three NFL teams, two MLB teams, two NHL teams, and two MLS teams. Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and Orlando magic are playing regularly in Florida.

  • Number one being sports events.
  • Number two is that Florida is the world’s golf capital. Florida has over 1,100 golf courses, and over 48 million rounds are played a year. For golf enthusiasts, this can be a big pro!
  • Water sports can become your new hobby and obsession.
    Key Largo, FL, is the diving capital of the world.
    Jet skis, kayaking, rowing, and extreme water sports are available all over the country.
  • Music events are going hard in Florida. There are many music venues, live shows, and music festivals such as ULTRA festival and Miami music week.
Florida golf courses
Happy family portrait in a cart at the golf course

8. Big cities

Florida is a big country. Every part of it varies and is different. If you ever get bored of one city, you can travel to another big and exciting one.

Let’s go through some facts about the state’s biggest cities.


Orlando is a place that attracts the biggest number of tourists.

With its vibrant daily and nightlife, it promises fun times all year round. It has a booming job market, and prices are affordable. If you are young and energetic or feel like that, Orlando is a place for you.


Naples is as mall beach town paradise. It has a low crime rate and almost no tourists. It is not very populated, and neighborhoods outside the city are affordable. Its small-town charm, botanical gardens, and stunning sunsets make it a perfect place to raise a family.


Jacksonville is the biggest city by area in the U.S. (after Alaskan towns). It has a booming economy and wages. It also has a good variety of schools and beaches for a weekend’s rest. It is a good place for students, families, and anyone wanting to have a beach and big city balance.

Of course, Miami

Miami has its fair share of problems, but all cosmopolitan cities do. Suppose you want to be at the center of attention and happenings and are not bothered by the crowd. In that case, Miami is a place for you. With its unique neighborhoods, pro sports team events, and the largest cruise ship port in the world, this Magic city can feel like the center of the universe.


Tampa has been Florida’s hidden treasure for many years. Thirty minutes away from the most beautiful beaches, affordable, and with good schools and low crime rates, Tampa is perfect for your moving in 2023. Hurry up! It is the fastest-growing city in Florida.

St Augustine

For variety, let’s talk about St Augustine- a small city with 17 200 residents. It is the oldest city in the United States, with many historic sites and museums. St Augustine is an excellent place to start if you want to take it step by step before moving into a chaotic and fast city.

Florida Downtown Tampa
Downtown Tampa, Florida Skyline at night

9. Mixture of cultures

Florida represents the transition of the U.S. and Latin America. This makes Florida’s authentic culture and atmosphere so exciting.

Authentic individuals bring their flavors and mentalities, and they all make a special place called Florida.

Cubans, Haitians, Argentinians, Columbians, Europeans, Brazilians, Mexicans, Dominicans, Asians, and Central Americans are all living together under one roof of sunshine.

10. Mixture of flavors

Southern flavor mixes with Latin and Caribbean flavors to create a masterpiece.

Empanadas, Cuban sandwiches, curry chicken, and apepas.

Fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables will all make your tastebuds happy!

11. Citrus heaven

Yes, this needs its own number.

Florida is the citrus capital of the U.S. More than 80% of citrus in America comes from Florida.

This means a lot of healthy juice, vitamin C, and fruity sour cocktails!

12. Diverse flora and fauna

Florida has the most diverse flora and fauna in the U.S., losing only to California and Texas.

While kayaking, be prepared to see at least one manatee, a gentle, friendly sea cow, and say hi!

1,700 streams and thousands of lakes cover Florida’s landscape. This provides many living spaces for all kinds of animals and plants.

If you ever get bored of big cities you can always run away and explore Florida’s nature.

Florida beautiful nature
Palm trees by the ocean in Key Biscayne, Florida

13. Art scene

For culture and art buffs, Florida has prepared a lot.

Salvador Dali Museum, which contains over 2000 pieces of his art, is located in Florida. Ernest Hemingway Museum lets you walk in the writer’s shoes for a day. Kennedy space center provides you with a taste of history.

You can plan your every weekend, and the stream of new exhibitions and guest artists is infinite. Everybody comes to Florida!

Salvador Dali Museum
Exterior of Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

14. Nightlife

We cannot escape the elephant in the room.

Spring breaks are the most common in Florida because of its nightlife. Mix that with beaches and summer atmosphere, and you’ll get the wildest and most prominent clubs in the States.

If this is an important fact for you, be sure to check out West Palm Beach.

15. Theme parks in Florida will not let you down

Florida is a perfect place for all kids and those who feel like one.

Disney World, Lego land, and Sea world promise an adventure you will never forget.

Yes, there is always something to do in Florida, and as residents, you will escape the crowd and even get a ticket discount.

