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7 Pros and Cons of Living in Los Angeles in 2024

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Do you want to move?

Do you think L.A. is a good idea?

Well, this shows how brave you are!

A poster child for a vibrant metropolis is a competitive and huge living space.

We at Roadway Moving are more than cheering for your move and new life to be extraordinary.

That’s why we’ve chosen 17 pros and cons about this compelling star-struck city.

Put your sunglasses on, and let’s get rolling!

LA Skyline
Los Angeles downtown skyline from Griffith Park

Quick City facts

  • Los Angeles is the second largest city by population in the U.S., with 4 million residents!
  • Most people moving to L.A. come from San Francisco, Chicago, and N.Y.C.
  • The size of the city is 472 square miles, while the size of the whole County is 4,084 miles!
  • L.A. is an entertainment, manufacturing, and international trade behemoth.

Pros of living in Los Angeles

1. Just name it, and you’ll find it.

Let’s get this clear. What you see in the media is different from what you get.

Celebrities in L.A. always choose to live in private suburbs, and those are everything but affordable. L. A is much more than that.

It is not all black and white; there are some amazing affordable, yet charming neighborhoods to move to!

Downtown La

Perfect for singles and young couples thriving in their jobs. Downtown LA provides its residents with the most amazing restaurants and cafes where you can work remotely or have a casual break!

A fun fact is that Downtown LA is home to the biggest concentration of government buildings in the U.S. (after Washington, D.C.).

Downtown Los Angeles
Blue skies and the downtown Los Angeles cityscape at rush hour


Los Feliz

A perfect area for young hipsters and those who feel like that. This trendy yet affordable neighborhood offers you amazing hills for hiking and the most wonderful views, plus the hustle and bustle we all know, L.A for!

Culver City

This one is a gem! Far from the chaotic L.A. center yet with an excellent connection to all the parts of the city, Culver City is perfect for families and people wanting peace. Know that it is a favorite among the newcomers, so check it out!

Did you know that the most expensive neighborhood in L.A is Bel Air, with real estate prices averaging $4.27 million?

2. City of Stars promises to make your dreams come true

Los Angeles is the birthplace of Californian culture. It is the heart and soul of America’s movie, video game, music, and new-age content-creating industries.

Many kindred spirits wander the city.

Everyone you talk to is currently working on something creative! Your Uber driver is preparing the screenplay of his life, your waitress is a YouTuber in the making, and you certainly have some artistic dreams, right?

Since Old Hollywood, L.A has been a beating heart of pop culture. Today it is the mecca of small businesses, influencers, and content creators!

California Hollywood Roadway truck
Beautiful Hollywood road with Roadway truck, palms and a sign on the hills.

Did you know that nearly 60 million Americans are members of the Creative Class, meaning they constantly use their intelligence and creativity at their workplace? Los Angeles is the city with the biggest number of startups in this field, and it is the home of America’s Tik Tok and Snapchat headquarters.

3. Day-to-day expenses are high.

As we’ve already warned you- L.A is a heck of an expensive city!

Prepare around $4,000 for your family of four and around $1,200 without rent just for you.

For a meal in an inexpensive restaurant, you’ll need about $20 in your wallet, and your essential utilities will cost you around $160 a month.

Did you know that L.A is constantly on the top 10s list of the most expensive cities in the world. Now you know.

Los Angeles
Aerial view of a Downtown Los Angeles at sunset

4. Traffic is horrendous

Even though 11 miles of tunnels run under the city, and most are used for the metro railway system, L.A has the biggest traffic problem in the U.S.

L.A. residents spend 5 days a year in traffic which averages 119 hours a year!

Did you know that the average delays in commuting result in $1,010 lost each year in productivity? Even more shocking, the extra time spent in traffic requires 21 unnecessary gallons of gas per driver. This makes around 3.3 billion gallons of fuel lost in traffic!

5. The homelessness number is sad

Chronic homelessness is a long-term problem and not just in L.A. but in all big cities in the U.S.

The contrast between luxurious suburbs and the number of people on the streets is sad.

Among the major cities in the U.S. – N.Y.C. and L.A have the biggest number of unhoused population. There are over 58,000 people in L.A County that are homeless.

Los Angeles Homeless
In the City of Los Angeles, homeless camps are becoming more and more prevalent.

Did you know that Skid Row is an area in L.A where people without homes live? It is a 50-square block located east of downtown L.A.

6. The competitive environment for finding a job

Job competition is fierce in L.A.! Everyone wants to earn a living and enjoy their time in The Sunny State.

The best way to get a job is to know someone who knows someone… if that is not your case, try having some savings for the first couple of months. Organize your search and be persistent!

7. Lonely City

Even though it has glossy and appealing outsides, L.A is a lonely city. Everyone is in a rush, and the traffic isn’t helping the socialization. People want to rest after a long work week, and they have no time. You won’t bump into someone you know, especially once you become a fresh resident.

It is all about finding your crowd and keeping your contacts. It doesn’t have to be lonely if you make an effort!

Final words

Los Angeles Roadway Moving
Roadway truck on the sunny streets of Los Angeles

We know that all the cons are negligible once you set foot on the sunny terrain.

Pack your bags and swimsuits, and dive into an adventure with Roadway Moving!

You can always change your mind, but we doubt it happening since L.A will put a spell on you!

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