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Reasons Why Using Professional NYC Piano Movers Matters

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The best thing you can do for your piano when it’s time to move is to hire professional movers, like Roadway Moving. The emphasis on professionalism is significant here because regular movers won’t be able to assist you. And this has nothing to do with their unwillingness or lack of time. They simply don’t possess the required knowledge or equipment to do the job. Even though this would be a pretty obvious thing to consider, many people overlook the importance of having a team of expert movers and packers NYC for their piano moving needs. This is one of the main reasons why using professional NYC piano movers matters.

Instead, it’s a common occurrence that regular movers arrive, take one look at your piano, and shake their heads. Then, you begin panicking because you need to move the piano that same day and start making calls that eventually cost you precious time and money. Or even worse, you think you can move the piano by yourself. The truth is that it’s tough to move a piano without proper knowledge or tools. Otherwise, you risk perilous danger to yourself and whoever is helping you and irreversible damage to your piano. Overall, the risks are numerous. So instead of venturing into this adventure on your own, consider hiring a highly-trained team to help you.


roadway expert showing why using professional NYC piano movers matters
You can’t go wrong with hiring professional piano movers

Top reasons why using professional NYC piano movers matters

Your piano is probably one of the most cherished possessions you have. Throw in a few narrow hallways or tricky staircases, and pianos become impossible to move on your own. So to avoid any possible regrets, hire piano movers NYC to take care of your piano. If you still have some doubts, check out some of the main reasons why hiring professionals is essential:

  • Size – pianos come in all shapes and sizes, most of which are awkward for any type of moving. On top of this, a piano is a cumbersome piece of furniture.
  • Sentimental value – as mentioned above, your piano most likely has a special place in your heart. So to limit the risks of damage as much as possible, go with the professionals.
  • Cost – not the cost of moving, but the cost of the piano. They are pretty expensive, so you want to avoid severe damage if you decide to move them yourself.
  • Special care – even if you somehow get lucky and get the piano to the truck, it would take more than luck to keep it unchanged during the transportation. Don’t forget that pianos are very delicate and easily damaged.
  • Avoiding accidents – by letting professionals care for your piano, you significantly lower the chances of accidents happening on your moving day.
  • Less stress – if you leave everything to the professionals, you won’t have to lose your sleep thinking about how you’ll move your piano.

Save time and money

It might not be apparent immediately, but you will save time and money using professional piano movers. Rather than spending hours upon hours browsing the internet for DIY piano moving, looking for supplies, and buying piano covers, you can check out your favorite moving company. If by any chance you do manage to get everything on the list and even get some friends to help you, never underestimate the importance of quality moving equipment. Even though it would be a costly investment, it will pay off in the long run. Just imagine if you wanted to save some money on moving and ended up making hundreds of dollars in damage to your piano.

roadway worker
There is more than one reason why using professional NYC piano movers matters

Impossibly heavy and oversized

Pianos may not look tough on the outside, but there is a whole world of heavy parts inside them. Despite this, pianos are incredibly fragile, so damaging them accidentally is not so far-fetched as one might think. Every piano is different, but they share the awkwardness of their design. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to the shape or size; pianos have many weird ending that makes packing them a nightmare. Especially if you’re thinking about hiring long distance movers to assist you. You want to ensure they have everything they need to safely transport the piano to your new home, no matter how far away it is.

Few risks to take, less stress on a moving day

Letting well-trained movers handle your piano can only benefit your health and overall stress levels. You’ll feel nothing but comfort knowing that your precious musical instrument is handled with care and concern. On top of that, the chances of possible everlasting damage are lowered by the insurance. This is crucial information if you are planning on hiring international movers NYC for your piano move. In other words, the movers will cover your losses even in the worst-case scenario. But most of them don’t let it come so far, so they take extra procaution to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way

Even if you’ve already decided to leave everything to the professionals, you can work on some general moving ideas. This is an essential step because you want to ensure your piano will be comfortable in your new home. Therefore, if you don’t have a manufacturer’s booklet, check online for any tips on how to check how much your piano weights, if there is any special preparation before the move, etc.

roadway movign truck
Your piano will be safe and sound with the professional movers

As you can see, when planning a piano move, you shouldn’t assume regular movers or your friends will be able to assist with the piano. So hopefully, the above-mentioned reasons why using professional NYC piano movers matters will serve as a good starting guide. Don’t forget that good communication is vital. So don’t spare your movers any details regarding your move, and in turn, they will honestly let you know if they can move a piano or not.

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