Disney World
Famous Disney castle in Florida’s Disney World

16. Retirement heaven

Imagine all this without emails to be answered, traffic jams to escape, and work to be done.

Florida is a destination that most people choose for their retirement.

Find a small house on the beach and enjoy slow pace of life.

Florida will make your retirement days astonishing!

CONS of living in Florida

With a state with so many good and tempting things, what downsizes can it have?

A balance needs to exist, and some people are leaving The Sunshine state.

Let’s see why.

1. Densely populated

One of the reasons locals can be unfriendly is that they don’t think they need more residents. It is a very densely populated state, and its population is constantly growing.

353.4 people per square mile makes Florida the eighth most densely populated state in the U.S.

Prepare to see different faces every day!

2. Traffic

Florida’s population sure affects its traffic. Locals complain about moving inch by inch in still highway lines, for hours.

Accidents and construction are just adding up to this experience.

In Miami, people spend an average of 69 hours stuck in traffic yearly.

Florida Traffic
Florida congested highways with many cars transit every day

3. Crazy drivers

Another thing making driving in Florida an exotic sport is its crazy drivers.

There are driving styles from all over the world.

A chaotic environment and unsafe driving cause a considerable number of accidents in Florida every week.

4. Expensive car insurance

Because of all the things listed above, car insurance is an absolute must-have in Florida.

The bad news is that Florida has the 3rd most expensive car insurance in the U.S. (after New York and Louisiana).

5. No parking

Crowded streets equal crowded parking.

You can rarely find a parking spot, and when you do, it will cost you around $4.25 an hour.

The conclusion is that everything driving-related needs money and patience in Florida.

6. Humidity and hurricanes

Unfortunately, hot days mean a lot of humidity and hurricanes.

While humidity is there for about 35% of the year, it is surrounded by a refreshing breeze. Still, Florida is the second state with the most humidity in the U.S., losing only to Alaska.

Florida’s location between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean makes it a place with many hurricanes. Be prepared for hurricane seasons because those are a real thing here. People have their routines and safety measures once they start.

Florida hurricane
After the hurricane in Florida, streets were closed

7. Tourists!

If you are a full-time resident In Florida, you will not enjoy the tourist season.

Vacationers are going wild, leaving trash, making a mess, and destroying the city.

It can get loud, and your routines can be ruined by their interference.

Of course, some cities are more popular vacation spots than others, so choose wisely!

8. Rainstorms out of nowhere

You can enjoy your beach day and have to stop it because a gigantic rainstorm starts.

It happens out of nowhere, and they can be really wild.

Always carry a jacket with you, because an umbrella won’t help you much.

9. Air conditioning

Another reason you will need to carry an extra jacket in your car is the difference between hot weather outside and cold air conditioning spaces.

Going in and out can affect you, but it is a minimal price to pay for living in a beach state.

10. Crocodiles, alligators, flying cockroaches

It is a stereotype, but it’s true.

You can find a crocodile in your pool. You can find an alligator in your pool as well. This is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators live together.

You can bump into an iguana on the road or find a frog in your pipes. Flying cockroaches and snakes can be your neighbors.

Be prepared to coexist with those creatures.

11. Lightning capital of the U.S.

Lightning in Florida can get so scary that all schools have lightning alarms for caution.

When lightning strikes, electricity goes off, and safety measures are used.

Yes, in Florida, your day can be an extreme rollercoaster of sudden situations.

Lightning in Florida
Lightning Storm over downtown Pensacola, Florida

12. Allergies

Florida is a flora and fauna-diverse state, so you can maybe find out that you have some allergies you didn’t know about before.

In Florida, there are oak seasons, pine seasons, grass and pollen seasons, and many more.

13. It takes a long time to get out of it

Florida is a big state. You can drive through it for 10 hours and still be in it!

This is not a big con because you can always take a flight, but knowing the Florida traffic, this can be irritating.

14. People

As we said, Florida residents are not fans of newcomers. They want peace, free space, empty beaches, and no store lines. This can make them seem unfriendly and pretentious.

If you move to Florida, you will indeed join them and then you can be unfriendly towards tourists together.

If you plan on being a tourist throughout Florida, inform yourself about less crowded seasons in the year!

Florida Roadway moving truck
Roadway truck on the sunny streets of Florida

Moving to Florida?

Many things needed to be covered when talking about Florida.

If you got through it all, you maybe have an objective picture of what life in Florida is like.

Florida’s beauty lies in its diverse cities and towns and the fact that you can switch them when you feel like it!

Retirement days are always an option, and if you want to live your life like you are on vacation, pack your bags!

Roadway Moving is here to make this exciting adventure easier.

Just buckle up your belts and put your sunglasses on!

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