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11 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Moving

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Home is where your mom is. Home is where somebody who cares about you is.  So, If you are moving from your parent’s house for the first time or just had a relocation on Mother’s Day, we are sure you crave some quality time with your mom!

Moving can be very stressful, and organizing well is the best thing you can do.
Roadway Moving has prepared a list of ideas for spending quality time with your mom on Mother’s Day after the moving rush.

This could keep your day organized and planned ahead. It is possible, and you can make the most out of it!

Here are some ideas for spending Mother’s Day after the moving rush.

Mom and daughter celebrating Mother's Day

Mother’s Day activities that will make your mom feel special

1. Create a DIY herb garden

If your mom enjoys gardening or you think that is something she would enjoy trying out, this is a perfect activity for both of you!

Cut the boxes down to size, line them with plastic, and fill them with soil and herb plants.

You can be creative with it and draw on those, give them a pop of color, or just enjoy choosing which flowers and plants you will seed together.

You will take care of it together, and it will be something you can discuss in the future!

2. Cook your favorite childhood meals in your new kitchen

Moving into a new place is very exciting; everything is fresh and undiscovered.

A great way to cook in your new kitchen for the first time is by making it an excellent activity for both of you!

Your mom can teach you how to cook something you loved as a child. The recipe can be passed on for generations, and you will have fun while learning.

You can also teach your mom an interesting Tik-Tok quick and easy recipe!

Girl cooking her favorite meal with her mom in their new kitchen

3. Host a neighborhood yard sale

No matter who moved – you or your mom, we are sure you have a lot of clutter to get rid of!

This has the potential to be a fun activity for both of you.

Set up the tables with items for sale, make some lemonade, and socialize with your new neighbors, buyers, and bargain hunters. This is a great way to meet new people!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

4. Create a memory board

Moving is not only stressful but intense and emotional. This, mixed with the occasion of Mother’s Day, makes a perfect chance to make something sentimental with your mom.

Cut out the card boxes and paint over them. Make a collage of your precious photographs, tickets from the movies you watched together, little notes, and everything else you think is important. She will cherish it forever!

5. Make a personalized gift basket

Using a moving box as a base, you can get creative with making a personalized gift basket for your mom.

Fill it with her favorite snacks, books, magazines, and candles. Add some tickets for a show she wants to see or a gift card for a massage.

This is a great way to show love in the comfort of your new home since you can prepare it in front!

6. Host a movie night

After a long day of organizing and moving stuff around, you both need some rest!

Make it simple. Make popcorn, and rewatch your favorite movie.
If you fall asleep mid-movie, it is okay; you are both tired and share that moment together!

Creative Ways to Reuse Packaging Boxes

Since you will end up with a bunch of moving boxes, here are a couple of ideas on how to use them in a fun way!

1. Create a storage ottoman

Cut the box to size, cover it with fabric, and add foam and batting to create a cushioned lid. This is a great way to add extra seating and storage to your living room or bedroom!

You can make variations and get creative while not wasting any cardboard.

You can make miniature versions of it for your kids’ dolls, for example!

2. Build a bookshelf

With a few sturdy boxes and some wooden dowels or other materials, you can build a DIY bookshelf perfect for storing books, magazines, and other items. Simply stack the boxes on top of one another, and secure them with dowels or other materials.

There is never enough storage space, so you might as well use those card boxes to store the books you don’t need and put them in the basement or for sale.

3. Create a playhouse for kids

If you have children, you can use boxes to create a fun playhouse that they’ll love. Cut out windows and doors, and decorate the boxes with paint, markers, or stickers. You can even add a roof or other details to make the playhouse more realistic!

They will love the process as well, and you can have this project spread for days and days of enjoyment!

Parents using moving boxes to create a playhouse for their kids

4. Make a photo frame

You can create a unique photo frame perfect for displaying your favorite pictures using a cardboard box and some colorful paper or fabric.

Cut the box to size, cover it with paper or fabric, and add a photo mat, glass, or plexiglass to complete the frame.

You can also add embellishments or other details to make it more personal, or you can make it an arts and crafts project for your whole family!

5. Make a cute little bed for your pet

If you have bigger card boxes left, you can use them to make a perfect cozy bed for your pet.

Stuff it with some old but cozy blankets, ensure the proportions are well-managed, and be creative with its looks!

This will save you money, and you will give sentimental value to your pet’s cozy area!

What If you’ve already moved and you live far apart?

What if you are not in the position to spend Mother’s Day with your mom in person?

Technology has made it possible to live halfway around the world and still feel close to the people you love.

You could send a gift box a couple of days in front and watch her open it live on camera. You could follow her on-camera tutorial on making your favorite childhood dish!

You can do almost everything you would do in person. The effort is the crucial part!


No matter if only you are moving or your whole family is, celebrating Mother’s Day is a perfect way for you to bond on those stressful days!

If you want more time for each other and to be more relaxed, you may consider using the help of professional movers like Roadway Moving, who can help not only with moving but also with packing and unpacking,  which are the most time-consuming tasks.

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