Regardless of the reason, location, and date, moving can be very stressful. For starters, you have to sort out which items should you bring or dispose of, pack all of your valuables properly and scout for movers in your area. This still doesn’t include the tasks you’ll have on the side namely missing out days from work and looking after your children. You have to juggle all of these tasks at the same time to ensure that your move will run smoothly. However, when you own a gun safe, and you’re eyeing to transport this to your new home, the stress you’ll experience can worsen. Unlike your kitchen appliances or furniture, a gun safe requires careful handling. One wrong move can injure anyone who’s present during moving day. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Initial steps: No, you shouldn’t think about your gun safe on the day of the move only. On the contrary, there are several precautions you should do days and even weeks before the move. The earlier you take the steps, the better outcome you’ll enjoy.

  • First things first: remove everything that’s currently placed in your gun safe. If you own several guns, store these temporarily in boxes outside the gun safe. You can also choose to label these boxes for easy identification.
  • If you’re hiring a moving company, plan out where they will park on the day of the move. An important tip is to have them park with their rear facing the sidewalk or driveway from where you’re coming from. A ramp can also make the process easier.
  • If you own large safes, inquire if the moving company has worker gloves for all of their movers. If they don’t have any, be ready to provide these to the movers. Using worker gloves will expedite the process of transporting your gun safes.
  • Cover any area which is susceptible to scratches. If the gun safe will pass by walls, furniture and door openings which can easily be scratched, cover these with layers of papers and tape them in place. Do these ahead of time to avoid delays.
  • Generate a path for the gun safe and make sure that this is clear on moving day. Allocate at least a foot of extra space in this path to avoid any being stuck.
  • Utilize a plank to transfer the gun safe from the ground to the vehicle. If ramps are unavailable, make use of planks of wood or any solid object. If none of these are doable, expect that you might have to pay more people to lift the gun safe.

2. Moving larger gun safes: Gun safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While large gun safe provides security to more valuables, transporting it to one location to another can also become more challenging. If you have a large gun safe, one which is over three feet tall and can’t be carried by one person, make use of the tips below:

  • Consider investing in a forklift instead of renting one. Buying this equipment will provide convenience and accessibility – you’ll have equipment anytime you need to move your gun safe.
  • On the day of the move, have a group of people stand on one side of the safe, lean it back, and slide the forklift underneath the safe. Secure the safe and start moving.
  • During this process, always make sure that the safe is well-balanced while being on the forklift. Because gun safes are heavy, it can fall over and injure people.

Moving larger gun safes

3. Making your way through corners and immovable objects: Most of the time, clearing a path for your gun safe is easier said than done. This is especially true if you’re currently living in a small home. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can still move your gun safe safely – and you’ll only need one person to help you out. Have this person stay in front of you so he can look out for possible corners in the past. Doing this will enable you to carefully maneuver the gun safe to avoid scratches from the walls and the gun safe itself.

Pros Know Best

All of the tips presented in this article can go a long way in moving a gun safe without having any casualty. These tips can also save you time, effort and stress during the move. But if you’re one of those individuals who want to be as careful as possible, opt to hire movers who are certified in moving gun safes safely. These professionals have the training and experience to do the job.