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Moving a piano safely

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The piano, with its elegant curves and timeless melodies, is often considered the crown jewel of any home. It fills our living spaces with music that soothes our souls and sparks our emotions. Yet, when the time comes to relocate these majestic instruments, a symphony of challenges awaits. Whether a cherished family heirloom or a prized possession, moving a piano can be a daunting task. It is a heavy and large object with exceptional shapes, so it is no easy feat to get the item from point A to point B. This is one of the reasons why it is wise hiring a professional piano movers to handle the move. But fear not, Roadway Moving can, of course, help with this and ensure that it is safely transported to its final destination.

The grand journey: moving a piano!

Wrapping, Packing and Securing

Your piano is a delicate and sensitive instrument, so safeguarding it during the move is of utmost importance. Before the piano arrives in the moving truck, several steps are necessary to ensure the piano is moved as safely as possible. Roadway movers will begin as they do with other valuable items by packing the piano with protective blankets and bubble wrap, securing it with exceptionally strong tape to prevent scratches and damage.

Every piano is unique, but at Roadway Moving, you don’t have to worry about this; every item is moved with care. If your piano has a lid, care is taken to ensure that it is properly closed and locked to prevent accidental opening during transport. If possible, the pedals and any other removable parts are removed, packed, and labeled separately for easy retrieval and reassembly.

Moving with a Dolly

Lifting a piano is a strenuous task that requires careful coordination and teamwork. Therefore, Roadway movers are there for you and will make sure the job is well done. They use furniture straps to secure the piano to a dolly, making it easier to move the piano and reducing the risk of the instrument falling or tipping over.

Moving a piano through tight spaces, narrow doorways, or stairs can be tricky. Obstacles such as furniture, rugs, or decorations that may impede your progress are removed to create space. In addition, Roadway Moving always uses rugs to protect the floors from scratches and dirt.

Once the piano has been successfully transported to its new location, the work is not over.

Unpacking and Reassembly

After moving the piano to its final destination, it is unpacked with tremendous care by Roadway’s piano movers. Any parts that may have been removed earlier are reassembled properly. We recommend having your piano tuned after the move. Hire a professional piano tuner to get it back to its melodic best. After that, you can enjoy your beautiful instrument to the fullest again.

Moving a piano is undoubtedly a challenging undertaking, but with proper planning, preparation, and teamwork, it can be a rewarding experience. Let us take these worries out of your hands so you can enjoy this beautiful instrument again without stress; it will fill your home with beautiful music for years to come.



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