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11 Pros and Cons of Living in Jersey City


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Seagulls on the street whisper that you want to move to Jersey City. Why wouldn’t you? J.C. is the second largest city in New Jersey, representing its unique quirk! It has what it takes. Laid-back atmosphere, brownstone homes, and four species of seagulls flying over your head!

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Jersey City with a Roadway Moving truck and lovely spring flowers


Roadway Moving has prepared 11 pros and cons of living in the so-called sixth borough of NYC. See you at a rooftop party with a view of Manhattan!

PROS of living in Jersey City

1. It is a diverse city!

Jersey City is a hub for immigrant communities from all around the world! This makes the city so unique; you’ll get to experience a new culture at every step. In numbers, Jersey City has an Ethnic Diversity Score of 72.69, meaning it has more than 75 ethnic groups!

Did you know that Jersey City was named the most diverse city in the U.S. six times in a row? Yes, there is no place like J.C.

Jersey City Skyline
Aerial panorama of Jersey City skyline at sunset.


2. Bunch of fun activities

J.C. is constantly swarming with visitors, and that happens for many reasons. There is something to be found for everyone!

  • For example, a smattering of parks to walk through and spend time in. Newport Green Park, Lincoln Park, and the most famous one- Liberty State Park.

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is actually located in Jersey’s waters? Yes, and Liberty State Park has a view of it. You can spend your free time in this park, enjoying the scenery and surrounding greenery.

  • For art buffs, there are many museums to visit in J.C. The Mana Contemporary is among the most popular museums in the U.S.!
  • For shopping buffs, there is Grove Street and many malls for endless shopping sprees!
Liberty State Park
Jersey City skyline from the Liberty State Park

3. Comfortable commute systems

Are you ready to sit and relax on the well-organized Jersey City public transportation? Not only is J.C. well connected to New York City and Manhattan, but it also has good public transportation routes throughout the city itself. Since 50% of residents use public transportation to get by, this also means there are no unnecessary traffic jams around! Isn’t that the best pro for moving somewhere, like ever?

Fun fact: The Holland Tunnel- a bridge that connects Jersey City to Lower Manhattan, was the first mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel in the world!

Did you know that the average person spends six months in a lifetime waiting for red lights to turn green?

4. Astonishing location

Proximity to New York City is one of J.C.’s most valuable pros. You can literally swim to the Statue of Liberty! Don’t do that. You could, but there are many ferries available.

The location is perfect for everyone working in Manhattan or NYC, the commuting system is well managed, and you can choose where you want to spend your days- in a bustling NYC or a little bit cozier J.C.

New York City Skyline From The New Jersey City
Statue of Liberty and New York City Skyline from Jersey City

5. Foody frenzy

The food scene in J.C. is constantly changing, so everyone can have a bite of their favorite food. The city’s diversity promises an extensive range of multicultural cuisines as well!

Indian food? Italian? What about Mexican or Vietnamese? Jersey City has it all.

With over 300 restaurants, cafes, and bars, you will have your new place to try out every week!

The food truck scene goes hard in J.C.! Burgers, fries, falafels, pizzas- all you can grab on the street and reduce your hunger.

Fun fact: In 2021, Food and Wine declared New Jersey the best pizza state in America! It is more than obvious where you’ll get to eat the most fantastic pizza of your life!

6. Late-night carousals

In J.C., you’ll party your head out! Everything from fancy bars to wild nightclubs is waiting for you. Rooftop parties are common, and those can get magical once you have a view of shiny Manhattan. As the sun goes down, you’ll have a few food trucks to grab a bite on, and we promise you will crave more of the partying the following weekend!

CONS of living in Jersey City

1. High cost of living

If you are moving from New York City, your bank account will sing from happiness! On the other hand, know that J.C. is a costly place to live. It is cheaper than NYC but is much pricier than many cities throughout the U.S. It has 79% higher housing expenses and 5% higher utility prices.

Girl holding American dollar bills
Young girl holds a fan of dollar bills in her hands

2. Chaotic traffic

Oh, God. We are sorry to inform you that traffic congestion is getting hard in J.C. Compared to other big cities, it is a milder version of the possible traffic. As we have already said- it is not that bad! Still, as more residents move into the city, the problem naturally grows.

The New Jersey Turnpike, as well as Pulaski Skyway, contribute to traffic the most.

It is said that drivers in J.C. spend an average of 50 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Interesting fact: the City of Jersey made a Vision Zero initiative to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries.

Jersey City traffic


3. Noise pollution

Jersey City is a city that never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean that we want to be woken up by the endless street noise on the street! Since many apartments are in buildings close to busy streets, you’ll need to invest in a pair of earplugs!

Since J.C. is constantly growing and involving new residents, constructions are endless as well.

4. Small apartments

Jersey City has many tiny apartments available.

Since a significant influx of new residents has happened in Jersey City throughout the years, landlords and building owners have had to maximize the space and make smaller apartments. Since J.C. has limited space for buildings, especially Downtown, the area had to be used smartly.

This can be a con for someone who wants to save up some money but still live in a spacious apartment.

The point is that many J.C. residents prefer the cultural scene and work opportunities over spacious apartments!

Girls with Roadway boxes
In their new apartment, two girls eat on the floor with Roadway boxes

5. Unpredictable weather

Jersey City is located right along the waterfront. Since The State of New Jersey itself is a peninsula, this brings unpredictable weather changes throughout the year. Be prepared to have clothes for all seasons close to you!


Like many towns and cities surrounding NYC, Jersey City has a fantastic location! J.C. is a place for you if you crave a laid-back vibe and lively nightlife! You can always grab a ferry and wander the streets of Manhattan for fun. We root for you to make J.C. your new fun and cozy nest!

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